The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!

Season 1 Episode 3

Butch Mario & the Luigi Kid / All Steamed Up

Aired Saturday 8:00 AM Sep 06, 1989 on NBC
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Butch Mario & the Luigi Kid
While trying to rescue the Princess from an abandoned mine, the Mario brothers find themselves running from Sheriff Mouser and his minions who are after the large reward Koopa has promised for their capture.

All Steamed Up
In the live-action segment, Sgt. Slaughter comes over to pick up his steam cabinet, and annoys Luigi the whole time while Mario has gone missing.moreless

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  • in a wild west world bowser has kidnaped the princess and has put a bounty out On Mario and Luigi.

    I love this episode it was so funny i just love how everytime Luigi gets his words crossed like Gondola to mean gonner it is just so funny! i just wonder were did they got the cowboy outfits though and how could it be possible that peach could make an image of herself out of smoke.
  • Wanted, Dead or Alive: Butch Mario and the Luigi Kid.

    This is one of my favorite episodes of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show that I like to watch alot. I like it because it has plenty of references from the Super Mario Bros. games. It also has a lot of cool quotes from the characters that get said. Let me explain what it is about. In the live-action segment "All Steamed Up", Mario and Luigi fix a steam machine owned by wrestler Sgt. Slaughter, in which Mario gets trapped inside it and Luigi deals with Sgt. Slaughter himself until he leaves. In the cartoon "Butch Mario and the Luigi Kid", King Koopa (named Kid Koopa in this episode) kidnaps the princess and it's up to Mario, Luigi, and Toad to save her. However, Kid Koopa accuses them of being western outlaws, making the rescue dangerous and reckless. It is the first episode to have King Koopa with an alternative name and/or look, and the first appearance of Mouser. A must-see for any Mario fan.moreless
Danny Wells

Danny Wells

Luigi (L/V)

Maurice LaMarche

Maurice LaMarche

Edison (L) (uncredited)

Rob Cowan

Rob Cowan

Misc (V)

Harvey Atkin

Harvey Atkin

King Koopa, Triclyde, Snifit, Mushroom Mayor (V)

Joyce Gordon

Joyce Gordon

Misc (V)

Greg Morton

Greg Morton

Misc (V)

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (8)

    • Sgt. Slaughter: Stay right there! Don't touch that dial!
      Luigi: We'll be back in a little while!
      Sgt. Slaughter: Watch the previews that's on your screen!
      Luigi: The Legend of Zelda's exciting scenes!

    • Sgt. Slaughter: What'd you make that pizza with?
      Luigi: Anchovies, beans, and Cheez Wiz...
      Sgt. Slaughter: I don't like that thumping sound...
      Luigi: Boy, I wish Mario was around...
      Sgt. Slaughter: What's wrong with this steam machine?
      Luigi: It just needs a bit more steam...

    • Mouser: Okay, which one of you plum-scums keeps yelling he's dying of thirst?
      Mario and Luigi: (point to each other) Him!
      Mouser: Up tortellini. This is MY water! (laughs and guzzles down his glass of water)
      Mario and Luigi: (do their patty-cake routine) Patty-cake, patty-cake, Pasta-man! Gimme Pasta Power as fast as you can!
      Mouser: Hey! What are you loonies up to??
      Mario: Pasta Power! (smacks Mouser's hat off)
      Mouser: Hey! What's the big idea?!
      Mario: Sorry, sheriff. It was an accident.
      Luigi: Yeah. I mean we were just so thirsty, we didn't know what we were doing.
      (Toad crawls into Mouser's hat without being seen by him.)
      Mouser: (puts hat on) Well, I'm warning you... Don't let it happen again! (leaves cell as Mario and Luigi cheer to themselves)

    • Mario: Wake up, Luigi! The only time plumbers sleep on the job is when we're working by the hour! Luigi...
      Luigi: (waking up) Thanks, Mario. But I can't breathe in here... I'm a gonzola.
      Mario: That's a "goner", spagetti-head. (realizing what Luigi said) Goner?! Oh, no! Hang tight, little brother! Mario will get you some fresh air!

    • Sgt. Slaughter: I'm double parked!
      Luigi: Double parked?
      Sgt. Slaughter: Yeah! I parked a tank on top of a Chevy! Boy, was that owner mad! I thought she'd never stop yelling!

    • Koopa: Now, liguine-lips, we'll see who's really the fastest gun in the west!
      (A baby Birdo pops out of a cactus and cheeps.)
      Birdo: Cheep. Cheep.
      Koopa: At the cheep of six, draw!
      Birdo: Cheep. Cheep. Cheep.
      Luigi: Eh, counting cheeps always puts me to sleep...
      (Luigi falls asleep until Mario wakes him.)
      Birdo: Cheep. Cheep.
      Koopa: (draws his Piranah Plant) Gotcha!
      Mario: That's only five; you cheated!
      Koopa: Like my grandfather Poopa la Koopa always said, "Cheat, beat, and be merry!"

    • Mario: If Toad doesn't get here soon, I'm gonna eat this matress!
      Toad: BOMBS AWAY! (Bob-omb Bag explodes, leaving Mario & Luigi messed up)
      Luigi: Yo. I need a doctor.
      Mario: I need a pizza!

    • Toad: When I get my hands on that King Koopa, I'll fix his wagon!
      Luigi: Hey, what's the matter with King Koopa's wagon? Is it broken?
      Mouser: No, it's just fine; and it's waiting for you, criminal vermin!
      Mario and Luigi: Mouser?!
      Mouser: SHERIFF Mouser to you, you despicable felons!
      Luigi: Felons?? Yo, I never felon nobody! I'm, uh...
      Mouser: Under arrest, apprehended, and busted!
      Mario: First you'll have to catch us! (takes off running with Luigi and Toad following after him)

  • NOTES (9)


    • Koopa: Beat, cheat, and be merry!
      Koopa's line is an obvious reference to the advertising slogan "Eat, drink, and be merry". This phrase was also parodied in the print advertisement for Mario Party.

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