The Super Hero Squad Show

Saturday 6:30 AM on Cartoon Network Premiered Sep 14, 2009 Between Seasons





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  • A disgrace to Marvel's greatest heroes and villains

    I remember growing up watching some of Marvel's greatest cartoons based on their heroes, X-Men, Spiderman, and The Hulk. So when I heard of another Marvel show called Super Hero Squad Show, I thought it would be great. i figured the show would either be something like Justice League or be a little bit of a rip off of that show, but after seeing a few episodes of SHSS, I would take a rip off of JL over this garbage. I normally give a show three chances to see if it's good or not and after seeing three episodes, I came to the conclusion that this show is terrible. All the heroes and villains are way out of character and act pretty much nothing like their comic book counterparts and even if this show was meant for kids, look at the 90s X-Men, that was a show both adults AND kids could get into. The Heroes are complete parodies of themselves, which is not necessary at all, we looked at these heroes and love them. Why is there suddenly a parody of them? The artwork, while pretty decent, is way to colorful, there's absolutely no dark atmosphere, everything is all childish and it makes me sick. The villains are just disgraceful, they are bumbling morons and are nowhere threatening at all. The stories are not interesting and most of them are plots I have already seen on another show. The fight scenes aren't even exciting and they are as much fun as watching two3 year old kids fight in the playground. This show could have been an instant classic, but it just fails, the colors are too bright, the stories are one dimensional, and the characters don't act like the superheroes or supervillains that got me into them. I recommend you to watch the 90s X-Men, Wolverine and the X-Men, or just any other Marvel superhero show than this, it's a big disgrace to Marvel and needs to be canceled.
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