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  • Not for adults

    It`s not a good show but it`s not terrible. After watching some episodes it`s completely geared to kids so I understand why adults don`t like this. I think it does a well enough job of caputering the character but it never goes further with that. Hopefully this show get little kids intrested in watching better marvel shows and maybe comics. I completely understand why people hate it and feel that it`s a disgrace to the villians and heroes that we love. But I know kids that have never read the comics that love it 4 year olds that don`t watch Avengers which is a great show. But this is new to them and they like it.
  • Not recommended to Marvel fans.

    The Super Hero Squad Show is a show that may have sounded promising, but comes out with poor results.

    The thing is that is focuses more on the comedy aspect of Marvel. Why Comedy? Isn't action the whole purpose of super heroes? Oh well, let's just get to why this show is bad.

    The heroes are parodies of their original selves and don't even act like their comic book counterparts. Why make parodies of them? I know this show is for kids but there's no need to dumb down everything.

    And what's with their big heads and feet but small bodies? It's like their midgets or something.

    The jokes are terrible and don't even work out at all even for kids. A lot of them center around bodily functions which isn't that funny and the other jokes are so predictable you can see them coming in less than a mile.

    The villians are just awful and aren't threatening in the least bit. The animation however is one of the positive things I found in this show. After all, it is fun and fluid. The artwork is decently done and it doesn't look overblown. This show also has a decent soundtrack and there is some pretty good cartoony sound effects. I wasn't too fond of the voice acting, but it wasn't so bad it made my ears bleed.

    The action scenes are brimming with failure, they are just boring to watch and doesn't look like a real fight.

    What could have been a great show for everyone, gets turned into a crummy mess. While the idea sounds promising and it's presented pretty well, it goes downhill easily. The jokes are terrible, the heroes are out of character, the villians are nowhere near threatening, the plots are recycled, the action scenes are boring and everybody is one-demensional.
  • Lame looks

    Yeesh, why do all the characters look like they have bigger hands and feet than their bodies? It seems like they have been drawn out of scaled size. Also, I dont like the super hero genera at all, so I wonder why I bother reviewing those shows in the first place. Oh well, my ranking on this cite got higher at least.
  • Failed show of Marvel's

    This is a bad show produced by Marvel, a big wrong move was made.

    Plot: The characters from The Avengers, and other heroes from Marvel ( Iron Man, Hulk, Wolverine, Thor, Falcon, Silver Surfer, and Scarlet Witch) are the ones that protects the city named, Hero Town. They need to stop Dr. Von Doom to complete the shards of the "Infinity Sword". It's a great plot actually, but the mistake is kiddish, they named it Hero Town. They should have named it better.

    Characters: The characters act kiddish, and this lessens the action value a lot.

    Action Value: Due to its childish orientation, it has a very few value.

    Art: Also, they mistaken the art, the characters are very small, they should have sized it a little more than that. Animation is a little poor.

    Overall: 3. Marvel made a wrong move here, they should put this show back to the closet and Focus on the real Avengers cartoon.
  • A disgrace to Marvel's greatest heroes and villains

    I remember growing up watching some of Marvel's greatest cartoons based on their heroes, X-Men, Spiderman, and The Hulk. So when I heard of another Marvel show called Super Hero Squad Show, I thought it would be great. i figured the show would either be something like Justice League or be a little bit of a rip off of that show, but after seeing a few episodes of SHSS, I would take a rip off of JL over this garbage. I normally give a show three chances to see if it's good or not and after seeing three episodes, I came to the conclusion that this show is terrible. All the heroes and villains are way out of character and act pretty much nothing like their comic book counterparts and even if this show was meant for kids, look at the 90s X-Men, that was a show both adults AND kids could get into. The Heroes are complete parodies of themselves, which is not necessary at all, we looked at these heroes and love them. Why is there suddenly a parody of them? The artwork, while pretty decent, is way to colorful, there's absolutely no dark atmosphere, everything is all childish and it makes me sick. The villains are just disgraceful, they are bumbling morons and are nowhere threatening at all. The stories are not interesting and most of them are plots I have already seen on another show. The fight scenes aren't even exciting and they are as much fun as watching two3 year old kids fight in the playground. This show could have been an instant classic, but it just fails, the colors are too bright, the stories are one dimensional, and the characters don't act like the superheroes or supervillains that got me into them. I recommend you to watch the 90s X-Men, Wolverine and the X-Men, or just any other Marvel superhero show than this, it's a big disgrace to Marvel and needs to be canceled.
  • The Super Hero Squad is another halfhearted effort from Marvel animation.

