The Super Hero Squad Show

Season 2 Episode 19

Planet Hulk!

Aired Saturday 6:30 AM Oct 05, 2011 on Cartoon Network

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  • Most Funny Awesome Episode Ever

    This episode deserves an award. I've watched the animation movie "Planet Hulk" and know how the story goes. Now this episode may have a few changes, but it became funny none the less. Where Hulk is still less smart and helps Mick from the guards only to be capture and Hulk is being control by the Red King to be forced in battles. When Mick battles Korg, Hulk comes to Mick's rescue and the Red King calls his alien plant to devour Hulk, Mick, and Korg. Once inside, they manege get out of the plant and the Red King deals with Hulk by using the nano machines, but Hulk blow the nano machines out of his ears and use the club to strike the Red King to the camera probes like he is in a pinball machine and at the commentator as they both get killed in the explosion. With that, Hulk becomes the new king, though Hulk is happy, he still miss his friends. Now, they don't have the other characters from the comic and movie, this episode happens to be super funny to be enjoy at the least and really deserves an award.