The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!

Saturday 7:30 PM on NBC Premiered Sep 04, 1989 Between Seasons


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  • Season 1
    • The Super Mario Bros Super Show: Count Koopula
    • The Super Mario Bros Super Show: Koopa Klaus
    • The Super Mario Bros Super Show: The Great BMX Race
    • The Super Mario Bros Super Show: Butch Mario and the Luigi Kid
    • The Super Mario Bros Super Show: The Great Gladiator Gig
    • The Super Mario Bros Super Show: King Mario of Cramolot
      This video includes the episode King Mario of Cramolot and the live-action segment Day of the Orphan. This was a video made by Kids Klassics and is currently out of print.
    • The Super Mario Bros Super Show: Mario Meets Koopzilla
      This is a video containing Mario meets Koopzilla and the live action segment Fortune Teller. This is a video by Kids Klassic and is currently out of print.
    • The Super Mario Bros Super Show: Mario's Flying Carpet
      This is a Super Mario Bros VHS which contains the episode Mario's Magic Carpet and the live-action segment Marianne and Luigenne. This VHS was made by Kids Klassics and is currently out of print.
    • The Ghoul of My Dreams

      Mario is watching a scary movie hosted by Elvira. He later falls asleep and dreams that Elvira is in his house. Along with a monster that wants to hurt them both!

    • Tutti Frutti Mario
      Tutti Frutti Mario
      Episode 64
    • Pizza Crush
      Pizza Crush
      Episode 63
      I woman that works at a pizza shop have been delivering pizzas to Mario. She has a crush on him, Luigi have been telling Mario to stop eating these pizzas because that may not be enough to pay
    • Treasure of the Sierra Brooklyn
    • The Great Hereafter
      While Mario is having nightmares of his dead mother, The Old Psychic Lady with the Evil Eye Who Reads Fortunes and Knows Everything Before It Happens stops by at the Mario Bros apartment and asks her to contact his mother and it seemed to work fine.
    • Defective Gadgetry
      Defective Gadgetry
      Episode 60
      In this Inspector Gadget/Super Mario Bros crossover. Inspector Gadget stops by at the Mario Bros apartment as he is falling apart. He asks the Mario Bros to fix him up again.
    • The Magic Love
      The Magic Love
      Episode 59
    • Tutti Frutti, Oh Mario

      Mario is shaving and all of a sudden sees Little Robert in his mirror. Mario invites him to come to dinner. And Luigi tries to record them singing with Little Robert. He thinks that would become a collector's item.

    • Fred Van Winkle
      Fred Van Winkle
      Episode 57
      Mario finds a man named Fred Van Winkle who has been asleep for 50 years. Luigi shows him the stuff that we have in the present.
    • Mommies Curse
      Mommies Curse
      Episode 56

      Mario accidentally gives Luigi a recipe that turns him into a monster. So he calls Elvira so that she can try to help.

    • Wild Thing
      Wild Thing
      Episode 55
      Moon Zappa and invites her friends to the Mario Bros apartment for a party but little do the Mario Bros know they wanted her to leave.
    • Magic's Magic
      Magic's Magic
      Episode 54

      Magic Johnson visits the Mario Brothers because he needs help doing magic tricks. But when Luigi tries to pull a rabbit out of a hat, the rabbit pulls Luigi into the hat!

    • Slime Busters
      Slime Busters
      Episode 53
      Ernie Hudson comes over to exterminate a slime monster that soon takes control of Luigi's body.
    • Robo Koopa Mario and Co arrive in Robo Land, only to be attacked by Koopa, who's donned a robo suit. They meet up with Bunsen, a robot Mushroom, who temporarily gets rid of Koopa. Bunsen then takes the group to Dr. Nerdnick, the man who was tricked into building the robo suit, and is being held captive by Koopa's guards. Everything goes well, until Koopa returns and captures Princess and Toad.

      Captain Lou is Missing When Cyndi Lauper reports that Captain Lou Albano is missing, she forms a search party with the Marios in order to find him.moreless

    • Star Koopa Mario and Co are on their way to protect a Mushroom space colony, only to be caught by Darth Koopa's ship, the Koop Star. They fight off some Stormtroopas, followed by Koopa himself, but Koopa ends up freezing them. After having them thawed out, he gives Princess two options: Tell the colonists to surrender, or have their planet destroyed with his Birdo Ray. When Princess refuses to give up, the Birdo Ray is set to fire in thirty minutes, and Mario and Co get dropped into the Koop Star's trash compactor.

