The Suite Life on Deck

Season 1 Episode 14

When in Rome ...

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 23, 2009 on Disney Channel

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  • perfect

    The ship docks in Rome. Cody and Zack want to eat at a popular restaurant, but because they do not have reservations, they cannot eat there. But, the owner had to fire someone, and she ends up hiring Zack and Cody.

    London falls for a guy, who tricks her into giving him 20,000 dollars. Turns out the man and his uncle are con artists. But now the man feels bad, and him and Bailey come up with a plot to trick the uncle and get the money back.

    Good episode. I was more interested in the con artist plot, but the plot with Zack and Cody working had some good parts too.

    Grade- A
  • Proof that you can make fun of the bigger things... that you manufuctured

    This episode was a must for me, and it really essence most things people wanted to watch out of it; parodying the Hannah, a scheme connection, food, Italy, it's a cool thing.

    So, the gang finally arrives to Italy, and Mr Mosbey wants the day off. Well, that runs out of promisis. He gets kicked out because of the twins. Cody, because he wants to meet the famous Gigi, and Zack was just in for food. So, both get hired for the job, but, in the end, Zack got the dinner with Gigi, while Cody mourns in swallow.

    Meanwhile - and this is my favorite part - London meets an italian gutarist who's father scemes money from her. I really had some good nods about the Hannah Montana and As the Bell Rings nods, but the ending wasn't clear.

    Bottom line, watch this episode. Plain and simple.
  • the best episode of this season.

    this show really outdone themselves with this episode.the ship stops at rome so that the passengers can know about the country.zack and cody wanted to eat at a popular restaurant but was unable to do so unless they work for the restaurant. In the end ,zack is the one who remain unfired and is able to eat with the chef.the baily/london subplots are even funnier than zack and cody's part. a guy cheats on london's money for his uncle.baily soon realise it and tells london but london do not belive her. then she disguise as "naomi nyoming" - which made me laugh and moseby as lil mose .the part when the uncle ask luca to run this way and lil mose raps was the best part os the episode.
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