The Sunday Night Project

Season 3 Episode 3

Rob Lowe

Aired Friday 10:35 PM Jun 30, 2006 on Channel 4

Episode Recap

Today's Friday Night Project guest host is American actor Rob Lowe. The guest band are The Zutons. Rob opens the show with a look at some of the topical news events of the week. He also takes the time to show off his England shirt (which is half-hidden under his leather jacket) and his support for England during the World Cup. Rob then meets up with Alan and Justin They discuss his TV and movie carrier such as his role in The Outsiders such as the touch auditioning which Rob claims was "like a reality TV show". It's all going well until Alan admits he's never heard of The Outsiders, he goes on to mention Rob's role in Austin Powers and how he (Alan) gets mistaken for Mr. Powers due to his goofy teeth. This isn't the first time we've met Justin and Alan are stood waiting in a field where it's raining. They want to show Rob a "quintessential English day out", standing under umbrella Alan points out they've got the right weather. Rob shows up in the back of a flashy BMW. After meeting Alan and Justin the trio board a helicopter and take off. They fly over Cambridge and offer Rob a chance to go "punting". They land next to river where they board a punt (boat). While they are in the punt Justin and Alan suggest Rob now tries another British pastime - "dogging". They explain what dogging is to Rob, he says it'd be a good idea to have that in the US and then starts shouting out from the punt asking random people if they'd ever been dogging. The trio then return to the field for tea and crumpets. This week's dream/spoof sequence is "The West Country Wing". Back in the studio Justin and Alan ask Rob if he's had the chance to go dogging yet. They also ask guest band The Zutons if they've ever been dogging. England dressing room (spoof) This weeks spoof of the England dressing room during World Cup 2006 features Alan as Sven, Rob as Beckham who can't stop vomiting, and Justin as Rooney who for is own protection has the mid to lower part of part in a cardboard box padded with cotton wool. Sven has a trick to stop the opposing team, he'll give them a night with a temptress. That way they'll be to worn out to play England. His temptress "the most beatuful woman in Portugal" arrives in the dressing room for her assignment. It's Nadia from Big Brother 5 (UK) looking for her sexy footballers. This causes Beckham to vomit even more. Rooney also starts vomiting. Sven then offers Nadia a private training session which causes her to start vomiting. Who Knows Most About the Guest Host In this week's quiz section the celebrity team mates are Kirsty Gallacher on Alan's team and Jennifer Ellison on Justin's team. As usual the first section is comprised of questions based on Rob's life. In the 2nd section the two teams have to perform a dance routine from "Footloose" an 80's film where Rob was supposed to star but was unable to due to an injury. The two teams appear in cheesy 80's spandex dancing suits. They both perform their routines with a professional instructor. Alan's team wins, so Rob gives him the coat of the cash and runs into the audience with it. Alan winning causes some controversy with The Zutons commenting that they thought Justin performed better. Watch out, Rob's About In this week's hidden camera gag "Rob's Fake Fiancé". Rob pretends that he needs a fiancé in order to get a UK work visa. He's then 'discovers' it's quicker to a get a UK visa if you say you're marrying a man. So he goes out on the streets trying to find a guy to be his fiancé. When he finds a willing participant the 'couple' have to go for an interview with immigration officials to prove they are legit. Rob is asked to leave so they may question his partner on his own. While Rob is gone the officials start asking imitate details of their relationship which the unwilling participant has to make up answers. Final Game Rob has the chance to win prizes for an audience member he has selected. First he plays the Famous Five's section. During this one of the questions involves guessing which smoking celebrity is hidden in a box by asking them yes/no questions. The mystery celebrity turns to be Lisa from Big Brother 6 (UK) who was recently evicted from the house. The final part of the game is "Higher or Lowe-r" (spoofed from the game show Play Your Cards Right). During the game Rob has to play a higher or lower card game with the ages of celebrities used as card values. The Zutons This week's guest band is The Zutons. Justin an Alan speak to the group a few times throughout the show. At the end of the show they then play out with their new single Valerie. Also featured are the usual mini-segments - Friday Night News, Ask Me Anything and the Topical Barometer.
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