      Santa Claus is Coming to Flatbush Santa Claus comes by during Christmastime, as he needs to use the Marios' phone to call for help. Too bad the Marios don't recognize him.moreless

    • Crocodile Mario Mario and Co find themselves in Down Under Land, where Koopa steals the local town's magical statue which can scare off crocodiles. With the statue gone, crocodiles invade the town and try to eat everyone in it. It's up to Mario and Luigi to get the statue back from Koopa before it's too late.

      Rowdy Roddy's Rotten Pipes Mario used Rowdy Roddy Piper's broken bagpipes to build a vacuum cleaner, so he and Luigi have to prevent Roddy from finding out.moreless

    • Raiders of the Lost Mushroom Mario and Co team up with the faceless explorer Indiana Joe, and go after the Lost Mushroom, a statue that grants wishes. But Koopa claims he's the heir to the Lost Mushroom, and goes after the Marios with his gang.

      Cyrano de Mario Mario receives a letter from a woman named Roxanne, and is under the impression that he's obligated to marry her due to a promise he made to her long ago.moreless
    • 11/23/89
      Flatbush Koopa The Mushroom Kingdom is celebrating the recent defeat of Koopa. On top of that, a warp pipe to Brooklyn has opened up. At long last, the Marios finally make it back to Brookyln, only it's not the Brooklyn they remember.

      Opera Mrs. Gamliss, an opera singer who lives in the building, won't stop singing.moreless

    • Mario of the Deep" The Marios travel to Aqua Land, where King Koopa (Under the alias of Barra-Koopa) has enslaved the Mermushrooms, forcing them to steal treasure from all the sunken ships. Can the Super Mario Bros. win this battle of the bottom?

      Two Bums From Brooklyn: A local baseball coach comes over to see if the Marios have what it takes to work for him.moreless

    • 11/21/89
      Escape From Koopatraz Koopa sentences Mario and Co to the island prison of Koopatraz. There, they meet up with Toad's long long grandfather, who happens to be their cellmate. Together, they try to work out a way to escape from the prison.

      French Luigi teaches himself French in an attempt to get a girlfriend.moreless

    • The Provolone Ranger Koopa kidnaps Luigi, Princess and Toad, along with a trunk of gold coins they were transporting across Sudden Death Valley, leaving Mario to die in the heat. A native Mushroom named Pronto comes to Mario's rescue, and Mario takes on the role of the Provolone Ranger in order to rescue his friends.

      Goodbye Mr. Fish The Marios accidentally kill Mrs. Periwinkle's pet goldfish.moreless

    • Little Red Riding Princess It's wintertime, and Mario and Co are on their way through the woods to visit Princess' sick grandmother. Before they entered the woods, Koopa stole everyone's lumber, casing them to all freeze. While Mario, Luigi and Toad stay behind to defrost the villagers, Princess continues to her gramdmother's house alone, where she is pursued not only by Koopa, but by the big bad wolf as well.

      No Way to Treat a Queenie When the Queen of England comes to visit New York, she drops in on the Marios to get a taste of common folk's life.moreless

    • Princess, I Shrunk the Marios
      When Toad accidentally spills a shrinking potion on the Marios they must overcome the perils of giant Troopas, drain pipes filled with monster-sized bugs, and Koopa's big feet.
    • Princess, I Shrunk the Mario Brothers Waldo the wizard befriends Mario and Co and intends on using a shrinking potion to shrink Koopa. Unfortunately, Toad spills the potion on the Marios, which undoubtedly shrinks them. Now the Marios have to elude the Koopas, while Waldo tries to conjure up an antidote.

      A Basement Divided When Mario refuses to clean up after himself, Luigi splits the basement in half, resulting in a clean side and a messy side.moreless

    • Mario of the Apes While travelling through Jungle Land, Mario is seperated from his friends thanks to Koopa and an Albatoss. Mario then suffers from amnesia, and is taken in by an ape couple, who change his name to Marzan and teach him the ways of the jungle. Meanwhile, Luigi, Princess and Toad have to find Mario and knock some sense into him.

