The Sunday Night Project

Season 4 Episode 1

David Tennant

Aired Friday 10:35 PM Jan 05, 2007 on Channel 4
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David Tennant
Alan Carr and Justin Lee Collins return for a brand new 4th season of The Friday Night Project with Doctor Who star David Tennant kicking off the first show of 2007.

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  • Doctor Phwoar

    David Tennant On The Friday Night Project – January 2007

    Okay by this time in the series' run, I've definitely become a massive fan of this show. The humour is appropriately filthy, the guest hosts are mostly fabulous and four seasons in, it'd become one of the best shows that Channel 4 have produced, which is great given that some of the best episodes stemmed from the 2007 run of the series.

    It was Billie Piper's episode that made me seek out this show and it was that episode and numerous others that made me stick with this programme throughout. It's brilliant then that David Tennant himself on Billie's recommendation would then decide to embark on presenting this show as well.

    As a guest host (and leaving out my love for Doctor Who), David both looked the part and also delivered wonderfully with his introduction of the news. Of course given that this show started two days after the most controversial year of Celebrity Big Brother began, it makes sense that a lot of the jokes derived from the housemates.

    For example we have Dirk Benedict's ogling of Danielle Lloyd nicely pointed, some predictable but still funny jokes about Jermaine Jackson leaving the kids with Michael (will people ever forget that?) and of course, the misfortune for Jade Goody that her house also got ransacked while her, Jack and that annoyance of a mum moved into the CBB house.

    However there is a lot going on with the jokes in this episode. David tried his best to convince Alan Carr of being scared of a Dalek. Now the Daleks are threatening and all that but Alan did raise some good points. Plus it was hilarious to see Justin tell Amy Winehouse that the Daleks could seriously mess her up. Okay that was a little scary but it was nice to remember the days when it was Amy's music and not her self-destructive behaviour that was much discussed in the media.

    Also this show did do a spoof with Justin playing The Doctor and David kitted out as the assistant. Tennant's a beautiful man but he doesn't make for the hottest of women. Whether or not that's a good or bad thing is up to whoever is reading this review. Still Alan Carr as evil Gay Lord – ahem! That being said, the Karleks idea was a little less on the clichéd side.

    Other highlights in the episode were the visit to Panto Land with Justin and Alan playing some boisterous trees and the Who Knows The Most About The Guest Host bit. As usual there are some usual good ideas that have nothing to do with the truth. It seems that Scottish blokes in kilts didn't sexually awaken the Time Lord and he was the only actor in Scotland not to scoop a role on Taggart. How?

    Of course because this series is usually sandwiched between the evictions of Celebrity Big Brother, it's unsurprising that the news bits also revolved around it too. You know, when they're not talking about James Brown, Saddam Hussein and the introduction of a Gay Week in UK schools.

    In fact the jokes about CBB kept coming rather thick and fast as we got our usual look at some of the housemates this year. Justin Lee Collin did a delightful take on Jermaine Jackson and David Tennant put in a little too convincing performance as H from Steps.

    Okay so I know that David Tennant isn't a gay man but he can certainly play up the camp eccentricities pretty damn well for a straight bloke (though Madonna as a sexual awakening? I suppose she did look back in the 1980's). I mean his performance on "New Earth" also proved that point, though here there is a bigger emphasise on the campness of that particular impression. - I laughed when Justin made a point of thinking that Tom Baker took David Tennant's virginity. Obviously David was referring to the fact that Baker was his first Doctor Who.

    - However the use of heart nipple clamps while H from Steps – that's pretty gay for a straight man.

    - "Don't Stop Me Now" from Queen should always be used during Panto season.

    - Tennant's Sextras – Take it from me, no-one wants to see George Galloway doing sex positions.

    - That fake Doctor Who auction was a little tame compared to some of the prank stuff this series has done with people.

    - It was actually nice to see a coherent Amy Winehouse.

    Quote Of The Episode

    David Tennant (as H from Steps): "I'm in or am I out? Or am I in? Or am I out? I'm out, I'm in. I'm gay apparently. Who knew?"moreless
  • Well David Tennant Justin Lee Collins and Alan Carr all together cracking jokes and being plain funny! Pure Genious! And i totally loved it! Thanks for the laugh boys! I was pissing myself!moreless

    David Tennant, Justin Lee Collins and Alan Carr. Couldn't be better! David is so fit and hilarius! I love the part with the doctor (Justin), the glamourous assistant (David) and the carlek (Alan) was great and I wish David was on there more often. He's the reason I decided to watch it in the first place and now im definatly going to watch it again. I am a Doctor Who fan. Especially David becuase he is just great and funny. I felt well sorry for the guy who saw his time key in the auction when they were stitching him up but it was hilarius! "David Tennant you are a b*****d\" Fantastic! Bloody GENIUS!! Amy Whinehouse is a bit weird but shes totally clueless in this lol but her songs good but David Tennant is the best ever!moreless

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    • David Tennant: (dancing around while pretending to be H from Steps): I'm in or am I out? Or am I in? Or am I out? I'm out, I'm in. I'm gay apparently. Who knew?

    • David Tennant: He was my first.
      Justin Lee Collins: Tom Baker was your first?
      David Tennant: You can't really.
      Justin Lee Collins: Tom Baker was your first?
      David Tennant: You can't really say -
      Justin Lee Collins: - you heard it first here. On The Friday Night Project, David Tennant sits there and ultimately claims that Tom Baker was his first.
      David Tennant: And he was very good.

    • Justin: David, have you ever farted in the Tardis?

    • Alan Carr: David, I've got something under the table that's a bit like the Tardis, it's much bigger than you think.
      David: Alan, I'm the star of Doctor Who, it's a family show. I don't do penis jokes.
      Alan: Penis jokes? You pervert! I'm talking about my Topical Borometer silly.

    • Alan: How are you scared of the Daleks? Have you seen them? They look so poorly made. I've seen scarier wheelie bins.
      David Tennant: If you meet them face to face, I defy you not to tremble a little bit!

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