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  • This could've been so much better

    This Mario cartoon was NOT what I expected. In fact this cartoon turned me off of Mario Bros games forever. It should've had rips on celebrities, politicians, current events, and reenact scenes from movies. Hated how the characters were portrayed as stereotypical, and the pasta jokes were ominous enough to make one want to vomit. Mario the all knowing alpha male, Luigi the wimpy coward and younger brother, Toad a goof off Bart Simpson like comic relief, the Princess, a perpetual damsel in distress. Thought Mario was the younger brother. In fact that's how it should be. Mario should've been a moronic, bumbling, hyperactive Lou Costello type, and always gets in trouble, but still prove himself in battle. Luigi should've been an outspoken, abusive, snarky, jaded, naysayer, smarter and tougher sidekick. Quick Draw McGraw and Yogi Bear had smarter sidekicks. This cartoon should've been like Stickin Around, Hey Arnold, Billy and Mandy. And have had plots similar to those said shows episodes. Also, it should've had Naked Gun, MST3K, Monty Python, Animaniacs and Ren and Stimpy style humor. 1990s alternative rock hits could've been played in the episodes Another thing it could've done was had some senseless horror movie-esque violence, gross you out, and hidden adult jokes and innuendos as well. Toad should've been the voice of reason, and The Princess, give them tips on how to defeat the enemy. Royalty always leads troops into battle. Mario could've messed up plans, and Luigi could've beaten the snot out of him for it. Or Mario could've told an urban legend that can lead them on a mission, and Luigi could've dismissed the story as nonsense.

    Those were some examples of how Mario cartoons could've been better. Who knows? If it had been like how I explained just now, maybe and perhaps the cartoons would've been renewed for more seasons and had higher ratings.
  • i have the dvd

    i have the dvd for this show lol i can still watch it maybe the videogames would be ENDLESS
  • The voices

    When I seen the show on YouTube for the first time, the voices are not what I expected. The voices don't sound like anything from the games, in fact, the voices are horrible. And having on on the show live? Come on, they're not even real for pete's sake.
  • Has quirks, but still fun to see

    I watched a few episodes and I have many feelings about this show. Let me start off with the live action show. It felt kinda out dated to me. Princess Peach is known as Princess Toadstool and Bowsr as King Koopa, which is what they were called back then. The live action shows may be fun fo little kids but to older viewers, it still feels annoying. Now we get to the cartoons. The plots are exciting to watch seeing Mario get thrown into the action but I felt disapointed that the show relied too heavily on parodies instead of trying to do thier own original ideas. Still, I kinda liked the show.
  • Nice!

    This is one of my favorite shows, it's better then some of the other shows I watched, (Like MLP, that isn't very great). Watch this show, and buy all the DVDs, trust me, you'll like it. If you were smart, I think you'll pretty much enjoy this besides stupid MLP.
  • I like this show

    I like this show when I watch mario it was awesome
  • It's a TV show about Mario!

    So many people hate the show. Why? Yes, the show looks childish. But it had a lot more underneath that. It appears better than the other Mario cartoons (I haven't seen them much) and WAAAY better than any cartoon of the time.

    Personally, I'm not a fan of the live action segments even though their OK, so I'll review the cartoon

    Animation - Looks great. Mario and his buddies look perfect. Animation is very detailed and colorful.

    Consistency - Pretty good. Some may argue with me about this, like how Peach's hair is red and Mario's color scheme is inverted, but most of the character's had not been evolved into their final design because Super Mario 3 wasn't out yet, so at the time it had good consistency.

    The only problem is that Fire and Star Mario is called "Super" Mario. Mario actually becomes super after using a mushroom, becomes fire after using a flower, and invincible after using a starman.


    Story - The story is exceptional. The show helped develop the plot more than anything before it. Apparently set right after Super Mario 1, all the characters were given distinct personalities in the show, where previously they had none. It is explained how Mario got to the mushroom kingdom, and also shows what Mario and Luigi's life was like when they worked as plumbers in Brooklyn.

    The episodes, however, are a bit different. The episodes have varying storylines but some just completely ripoff classic stories, while others add twists that make it slightly better. Many have unoriginal settings, however, like the Wild West or Robot City.


    Dialogue - Dialogue is acceptable. Many jokes are unoriginal while some made me chuckle or even laugh. The dialogue is never unnecisary and usually adds something worthwhile.