      Chippie Chipmunks Mario must perform several several acts of goodness for Luigi to become Chipmunk of the Month at the Chippie Chipmunks Club.moreless

    • 11/13/89
      Karate Koopa Mario and Co are in the Oriental City of Sayonara, where they hope to find a martial arts master by the name of Misaki. Koopa finds them first and kidnaps Princess and Toad. Misaki rescues the Marios and teaches them Plumb-fu, so that they can fight Karate Koopa.

      Adee Don't TV star Tawny Tyler comes over to help the Marios record a commercial, but Mario gets camera fright.moreless

    • 11/9/89
      Plumbers Academy Mario loses his golden plunger after a battle with Koopa. He tells Princess & Toad that this was a special plunger because it was given to him by the President of the United States. In pre-show flashback mode, Mario tells how he and Luigi became plumbers, and how they had to put up with their overly strict boss, Sgt. Kooperman (who sounds a lot like Koopa). Kooperman ended up flunking the Marios, who soon found themselves facing their biggest plumbing challenge ever.

      Glasnuts After getting a phone call from the U.S. President, the Marios find themselves giving Russian Premier Mikhail Gorbachev a lesson on how to make pizza.moreless

    • 11/8/89
      Elvin Lives Mario and Co have entered Sock Hop Land, where superstar Elvin Parsley has been frozen by Koopa, who's hanging out at a malt shop. When they go to rescue Elvin, Koopa kidnaps Princess yet again.

      Home Radio The Marios get to do a radio broadcast from their home, but they lose their voices while practicing.moreless

    • The Great Gold Coin Rush Mario and Co are in the Wild Wild West, where Koopa unintentionally chases them into a lost gold coin mine. When Koopa hears of the mine, he enslaves the local townsfolk into mining all the gold coins for him.

      Game Show Host When a blow to the head causes Luigi to think that he's a game show host, Jim Lange tries to convince him that he isn't.moreless

    • 11/6/89
      Quest For Pizza In Caveman Land, Mario is bitten by a snake and ends up petrified. The only way to revive him is by feeding him pizza. But, since there is no readily available pizza in Caveman Land, the others have to work together to try and make him one.

      The Painting When Mario discovers an old painting, Luigi hires an appraiser who tells them that it's worth a hundred zillion dollars.moreless

    • 11/2/89
      The Trojan Koopa Koopa's kidnapped Princess, and Mario, Luigi, and Toad try to rescue her, failing numerous times. Mario realizes that Koopa's ego is his weakspot, so they use a Trojan Koopa (instead of a horse) to break into his fortress. However, it all doesn't go as planned, and they find themselves surrounded by Koopa's guards.

      Texas Tea The Marios strike oil and come to the conclusion that they'll become millionares.moreless

    • The Koopas Are Coming! The Koopas Are Coming! Mario and Co have to defend themselves and General Washingtoad's army against the Koopas. When Koopa threatens to attack, Luigi travels on horseback to warn everyone ala Paul Revere, shouting "The Koopas are Coming! The Koopas are Coming!", but he gets caught in the process.

      Zenned Out Mario Mario is being targeted by a tough guy, and seeks help from the legendary spirit Obi-Wan Cannoli.moreless

    • 10/31/89
      The Ten Koopmandments Koopa has turned the citizens of Pyramid Land into bricks for his new Koopinx. Mario and Co come to their rescue, only to be caught and get trapped in a pyramid. They need to find a way to save the Mushroom people, but first, they need to save themselves.

      The Artist Even though Luigi has won an art contest, the suspicious Vincent Van Gook takes a liking to Mario's so-called artwork.moreless

    • 10/30/89
      The Mark of Zero The Mario Brothers arrive in El Desert Land to meet the legendary masked hero Zero. However El Koopitan has captured Zero so the Mario Brothers disguise themselves as Zero and Zero Plus One in order to save the real Zero.

      Toupee The Marios have their basement evaluated by Inspector Clean, who loses his toupee to Radigator.moreless

    • The Koopas are Coming!
      Our heroes come to the rescue of General George Washingtoad by helping him cross the Delawide River to defeat the Redcoat Koopa's army.
    • 10/26/89
      Bad Rap Koopa has kidnapped King James of Rap Land and is making all the citizens turn over their money to him. Mario and Co need to rescue James, cut Koopa's power, and kick Koopa out of Rap Land.

