The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!

Season 1 Episode 2

King Mario of Cramalot / Day of the Orphan

Aired Saturday 8:00 AM Sep 05, 1989 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • This is the only episode on the Super Mario Bros. Super Show DVD set to not have the commercial bumpers or the Legend of Zelda preview on the disc as well has being the only episode on the disc to show the live action segment in a choppy motion instead of a smooth motion like the other episodes on the set.

    • Throughout the dungeon scene, the ceiling keeps getting lower and lower. However, when Mervin teleports the group out of the dungeon, the ceiling is higher than it should be.

    • When Princess says "If only Mervin were here!", the "M" emblem on Mario's cap is missing.

    • This one is hard to notice, but shortly after Mervin hits the Troopa with his staff, Mario nearly jabs Koopa with Excalibur. When Koopa shouts "Whoah!", Mario's sleeve is blue, even though it should be red, as he's Super.

    • When Mario and Koopa start fighting with the plunger and Excalibur, Koopa's tail is the wrong shade of green in one shot.

    • In the beginning when Mario says the Plumber's Log, he's moving his mouth, but he's not supposed to.

    • When Princess says "We gotta get of here!" Toad's vest is red, but it's supposed to be white in this episode.

    • When Mario says "I'll save us!" you can't see Mervin or Toad.

    • When the net falls over Mario and Co., Mario isn't holding the plunger.

    • When Koopa says "I don't know. What?", his shell disapears.

    • When Mario uses the plunger to cut through the net, the net overlaps him as he jumps out.

    • Mario fights left-handed in this episode, even though he's normally right-handed.

    • Despite what most summaries claim, Mervin isn't actually clumsy.

    • When Mario and Koopa are fighting on the staircase, Mario has buckles on the front and back of his overalls.

    • After Mario says "I could really go for a mozzarella milkshake!", Luigi's body is overlapping one of the villagers.

    • In the scene where Koopa argues with the Troopa, Koopa grabs the Troopa with his left claw. In the next shot, we see the Troopa being held in Koopa's right claw. Then, in the next shot, he's back in Koopa's left claw.

    • The potion that Koopa throws explodes and becomes a door in middair. It shouldn't have exploded until it hit something.

    • When Toad is laughing along with the others at the end of this episode, his mouth isn't moving.

    • When Mario says "I'll save us!", Luigi's overalls are red. This is the first of many times in the Mario cartoons that Luigi mistakenly has Mario's color.

    • When Luigi is about to jump over the moat, we can see the rest of the good guys. Mario's hat is green, but it should be white (he's "Super").

    • When Toad says "Phew, that was close! I didn't think we had a mushroom's chance in a frying pan!", his mouth isn't moving before the zoom-in.

  • Quotes

    • Koopa: (after being defeated) Drat! You faucet-freaks have foiled my plans again!
      Mario: That's the way the meatball bounces!
      Koopa: Then as the old saying goes, he who koops and runs away lives to koop another day!

    • Beezo: Beezos away!

    • Koopa: So, Mario thinks HE'S king, huh? There's only one king of Cramalot! And who is that?
      Troopa: Uhh, can ya give me a hint?
      Koopa: He's sitting right here on this throne!
      Troopa: Well gee, maybe ya better get off him...
      Koopa: (grabs Troopa) I'M TALKING ABOUT ME, YOU KNOW-NOTHING NINCOMPOOP!!! (smacks Troopa with scepter)
      Troopa: Uh... Yes, Your Royal Koopaness. You're the kingliness Koopa that's ever kooped in Cramalot.

    • Mario: What's green and scaly, and covered with meat sauce?
      Koopa: I don't know. What?
      Mario: A Koopa that's landed in deep spaghetti!

    • Mario: Koopa, you're the meanest, ugliest lizard that ever slimed its way across Cramalot!
      Koopa: Flattery will get you nowhere!

    • Luigi: Crama's here in Koopalot? I mean, uh, Koopa's here in Cramalot? Sheesh, let's split this place.

    • Mario: Luigi, you'll have to swim across the moat and let down the drawbridge.
      Luigi: Me? But, but I can't! I'm, uh, gonna have a baby.
      [makes uncomfortable noises; Mario shoves him forward]
      Luigi: Well, it was worth a try.

  • Notes

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