    While DC have created several awesome animated shows, Marvel have not done so well in this department, okay, The Spectacular Spider-Man had an amazing first season, then something went wrong in season 2, which I felt was very "hit and miss". I was looking forward to this particular show, I thought it would be a lot of fun, then I watched the first episode. They weren't exactly aiming high, the jokes were all about bodily noises and snot and they were incredibly juvenile, even the kid I watched it with didn't laugh at these jokes, I give todays kids more credit than so, I don't think they will laugh at twenty fart jokes in a row, the second episode was better, but this is such an uneven show, some episodes are actually decent, then there are the awful ones, really awful ones.

    The animation is shocking, in what way? I'll tell you, the constant re-using of animation that appeared previous in the episode or in previous episodeS is not only distracting, it makes it look cheap. Moments such as these were common in several 80's cartoons, like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I have considered the possibility that it may be intended, but why the heck would they do that? The direction is lousy, action scenes, no the animation in general is way too hectic, gags are stretched out longer than needed and there's just no cool action to be found. The characters can also be quite obnoxious and tend to pick on one another at the end of the episode. Thor is the funniest character in my opinion.

    Seems all the money went to the awesome voice cast, yes, this is the series biggest drawing point, the voice talent involved is amazing, from Tom Kenny, Steven Jay Blum, Tara Strong, Charles Adler to Robert Englund, Ray Stevenson, Mark Hammill and George Takei. While the action is not any good, and when they don't resort to juvenile gags, it can deliver a couple of clever moments that make me, not laugh, but smile occasionally, the verbal gags are what works best, thanks to the delivery from the voice actors. The Super Hero Squad is one of those shows I only watch whenever there is NOTHING else on, and I can only hope that it's one of the watchable episodes.
  • a marvel cartoon

    now this is my kind of show its about all the good marvel super heroes teaming up to battle crime in super-heroe city and the gang is call the super hero squad they should of call it marvel squad that is my opinion in the super hero squad we have Iron-man the hulk sivier-surfer thor wolverine and lame falcon why don't they have Spider-man he is the best and more popular and why do the characters in this show look like little kids they should of drew the characters a bigger size and this is a good show to see
  • I Like It.

    The show is not that bad. I really like some/most of the episodes. My favorite is the mutant High episode. It was funny and I really like Reptil. i love the short storyline with him having a piece of the infinity sword. The First Season's plot reminds me of the Main Storyline of an anime called InuYasha.

    Wolverine is really funny. Iron Man=Leader? Meh..didn't really care much for that,but i guess he fits. Thor's character is really funny,but his storylines/episodes are extremely horrendous. i love Ms.Marvel. I Hope she's part of the main team. I will miss Silver Surfer. He was awesome. No Spider-Man? Just a mention? Eh..ok.
  • It's like a nightmare--in eye-bleeding animation.

    I have never seen such a horrible adaptation of Marvel superheroes. I've seen JL, I've seen BTBAB, and I've seen other great adaptations, but this is the WORST one yet. The animation sucks! Winx Club's was better--and that show was dull, except for the Witches, Mirta, and that, which wouldn't have made this show any better. Superhero City? They might as well have called it Hero Town. And--Morlok or whoever his name is is incredibly annoying! The voice annoyed me so much, and--fractals?! FRACTALS?! That's the best Genius Bonus they could come up with, a fractal? Weak, man. Reaaaaaaaaaaally weak.

    Pass this show up, watch Justice League or Justice Friends instead.
  • Will keep kiddies entertained, but bore anyone over 10 years old.

    The secret to making any quality kids' show is to make it engaging and interesting, not only to the target group, but to the parents, as well. For example, "Spongebob..." mesmerizes rugrats with catchy tunes, silly-voiced cartoon and live characters (not unlike some shows from the 60's), and inane situations, while parents are grateful to have their kids harmlessly distracted. SHS fails to do that.

    Worse, SHS takes beloved comic book characters, and twists their psyches to become nearly unrecognizable to adults familiar with them. Had the directors/producers simply made the characters more in tune with adults' memories, the adults would have tuned in as well as the targeted kids. I watched one complete episode, wishing I hadn't, and gave two subsequent ones a few minutes' chance before channel surfing as far away from it as I could!

