The Super Hero Squad Show

Saturday 6:30 AM on Cartoon Network Premiered Sep 14, 2009 Between Seasons





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  • Not recommended to Marvel fans.

    The Super Hero Squad Show is a show that may have sounded promising, but comes out with poor results.

    The thing is that is focuses more on the comedy aspect of Marvel. Why Comedy? Isn't action the whole purpose of super heroes? Oh well, let's just get to why this show is bad.

    The heroes are parodies of their original selves and don't even act like their comic book counterparts. Why make parodies of them? I know this show is for kids but there's no need to dumb down everything.

    And what's with their big heads and feet but small bodies? It's like their midgets or something.

    The jokes are terrible and don't even work out at all even for kids. A lot of them center around bodily functions which isn't that funny and the other jokes are so predictable you can see them coming in less than a mile.

    The villians are just awful and aren't threatening in the least bit. The animation however is one of the positive things I found in this show. After all, it is fun and fluid. The artwork is decently done and it doesn't look overblown. This show also has a decent soundtrack and there is some pretty good cartoony sound effects. I wasn't too fond of the voice acting, but it wasn't so bad it made my ears bleed.

    The action scenes are brimming with failure, they are just boring to watch and doesn't look like a real fight.

    What could have been a great show for everyone, gets turned into a crummy mess. While the idea sounds promising and it's presented pretty well, it goes downhill easily. The jokes are terrible, the heroes are out of character, the villians are nowhere near threatening, the plots are recycled, the action scenes are boring and everybody is one-demensional.