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  • It has gotten better since it moved to Sunday.

    Most shows which change to a different day usually feel. . . different.

    And it was no different for this show except for one thing. It got better!

    Yes it's the same show but it has a new feel to it.

    The only problem I have with this show is that they have the same format in the same order every week.
    (Oh and the bad outfits)

    Besides that the show is brilliant especially Alan Carr who I shall one day kidnap and force him to perform stand up for me on an hourly basis.

    Yes sometimes the sucking up to the guests is annoying but funny at the same time (usually Justin does this lol)

    Worst Guest they have ever had on the show is the bloody Steven Seagal. Chemistry = 0!

    Hopefully the show will get even more better with the new series coming soon.
  • Good show but is slowly declining

    When I first watched this show I couldn't help but laugh at the jokes. The show was funny and original with star guest making it fascinating to watch. Alan Carr is a comedy genius but I don't think many people would miss Justin lee colins if he was to go off the show. After a series though I have grown a bit bored of the repetitive gags and jokes. They do the same thing all the time. And changing the program to sunday didn't do it any favors either. They show could be better if they didn't play the sames jokes over and over and if they spiced it up a little bit.

    I hope they do because to be honest the only reason I watch this show is because of Alan Carr
  • Best talk show in the UK..?

    I watch this show every Friday night without fail. I just love this show. I dont really tend like like talk shows, but this is fabulous. My favourite part of the show is the "Friday Night News". Alan is so funny in this part. The jokes he says are just so... Funny. Justin and Alan are amazing, I love them both, but Alan is the best I got to say. This shwo gets so much better every season, I hate it when it goes off air, that sucks it should just be on all the time! Well, all in all this talk show is the best I have ever seen or heard.
  • A completely entertaining and fresh Friday Night Show which mixes comedy with serious topics and always has amazingly A-List Guest Hosts each week.It is less of a talk show and more of a comedy.I find it very frustrating its only on once a week.

    I really love this show and find it hysterically funny.
    I think Justin Lee Collins and Alan Carr are extremely comedic and seem so casually funny.I also think the standard of the show is very high.They always seem to have such great celebrity guest hosts each week.The great thing about the celebrity guests is that the show is always different because each celebrity has their own way of presenting and their own comedic style.I find it particularly funny when they go out on the streets playing jokes on people and I just can't stop laughing at the antics they do be getting up to.One of the reasons I started to watch this show was on behalf of Justin Lee Collins who I think is just hysterical and I love his accent and his sense of humour is just so natural but so amusing.I think Justin Lee Collins has a magnetic personality and he can make anyone smile,even his programmes like Bring Back:Dallas had that certain likeable factor and he just brought what should have been a dull documentary to life.
  • Absolutly Fab - though not as good as their new epac!!

    I watched this dvd and found it really amazing. I dont know how those two do it but they make everything they say hilarious. However, looking around on the net i found their new epac about their dvd. It brilliant how they have layed everything out and made it so easy to access all the media. I've now downloaded all the epacs on all different topics including sports, music, bands their free. I dont want to sound like im a promo man for epacs lol cus im not but i strongly recommend you pop along and have a look. You'll find them at!!
    hope you enjoy the same laughs i did!!!
    Nick x
  • The Friday Night Prject is a comedy show which almost doubles up as a game show. It is hosted by Justin Lee Collins and Allan Carr a leathal comedy combonation. They invite celebraties onto the show as the main host and have a laugh.

    Personally this is my most favourite show to watch on a Friday evening. It is pure class. The idea of having a guest celebraty host and then joke about each other is fantastic. They alo include video clips of when they visit the celebraty at work and have some fun. Thoughout the show its entertaining and funny. This must be one of the greatest comendys of our time yet many people have not yet witnessd it. I would recomend it to anyone who is lookin to sit down and have a laugh at celebraties making a fool of themselves willingly. Better still you can get involved and become appart of the audience which means you stand a chance of being in the game at the end of the show where the celebraty attempts to win the adience member prizes such as TV's and DVD players. Awesome show and long may it continue.
  • A fantastic show that you will never forget.

    This show is perfect. Every episode you will laugh whoever the guest host it. That reason is Justin Lee Colins and Alan Carr. Their personalitys blend together so well you can spend the whole hour laughing untill you cry. With Alan's secret jokes and his funny accents and Justin's comedy sketches you will be rolling on the floor in 10 minutes. If you watch this programme once you will watch it again. Every episode does follow the same routine but each episode is different in its own personal way to the guest host. I have to say my favourite guest host so far has been David Tennant. I would recomenned anyone who needs a good giggle to watch this programme on a Friday night.
  • An awesome show with great gags and presenters..

    Alan carr and justin lee collins are awesome they are just soo funni on their own but when you get them together you've got a hit show...

    The friday night project has different celebrity hosts each week an ingenious idea meaning alan and justin can have a lauf with different people each week..

    I think my highlight has to be the show with david tennant where they had george galloway doing different postitions on that bed with justin that made me crack up it was an absolute classic and great tv .

    The different aspects of the show are all focused around having a lauf and enjoying yourself and the show definetly brightens up friday nights..!
  • Topical comedy show with skits and irreverant moments with Alan Carr and Justin Lee Collins

    This show is just perfect and I look forward to it in anticipation every Friday night. With a great mix of topical humour and skits it's for me the perfect comedy show for Friday night.
    Alan Carr is brilliant and the topical barometer is without doubt one of the funniest things about the show and the many ways in which he tries to make it sound dirty.
    "not my words..."
    Even if the guest host is disappointing JLC and Alan make it worth tuning in regularly every Friday.
    Side splitting humour with a hint of dirty and completely off the wall humour that makes Friday night a good night for TV again.
  • The highlight of my Friday Nights

    This show is a really great way to spend your Friday nights, it will bring a smile to your face and could possibly be the funniest show ive ever watched. Every Friday night at 10Pm GMT i switch on my tv and turn on Channel 4 expecting lots of laughs.

    Hosts,Alan Carr and Justin Lee Collins, light up the show with their hilarious jokes. They are definetly right for the part.

    What happens is every show they get a guest host on(a celebrity) They then have funny chats and do short skits, it really is great. A few things they do every night is 'The Friday Night News' in which they make fun of recent events. Another thing they do is send someone on the street to look for people that look like celebrities.

    If you are up for a laughable Friday night then this is definetly the show for you, its a great way to spend your Friday nights.
  • Brilliantly fun way to spend your Friday night!

    This show is great, if you like Jimy Carr then that's enough for you to love this show.
    The show stars Jimmy Carr, Rob Rouse, Sharon Horgan and Lucy Montgomery. Every Friday they get together with a mytery special guest who presents the show, provide opening monologues, theme whacky games and even go out to the streets to use there fame to get the public to do crazy things. There is also Abi Titmus mystery sex tape where Abi Titmus cleverly disguises a mystery celebrity in a horny way!
    Packed with great games, music and pure fun all the way through. Bring it back for a second season!