    You'd think Marvel (or whoever) would have learned from the abysmal reviews of their TV animated show, "The Fantastic Four" (2006), but, as the saying goes, "Those who forget the lessons of the past, are condemned to repeat it."
  • awesome show! I don't care what you guys say about it, but I love it!!!

    SHS is a new show, but it isn't sucky like most other new shows. It's cool how they gather a bunch of heroes and make a show of it. Captain America: I've only seen him in 1 episode, so I don't know about him yet... Hulk: Best character EVER! He is HILLARIOUS!!!!! I like the episode where he keeps making Reptil fall out of th trapdoor 1 million times. My favorite charecter by far!!!! Iron Man: He is pretty good. Wolverine: Haven't seen to much of him, but he's pretty cool. Reptil: Only seen him in 1 episode, but he is a cool charecter too. Silver Surfer: I like him a lot. He is my second favorite charecter. I liked it when he was messing with the 2 henchmen when they were using him for power. that was hillarious. There are other charecters, but these are the ones that caught my eye. Overall, this show is great. WEBBY OUT!!!
  • Marvel super heroes Ironman and friends try and stop Doctor Doom from collecting the fractals of the broken infinity sword.

    First of all I'd like to mention that this show has a very catchy opening song. Now the characters including the incredible hulk are chibi-sized(small/cute)and this makes incredibly good use of the space around each and every character because lets face it, it would take too much time to fit everyone full sized in a shot just to get a word in. So far I feel that all the marvel characters featured that I am at least familiar with are made out nearly similar to their comic likenesses. This show is full of jokes and puns and show cases different marvel characters that you don't normally see animated such as marvel girl. Overall this show is not about being serious but about saving the world and having fun...

    "Bye Mom"
    ~ Ironman episode 1
  • Ugh. Just...ugh.

    What do you get when you cross terrible animation, Marvel, Justice League, and The Simpsons? You get the piece of crap known as The Super Hero Squad. Now, to be fair, I havewn't actually sat down and watched a full-full episode, but I've seen enough to really know it looks preety bad. First off, all the heroes are little with only 4 fingers, the humor is incredibly childish and cringe worthy, and the opening. Yeah...don't think I need to say anything for THAT (whatever THAT is supposed to be). To be fair, it doesn't seem THAT bad, I mean at least Wolverine seems cool, but overall, it doesn't look that good. It's baically the Marvel Justice League as four fingered midgets.
  • Clearly intended for the target audience...and only the target audience.

    When I first heard about this show (here on, actually) I formed the oppion that it was going to be a corny kids only spectacular...the first two episodes proved me right. Now before I go on let me just say that I did in fact give this show a chance. I sat through two episodes and put any bias about silver surfer being "Totally radical dude" or watching Wolerine in cute-kid-toy form out of mind...and still didn't like it. The Superhero squad is basically heros fighting villians (Doctor Doom in particular) because...they're villians. There are no secret identities ala Teen Titians and the characters are all parodies of themselves (ie Cap America goes on about the building of the Hoover Dam, Hulk is stupid-but not really that angry, Thor adds -eth to everything, Doc Doom hams it up even more than when the character's being played straight etc.). Now this is where I put in big letters (or I would if would let me) ThiS IS NoT A FaN BoY SHoW. But is that a good thing? Yes and no. Yes because if comic book fans had it there way the poor general population may be a little lost trying to follow along, nope this one's for the kids...and that's the bad thing. I love it when I don't mind watching kids shows or forget it's meant as a kids show in the first place when it's written so everyone can enjoy it. Just because somethings targeted at the little crowd doesn't mean it has to be dumbed down (this contricts what I said a sentence earlier so let me explain: it can be mature AND accessable. Check out a few episodes of the Spectacular Spider-Man for an example). SHSS is dumbed beyond all reason. Lowest common demonator. Well at least the preschool crowd'll enjoy it. Now that this established as being for the younger set...let me just say it's about the humor not the action...okay fine. Sadly I didn't find it all that funny however. But that's my oppion. Now as a bit of a side note I'd like to point out the pointless-ness of the character retiele (or however you spell that). You have Iron Man, Hulk, Silver Surfer etc. on a team. You can use Kitty Pyrde (I think she makes a cameo actually), Spider-Woman, Rouge, Jubilee, Firestar, Iceman, (not Spider-Man because the pilot was made before Sony gave the rights back to Disney/Marvel), She-Hulk, almost ANYBODY and they want...and they make an orginial character. An orginial character who's a punk kid. For those of you who remember Spyke from XMen: Evolution...well let's just say history has a way of repeating itself. The series one saving grace is the well known voice cast. You'll be sure to regonize at least one of the voices...and the fact the Stan Lee is the mayor is worth a smile or two (but still not going to get comic fans to stop complaining about it). So in short, you're really not going to like this one if your not six...but it's worth at least a 2.5 rating.
  • I'm with the other reviewers, terrible show.

