The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!

Season 1 Episode 32

Bad Rap / Caught in a Draft

Aired Saturday 7:30 PM Oct 26, 1989 on NBC

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  • Koopa takes over Rap Land! It's up to Mario and the gang to save the land!

    This episode was a very cool and a very funny episode. It’s not like all this modern rap with all these cuss words, and racial slurs, this had clean rap and actually made the episode funny. I read the title and thought it would be dumb since it had rap in it and I’m not exactly the biggest fan of rap. But over all I watched it anyway, I didn’t want to judge it without even watching it. And I was glad I did watch it. The episode took place in Rap Land where everyone spoke in rap, which means that they rapped instead of actually talking. Then King Koopa comes and brainwashes the king and everyone in Rap Land but two of its citizens with a rap song of his own. Luckily Marion and the gang are coming through Rap Land, so they can help! The two citizens that weren’t affected by the rap help the Mario Bros. save the day!

    One of the reasons I loved it so much was the rap actually rhymed and made sense with the current situation. It wasn’t professional material but it still was nice. The citizens of Rap Land really fit the scene with their clothing and accessories. Finally I have to say if you haven’t seen this episode yet, go to yahooligans( and check this out! And wait till it is aired, if it isn’t so already. Also just because I put the classification out of character doesn't mean I didn't like it, it's just how often do you see Mario rapping in an entire episode?
  • I liked this episode very much I think everyone thinks as such {lame, I know}

    In this episode, Koopa takes over a place where everyone raps. Every sentence in this episode (or most) is a rhyme which I thought was funny. I like rhymes. Anyways, Koopa kidnaps King James and hypnotises everyone in the land so he can steal their money. Two citizens who weren't hypnotised decide to help Mario and his friends take down Koopa. They recue King James and have a battle with Koopa at the end to kick him out of the town. Like I said before, the rhymes made me like this episode. Sometimes, the rhymes were just rediculous! Besides that, I like the battle with Koopa at the end which was exiting. Koopa was the funniest in this episode.

    To ruin a good episode is the live-action part. Srg. Slaugter comes back to the show to train Mario & Luigi for the president who said they needed them. I found this to be a waste of time and boring. In the end, it seemed the president lied or made a joke (I forgot...) and the srg. just leaves. Worst live-action segment but the cartoon part makes up for it for me. Overall: 9.5/10