The Suite Life on Deck

Season 1 Episode 17

The Wrong Stuff

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 27, 2009 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Zack becomes friends with a grumpy passenger and teaches him how to pull pranks on the other old people on the ship. Meanwhile, London plans a trip into space and searches for the right friend to go with her.

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  • This shows the true humor of The Suite Life!

    This episode of the Suite Life on Deck is about London going to the moon, and having to choose who to take, Woody or Cody. She holds competitions and tests to see who has go the "Right Stuff" to come with her. Woody and Cody tie for three three so they are not sure who will win. London ends up bringing an old, retired pilot with her instead of either of them.

    The backround of this Old pilot is that Zack has agreed to fill in for Connie, the activities supervisor, because she got dumped by her boyfriend and he is hoping that she will return the favor, if you catch my drift. This old man claims everything on the list of things to do is "boring". Zack tries to figure out what is up and ends up hanging out with this guy a lot. The pilot teaches Zack some amazing pranks and tells Zack some stories of when he was younger. To return the favor, Zack makes sure that the pilot gets to go to the moon with London. All and all, this was an outstanding episode. The plot was awesome, the acting superb, and the humor, well, hilarious! This is the kind of stuff I am hoping to see on future episodes. Not only was this funny and well written, it was also heart-warming and kind-hearted. Keep up the good work!


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    • Woody: London, you need me at your site at the launch because when the cameras flash, my handsome face will distract people from your hideous outfit. HA?!
      London: Excuse you?!
      Woody: Those aren't my words!
      Cody: Well, you said them.
      London: So you must have meant them.
      Let me see the rest of that speech! Black holes are brighter than me?
      Woody: I swear I didn't write that.
      London: But there are barbecue stains all over it!
      Woody: I'm being framed.
      London: Tell it to someone who's not stupider than Jupiter.

    • Cody: (reading his speech to London) Good evening, lady and sir Vomit (Woody). There are compelling reasons why I should accompany London into space. First, I'll use a laser to carve your beautiful face into the moon.
      London: And once a month, there'll be a full me.
      Woody: Where are you gonna get a laser big enough to do that?
      Cody: Maybe from Santa. I will also resize the rings of Saturn to make jewelry for you. And when we are on Jupiter where you weigh 31,000 pounds, I'll still tell you you look thin.
      London: Well thought out. And I understood almost every word. Good job, Cody.

    • (Zack throws a smoothie in Cody's face a second time)
      Cody: What was that for?
      Zack: We're having two for one special.

    • London: Fire up the whirly thingamajig!

  • NOTES (3)

    • The German episode title is "Der Weltraum-Wettstreit", meaning "The Space Contest".

    • Gavin MacLeod is best known as Murray Slaughter on The Mary Tyler Moore Show in 1970, and Captain Stubing on The Love Boat in 1977.

    • The thing London puts Woody in looks just like a centrifuge. Centrifuges aren't a good way to test someone's motion sickness since the way that they're designed, the rider can't ever get sick while inside.


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