      Caught in a Draft Sgt. Slaugter comes by and forces the Marios through some tough training.moreless

    • The Unzappables Koopa and his gang are robbing banks in Crime Land, and have acquired special hats that repel all projectiles. Mario and Co are unable to beat them, so they need to sneak into Koopa's nightclub and steal the hats.

      George Washington Slept Here Mario attempts to turn the apartment into a motel. He figures that putting up a sign saying that George Washington slept there will attract customers. Later, Mario and Luigi fall asleep and dream that George Washington comes to the apartment and scolds them for lying. In an attempt to hypnotize him to sleep. Mario and Luigi hypnotize themselves and have a dream in the dream!

    • Mario and the Red Baron Koopa Koopa and Lakitu use a weather satellite to cover Pasta Land in snow. Mario and Luigi go after him in a flying carpet, but Koopa easily destroys it. They then go after Koopa in a special airplane that has flying carpets for wings.

      Gorilla My Dreams Mario mistakes Luigi, who's dresed up as a gorilla, with a real gorilla.moreless

    • 10/23/89
      Koopa Klaus Koopa Klaus has taken over Santa's workshop at the North Pole and has frozen all the elves and toys. It's up to the Marios, Toad, and Princess Toadstool to stop him.

      Little Marios The Marios try to convince Brian Bonsall that he shouldn't be running away from home.

    • Mario Meets Koop-zilla Mario and Co arrive in the Oriental city of Sayonara, looking for Super Sushi, an experimental food that can double one's size and strength. They also find Koopa, who's now gigantic, and destroying the city. Mario and Co meet up with the creator of Super Sushi, who explains that Koopa ingested too much, and needs to be stopped.

      Fortune Teller The Marios hire a fortune teller to predict what their raffle prize will be.moreless

    • Mighty McMario and the Pot of Gold Koopa steals a pot of gold coins belonging to a leprechaun named Murphy. Without his pot of gold coins, Murphy is a jinx who's luck is so bad, that Shamrock Land will flood if he doesn't get his coins back. Mario and Co agree to retrieve the coins, and almost succeed, but Murphy's bad luck results in them being caught.

      Heart Throb Rob Stone, who is being chased by a crowd of fans, hides out in the basement.moreless

    • 20,000 Koopas Under the Sea When a sea monster attacks the town of Happy Harbor, Koopa offers to stop the monster if the citizens make him their king. Mario and Co work with the fearless Captain Abidab to get rid of the monster themselves, but Mario, Luigi and Princess get swallowed by the monster, which is actually a submarine of Koopa's.

      Vampire Until Ready The Marios hire an exterminator to get rid of a bat. As luck would have it, the exterminator is just the bat taking on his vampire form.moreless

    • Hooded Robin and His Mario Men Mario and Co team up with Hooded Robin to get back the coins Koopa stole from the citizens of Sharewood Village. However, Robin gets caught by Koopa, so Mario and Co have to save him along the way.

      Flower Power Mario's homemade pasta sauce causes Luigi to grow vegetables from his body.moreless

    • 10/12/89
      Too Hot to Handle Mario, Luigi, and Toad have to rescue Princess, who was thrown into a volcano by the unknowing people of Waki-Waki, from Koopa, who's disguised himself as a fire god.

      Time Out Luigi A strange and mysterious woman sells Luigi a watch that makes him do everything backwards.moreless

    • 10/11/89
      Mario and Joliet: Koopa kidnaps Romano's love, Joliet, so the heroes set off with him to rescue her and reunite them so they can marry, provided that their fathers quit fueding.

      Fake Bro: A man named Pietro comes by and claims that he's the Marios' long lost brother.

    • On Her Majesty's Sewer Service When Koopa turns Secret Agent James Blonde to stone, the Marios are selected as his temporary replacements. Their first assignent is to stop Koopa from robbing Fort Hard Knocks, but they end up getting captured, and taken to Koopa's hideout.

      9001: A Mario Odyssey A nutty scientist named Einstein presents the Marios with a computer that can make all sorts of pizzas. Too bad the computer has a mind of its own.moreless

    • 10/9/89
      Koopenstein Koopa plans to use Mario and Luigi's brains for his monstrous creation. When the Marios set out to stop him, an accident in Koopa's lab turns Koopa himself into a mindless monster.

