The Suite Life on Deck

Season 1 Episode 1

The Suite Life Sets Sail

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 26, 2008 on Disney Channel

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  • This might be a good start... but, it has flaws

    This episode might have been a start of a new era of the Suiet Life. But, it's not a good one, I will say that. And, there is a few reasons;

    1. They never really explain what happens to Maddie. I know, Ms. Tisdale has HSM3, but, at least, tell what happened to Maddie.
    2. It's kinda reducdant to dress as a boy. I mean, yeah, it fills in the spot, but, look; that other girl left. Surely, they would know!

    I can't really think of more problems, but, hey, I can't really explain much now. But, anyways, this is a fair pilot. Not much as the original Suite Life, but, still, it's a fair change.

    Overall Score:
    A fair beginning to a good show, that you should rent as well. Not buy, but, just check it out.
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