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The heroes of Super Hero City - Iron Man, Hulk, Wolverine, Thor, Falcon, Silver Surfer (Season 1), the Scarlet Witch (Season 2), and hero-in-training Reptil - team up to fight crime against numerous super villains, with help from peace-keeping agency S.H.I.E.L.D. (run by Captain America and Ms. Marvel), in this Cartoon Network animated series based on the toyline of a similar name. Each superhero possesses a certain ability that makes the Super Hero Squad the perfect team. Iron Man - Technology factor Hulk - Strength factor Falcon - Speed factor Silver Surfer - Energy factor Thor - elemental factor Wolverine - animal factor In Season 1, the heroes try to obtain all the fractals of the shattered Infinity Sword before Doctor Doom and his squad of VillainVille evil-doers can. In Season 2, the heroes travel throughout the galaxy to stop a powerful alien named Thanos from obtaining all the Infinity Gems, so he can prove himself to Nebula and gain control over the universe.moreless
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  • Not for adults

    It`s not a good show but it`s not terrible. After watching some episodes it`s completely geared to kids so I understand why adults don`t like this. I think it does a well enough job of caputering the character but it never goes further with that. Hopefully this show get little kids intrested in watching better marvel shows and maybe comics. I completely understand why people hate it and feel that it`s a disgrace to the villians and heroes that we love. But I know kids that have never read the comics that love it 4 year olds that don`t watch Avengers which is a great show. But this is new to them and they like it.moreless
  • Not recommended to Marvel fans.

    The Super Hero Squad Show is a show that may have sounded promising, but comes out with poor results.

    The thing is that is focuses more on the comedy aspect of Marvel. Why Comedy? Isn't action the whole purpose of super heroes? Oh well, let's just get to why this show is bad.

    The heroes are parodies of their original selves and don't even act like their comic book counterparts. Why make parodies of them? I know this show is for kids but there's no need to dumb down everything.

    And what's with their big heads and feet but small bodies? It's like their midgets or something.

    The jokes are terrible and don't even work out at all even for kids. A lot of them center around bodily functions which isn't that funny and the other jokes are so predictable you can see them coming in less than a mile.

    The villians are just awful and aren't threatening in the least bit. The animation however is one of the positive things I found in this show. After all, it is fun and fluid. The artwork is decently done and it doesn't look overblown. This show also has a decent soundtrack and there is some pretty good cartoony sound effects. I wasn't too fond of the voice acting, but it wasn't so bad it made my ears bleed.

    The action scenes are brimming with failure, they are just boring to watch and doesn't look like a real fight.

    What could have been a great show for everyone, gets turned into a crummy mess. While the idea sounds promising and it's presented pretty well, it goes downhill easily. The jokes are terrible, the heroes are out of character, the villians are nowhere near threatening, the plots are recycled, the action scenes are boring and everybody is one-demensional.moreless
  • Lame looks

    Yeesh, why do all the characters look like they have bigger hands and feet than their bodies? It seems like they have been drawn out of scaled size. Also, I dont like the super hero genera at all, so I wonder why I bother reviewing those shows in the first place. Oh well, my ranking on this cite got higher at least.
  • Failed show of Marvel's

    This is a bad show produced by Marvel, a big wrong move was made.

    Plot: The characters from The Avengers, and other heroes from Marvel ( Iron Man, Hulk, Wolverine, Thor, Falcon, Silver Surfer, and Scarlet Witch) are the ones that protects the city named, Hero Town. They need to stop Dr. Von Doom to complete the shards of the "Infinity Sword". It's a great plot actually, but the mistake is kiddish, they named it Hero Town. They should have named it better.

    Characters: The characters act kiddish, and this lessens the action value a lot.

    Action Value: Due to its childish orientation, it has a very few value.

    Art: Also, they mistaken the art, the characters are very small, they should have sized it a little more than that. Animation is a little poor.

    Overall: 3. Marvel made a wrong move here, they should put this show back to the closet and Focus on the real Avengers cartoon.moreless
  • A disgrace to Marvel's greatest heroes and villains

    I remember growing up watching some of Marvel's greatest cartoons based on their heroes, X-Men, Spiderman, and The Hulk. So when I heard of another Marvel show called Super Hero Squad Show, I thought it would be great. i figured the show would either be something like Justice League or be a little bit of a rip off of that show, but after seeing a few episodes of SHSS, I would take a rip off of JL over this garbage. I normally give a show three chances to see if it's good or not and after seeing three episodes, I came to the conclusion that this show is terrible. All the heroes and villains are way out of character and act pretty much nothing like their comic book counterparts and even if this show was meant for kids, look at the 90s X-Men, that was a show both adults AND kids could get into. The Heroes are complete parodies of themselves, which is not necessary at all, we looked at these heroes and love them. Why is there suddenly a parody of them? The artwork, while pretty decent, is way to colorful, there's absolutely no dark atmosphere, everything is all childish and it makes me sick. The villains are just disgraceful, they are bumbling morons and are nowhere threatening at all. The stories are not interesting and most of them are plots I have already seen on another show. The fight scenes aren't even exciting and they are as much fun as watching two3 year old kids fight in the playground. This show could have been an instant classic, but it just fails, the colors are too bright, the stories are one dimensional, and the characters don't act like the superheroes or supervillains that got me into them. I recommend you to watch the 90s X-Men, Wolverine and the X-Men, or just any other Marvel superhero show than this, it's a big disgrace to Marvel and needs to be canceled.moreless

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