      Baby Mario Love The Marios find themselves acting as temporary replacements for Susanna Ross' band.

    • 10/5/89
      The Pied Koopa Koopa uses a magic flute to kidnap Pasta Land's children, so Mario and Co head to his castle to get them back. They soon find themselves trapped in the dungeon, and they need to think up a plan to get the children home.

      Super Plant When Mario and Luigi's mother's basil bush is dying, they turn to the insane Dr. Toby for help.moreless

    • Do You Princess Toadstool Take This Koopa...? Koopa has turned all the mushroom people into rocks and has captured Mario & Luigi. He is about to kill them, but spares them in exchange for Princess' hand in marriage. She agrees, but only if he releases the mushroom people as well. Shortly after, Koopa turns back on his word and reverts the mushroom people back into rocks. Now the Mario Bros. have to find a way to stop the wedding.

      Mario Hillbillies When Mario and Luigi go fishing, their lookalike hick cousins come over and have to deal with a customer.moreless

    • The Adventures of Sherlock Mario Mario and Co arrive in Victoria, hoping to find the great dectective, Herlock Solmes. When they find out that Solmes is missing, Mario dons the name Sherlock Mario, and sets out to find him. Turns out Solmes was kidnapped by Koopa and his gang. Koopa then goes after the Retro Router, a machine that he intends to flood the city with.

      Plumbers of the Year The Imperial Poogah from the Grand Order of Plumbers comes over to evaluate the Marios and see if they qualify as Plumbers of the Year.moreless

    • Two Plumbers and a Baby The Princess falls into the Fountain of Youth, transforming her into a baby. Now, the Mario Bros. have to protect her while looking for a way to reverse it.

      Lost Dog Pam Matteson has lost her log and asks the Marios for help.

    • Pirates of Koopa Mario and Co have hired on as deckhands aboard Captain Clump's ship. As luck would have it, Koopa captures Princess so that he can auction her off. He then has her friends tied to the mast of Clump's ship, which is left to sink into the Trouter infested waters. Do You Believe in Magic? Magic Johnson asks Luigi to fix his trophy, but Mario ends up throwing it into the furnace, or not...moreless
    • 9/27/89
      Count Koopula Mario and Co have entered Turtlevania, and seek refuge in Koopa's castle. There, they learn of Koopa's evil plot to capture Princess and turn her into a vampire. Another problem they must face is that the estate is swarming with monsters.

      Magician When Harry Blackstone Jr. teaches Luigi how to make things vanish, Luigi makes Mario disappear.moreless

    • The Fire of Hercufleas Mario and Co meet Hercufleas, a legendary hero and a friend of Toad's who recently became incredibly fat and lazy. Hercufleas' job is guarding The Great Balls of Fire, which are soon stolen by some Beezos. When the Marios fail to get them back, they turn to Hercufleas. But first, they have to get the big guy back into shape.

      The Marios Fight Back The Marios give a demonstration of their plumbing skills for David Horowitz's news report, and accidentally create a monster.moreless

    • Toad Warriors Koopa has stolen all the spaghetti sauce in Car Land, where everyone drives around in some sort of vehicle. Mario and Co have to find a way to stop Koopa, if they can.

      E.C. The Extra Creepy Mario doesn't realize his date is a robot from space.

    • 9/21/89
      Brooklyn Bound It seems to good to be true for Mario and Luigi when they find a way back to Brooklyn. But when Koopa attacks, the brothers must decide between their old home and new friends.

      Cher's Poochie Cher drops off her dog with the Marios, and thanks to Mario's newest invention, he and the dog switch bodies.moreless

    • 9/20/89
      Jungle Fever Mario and Co are traveling through the Amazon Jungle, in search of Sheldon the witch doctor, whom they hope can help them banish Koopa. The Marios and Toad are assualted by Albatoss with itching powder, and Koopa kidnaps Sheldon. It's up to Princess to rescue Sheldon from Koopa.

      Dance Mario and Luigi take dance lessons from Shaba-Doo on Luigi's birthday.moreless

    • Stars in Their Eyes Mario and Co head to the planet Quirk to save the natives from Koopa, who's enslaved them all. As luck would have it, Koopa ends up capturing Mario and Co as well.

