The Super Hero Squad Show

Season 1 Episode 26

This Al Dente Earth!

Aired Saturday 6:30 AM Feb 20, 2010 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • In the previous episode ("Last Exit Before Doomsday"), which is Part 1 of this story, Dr. Doom crashed through the giant eye in his headquarters, leaving a giant hole. The hole is gone in this episode, even though it takes place at the same time - and with Dr. Doom packing to evacuate Earth, he wouldn't have bothered to get it fixed right away. Of course, the Super Hero Squad go and make a new hole in the eye in this episode, though even that hole is fixed when Galactus drops the fumigation bombs later on.

    • Galactus ate the Infinity Sword, but after Galactus made the deal with Silver Surfer, Iron Man has the Infinity Sword back.

    • Reptil is seen with the super hero squad in the hero-up theme, even though he's not with them.

  • Quotes

    • Uatu: Galactus prefers to drain life energy from a planet's creamy magma filling first and save the crunchy outer shell for last.
      Reptil: Hey, you're the Watcher, right? Another cosmic entity guy? Why don't you do something?
      Uatu: I did. I made popcorn.

    • (the heroes are beating at Galactus' foot)
      Hulk: Purple man strong.
      Wolverine: But?
      Hulk: But Hulk... Uh, Hulk don't know what. Purple man just really strong.
      Wolverine: Really, Hulk? For a guy with such a limited vocabulary, letting one of your two catch-phrases slip by just seem wrong.
      Hulk: Hulk don't understand.

    • (Fin Fang Foom removes Galactus' helmet)
      Abomination: Nice ears.

    • (Galactus accidentally rips off Fin Fang Foom's pants)
      Captain America: Avert your eyes. There are some sights that man, and woman, are not meant to see.
      Ms. Marvel: Too late.

    • Galactus: Infinity reflux. It happens when I eat between planets. A few burnt continents will clear that up.

    • Iron Man: (to Galactus) Hey, Tiny, nice hat! Hey, how many channels do you get on that thing?

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • When Dr. Doom says, "Nobody puts baby in a corner." he is referencing the famous line from the 1987 movie Dirty Dancing.

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