    I can't believe anyone actually liked this show. I realize it's not aimed at me, but the first episode felt like one long joke about passing gas, which somehow accomplished the feeling that it was never going to end with the impression that the very talented voice actors were rushed through (or just desperate to get it over with). Lame jokes, also rushed through with no time to breathe or find a plot, or characters to actually care about. I see what they were trying to do here, and could have easily accomplished with just a little better writing, but instead decided to spend all the money on bright colors and hiring the right voices for the wrong (and directionless) dialogue. Taking themselves to the lowest common denominator. This makes the Smurfs look like Shakespeare, and the X-Men from the 90's a classic by comparison, hokey-ness and all. I'm sure kids will be distracted by the fast action and bright colors, but this will otherwise probably be very forgettable if it doesn't get a whole lot better. And as every other review I've read from people who've actually seen it who are over the age of 5 states, not very popular with us older "kids" who still enjoy such things, with or without kids, who need a lot more to care about. In other words, lame.
  • Not a pleasant experience.

    Okay, so I understand that this show is probably not marketed to my age, but I enjoy many other shows of this genre.

    This show is horrible! They could have done a Justice League feel and style but instead the creators chose to go the route of Captain Flamingo! The jokes are bad, the transition scenes are long enough to become another theme song, and the characters all look like little anime--chibi or whatever they are called--toys! My vote is that you save yourself a half hour and don't watch this. I hope that this show fails miserably so that they re-release it for an older demographic, which would be sweet!

    So, to summarize--and possible clarify--I am not against the idea of this show. In fact I want to see an adaptation of this show for an older audience. An example of the style this show should have would be that of the 1990's series of X-Men. A similar style of animation, and a similar sense of humour.
  • It's a kids' show...with a little extra!

    People (particularly fanboys like myself) should not get too worked up about The Super Hero Squad Show. To be blunt, we don't need every single piece of comic book-based media or entertainment to cater to us. It doesn't take itself seriously at all, and it shouldn't. Marvel is taking its great cast of characters and putting them into one confined place. Therefore, canon will not be followed; otherwise, the writers would go insane trying to make everything "right."
    I think the program greatly succeeds on two levels:
    1) It introduces kids to second- and third-string characters that they normally would not know. I mean, I really don't see Batroc the Leaper being cast in the new Captain America movie, nor have I ever seen MODOK walking down the sidewalk on Halloween. Marvel is taking advantage to open itself up to a new generation of comic book readers and collectors (as long as comic book prices level off or fall, but that's an entirely different topic).
    2) The show does offer fanboys some great jokes. For example, in Episode 12, the three Skrulls turning into cows was hilarious (at least, to anyone who knows Fantastic Four lore--in short, after the FF's first encounter with the Skrulls, Reed Richards hypnotized three of them and convinced them to turn themselves into cows). Also, in Episode 20, there some funny references to Spider-Man (and Stan Lee himself) that would zoom right over the head of a six-year-old.
    I do admit that Cree Summer does not do Storm justice, but that also falls on the heads of the voice directors. Storm needs to be more regal and mature. However, she isn't a main character, so that's not such a big deal.
    All in all, it's a kids' show that often doesn't forget about the people who made these characters as popular as they are. If you don't like it, don't watch it. If you do like it, enjoy! I know I will.
  • Marvel's greatest heroes and evilest of villains battle it out in action packed yet somewhat satirical alternate universe-style adventures. -IMDB

    Growing up in the 80s, I was around to enjoy cartoons ranging from Thundercats to Batman: The Animated Series to Spongebob. They were, of course, great. Then I haven't really seen any good new cartoons in a while, until coming across this cartoon. I'm not big cartoons like I used to. But now I get up, at 8:30 AM on a Saturday, just to watch this shot. It's funny, I mean really funny. And it's not that easy to make me laugh, especially from a children's cartoon. Hey, if you like Marvel, and you want to laugh, please check this show out. (I signed up for TV.COM, just to review this show)
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