      Alligator Dundee An Australian hunter thinks that Radigator is a deadly monster, and goes after him in the sewers.moreless

    • The Great BMX Race To help Toad pay off his debt to Fry Guy, Mario and Luigi enter a bike race in hopes to collect the prize money. But what they don't know is that it's all a trap planned by Koopa.

      Mama Mia Mario Mario and Luigi's mom comes over and forces them to do various chores.moreless

    • Love 'Em and Leave 'Em Mario and Co arrive in Rotunda Land, which is ruled by the uptight Queen Rotunda. After being caught, Mario unintenionally gets Rotunda to drink a love potion, causing her to fall in love with him, much to his dismay.

      Will the Real Elvis Please Shut Up! The Marios are doing Elvis impersinations, and the King himself shows up to give them a few pointers.moreless

    • Mario and the Beanstalk Desperate for cash, the Marios trade the royal cow for bean seeds. Princess scolds them, and accidentally sneees, blowing the beans into the yard. Overnight, they grow into a beanstalk. The next morning, Mario and Co climb the beanstalk, which takes them to a gigantic castle in the sky, which is occupied by Koopa, who's now giant-sized.

      Bats in the Basement The Marios can't seem to figure out that their current house guest is a vampire.moreless

    • The Great Gladiator Gig
      Mario and Co head to the Linguini Empire to attend a benefit spaghetti dinner. When they arrive, Princess and Toad are separated from the Marios and meet Koopa, who's taken over. The Mario eventually get caught and are forced to fight Triclyde in the colosseum.

      Bonkers From Yonkers
      A pipe falls on Mario's head, causing him to think he's a bird, and Luigi ends up hiring a nutty doctor who tries to cure Mario.

    • Rolling Down the River The Marios and Toad are trying to save Princess from Koopa's riverboat. When their plan goes horribly wrong, Toad gets caught and the Marios barely escape with their lives. The Marios then meet up with Mark Twang, a man who's in a race with Koopa. The Marios and Mark now have to work together to beat Koopa and rescue Princess and Toad.

      The Mario Monster Mash The Marios receive a box from Dr. Frank N. Stein from Transylvania. In the box is Dr. Stein's dimwitted monster. They help Dr. Stein with an experiment, but Luigi and Dr. Stein leave to find a normal brain for the monster. Mario takes a nap on the operating table, but a machine acts up and he ends up switching brains with the monster. Dr. Stein bonks Mario and the monster on their heads and they return to normality.moreless
    • Mario's Magic Carpet Mario and Co are traveling through a desert, dying of thirst. Thanks to a booby-trap, they wind up in the palace of Sultan Pasbah, who tries to force Princess into his harem, while the guys are sent to the dungeon. Through total fate, the Marios discover a magic lamp. However, it contains a grouchy genie who apparently offers no help in getting Princess back from the sultan, or from Koopa, who just showed up to purchase her.

      Marianne and Luigeena Mario and Luigi's annoying female cousins come over and flirt with Lyle Alzado.moreless

    • Butch Mario & the Luigi Kid
      While trying to rescue the Princess from an abandoned mine, the Mario brothers find themselves running from Sheriff Mouser and his minions who are after the large reward Koopa has promised for their capture.

      All Steamed Up
      In the live-action segment, Sgt. Slaughter comes over to pick up his steam cabinet, and annoys Luigi the whole time while Mario has gone missing.moreless

    • King Mario of Cramalot
      Mario and Co arrive in Cramalot, only to be assualted by Beezos. They are saved by Mervin the magician, who tells them about how Koopa took over Cramalot, and how he can be defeated with a golden plunger that one must pull from a golden sink. Although Mario succeeds in pulling the plunger, he ends up losing it to Koopa, and the group is sentenced to execution in a dungeon.

      Day of the Orphan
      In the live-action segment, a bratty girl who refers to herself as "Patty, the sad-eyed orphan", persuades the Marios to take her in.moreless

    • The Bird! The Bird! While venturing in a snowy world, Toad is kidnapped by a near-sighted Birdo who is convinced that he is her missing baby. The Marios and Princess set out to find him before the Birdo drives him crazy. And if that wasn't enough, Koopa learns of their whereabouts, and sends his troops after them.

      Neatness Counts When Nicole Eggert drops by to have her sink fixed, the Marios accidentally get her filthy.moreless