The Sunday Night Project

Season 6 Episode 2

David Tennant

Aired Friday 10:35 PM Mar 28, 2008 on Channel 4



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    • David Tennant: (bound/gagged to a bed talking to estate agent Barry): This room here. In here please, hurry up. I'm in here. Please this f*king psychopath has had me here for two days. Please get me out of here. This f*king mental man, this f*king nutter has had me here for days and, and I've been f*king tied to this bed. He f*king kidnapped me in this house. Thank you for coming. Why are you here?

    • (discussing the return of all the female assistants in Series 4 of "Doctor Who")
      David: I'm in the middle of a big lovely lady sandwich. It's a triple decker of delights.
      Alan: It's going to be like Loose Women in the TARDIS.
      David: Well yes, because John Barrowman comes on well.

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