The Super Hero Squad Show

Saturday 6:30 AM on Cartoon Network Premiered Sep 14, 2009 Between Seasons





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  • The Super Hero Squad is another halfhearted effort from Marvel animation.

    While DC have created several awesome animated shows, Marvel have not done so well in this department, okay, The Spectacular Spider-Man had an amazing first season, then something went wrong in season 2, which I felt was very "hit and miss". I was looking forward to this particular show, I thought it would be a lot of fun, then I watched the first episode. They weren't exactly aiming high, the jokes were all about bodily noises and snot and they were incredibly juvenile, even the kid I watched it with didn't laugh at these jokes, I give todays kids more credit than so, I don't think they will laugh at twenty fart jokes in a row, the second episode was better, but this is such an uneven show, some episodes are actually decent, then there are the awful ones, really awful ones.

    The animation is shocking, in what way? I'll tell you, the constant re-using of animation that appeared previous in the episode or in previous episodeS is not only distracting, it makes it look cheap. Moments such as these were common in several 80's cartoons, like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I have considered the possibility that it may be intended, but why the heck would they do that? The direction is lousy, action scenes, no the animation in general is way too hectic, gags are stretched out longer than needed and there's just no cool action to be found. The characters can also be quite obnoxious and tend to pick on one another at the end of the episode. Thor is the funniest character in my opinion.

    Seems all the money went to the awesome voice cast, yes, this is the series biggest drawing point, the voice talent involved is amazing, from Tom Kenny, Steven Jay Blum, Tara Strong, Charles Adler to Robert Englund, Ray Stevenson, Mark Hammill and George Takei. While the action is not any good, and when they don't resort to juvenile gags, it can deliver a couple of clever moments that make me, not laugh, but smile occasionally, the verbal gags are what works best, thanks to the delivery from the voice actors. The Super Hero Squad is one of those shows I only watch whenever there is NOTHING else on, and I can only hope that it's one of the watchable episodes.
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