    Music/Sound - The music and sound are great! I love how they use classic Mario sound effects from the games. Another thing I love is how they remix classic Mario tunes that we all love. Who doesn't love that catchy overworld tune?


    Characters - It wasn't always the storyline or dialogue that kept bringing me back, it was the characters. The main cast was so loveable and always made me smile. From pasta-loving Mario and his scaredy-cat brother Luigi, to fiery, hot-headed Toad to the sweet and stand-up Princess Toadstool (Peach), I couldn't get enough of them. Especially Luigi!
  • what in the world this a ripopff ya thats what

    is this suposed to be funny no but wheres bowser?HE IS NOT IN THE SHOW .oh thats why WAIT WHAT WHY MARIO IS SUPOSED TO ACT LIKE HE DOES IN THE OLD CLASSICAL GAMES FROM MARIO OH WAIT WHAT?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  • This show could have been done so much better

    If you ask anyone what the first video game they ever played was, chances are that person will say Mario. The Mario Brothers are known world wide as one of the best games series ever made. So when I heard that back in the 80s there was a show based on it, I gave it a shot. Now as much as I love Mario and all the games, I have to admit after seeing a few episodes of the show, it could have been done so much better than this. The show begins with a live action segment of Mario and Luigi. Mario is played by former wrestler "Captain" Lou Albano and Luigi is played by Danny Wells. Both of them do a good job playing the parts and the humor is actually pretty good, it won't be laugh out loud funny, but it's good enough. The live action segments would also include a special guest appearance like Dracula, Elvis, Inspector Gadget, etc. and they weren't too bad either. Now after the live action segment, we cut to the animated version, and this is where the show ultimately falls apart. The story in the animated version is that Mario and Luigi are sucked down a pipe in Brooklyn, New York and they have to fight their way through the Mushroom Kingdom to find a new warp zone to get them home. The show has all your favorite characters from the games, Peach, Toad, Bowser, etc. The voice acting is pretty good for all the characters with the exception of Toad, he sounds like a nasally 5 year old with a very bad New York accent. Now I think they were going for how annoying Toad was in the games, so I will give credit for that, but they could have found another voice actor. For some reason in the show, Bowser is called King Koopa and is commanding forces from the SMB 2. First of all, why is Bowser now called King Koopa? Second, why are the bad guys under Bowser's control? Thirdly, where is Wart? He should have been in this show to. The animation is very poorly done. It looks very choppy, sometimes lips will move when they shouldn't, and the animation quality of the show looks very poor. The artwork is no better since there are some drawings that are never completed like one guy's face was never drawn at all. The humor is nowhere as good as the live action segments, its all pasta humor and it will make you groan. The stories themselves are parodies of franchises like Star Wars, Star Trek, James Bond, and so on. Now I love parodies and satires, but when they are written so poorly and the humor is just bad, it really ruins it. I was really disappointed in this show, it could have been done so much better than this. The artwork and animation is terrible, the parodies are weak, the humor is bad, it just wasn't that great. Sorry all of you fans of the show, I gave it a chance but it just falls short on almost all levels. Just watch the live action segments of the show only.
  • This show brings back some great memories.


    The Mario Bros.; Mario and Luigi, were two plumbers from Brooklyn. On one of their plumbing jobs, they were in the middle of unclogging a bathtub drainpipe. Without any warning, the drain suddenly pulled the brothers in, and warped them to the Mushroom Kingdom. Upon their arrival, they rescued Princess Peach Toadstool and Toad from King Bowser Koopa and his army.

    My Review: People complain about the cartoon too much, how the animation is bad

    Hello?, it came out in 1989, jeez people, give it a chance.

    But the live action skits are cool, and the cartoon itself is kinda funny.

    I reccomend this to any Super Mario fan.

    7/10 D-

  • Even though this show has a lot of problems, at least its a Mario cartoon! How cool is that?

    I would like to start off by saying that this show does in fact have many problems. Such as: The animation always has many mistakes, the hair on princess peach is brown, and its very lame. However, the live acting part isn't the worst part of the show. I kind of enjoy it. They have some humorous moments. Also "Do the Mario" is just amazing! Now for the animated part. Firstly, you gotta love the intro theme. Secondly, you gotta love the classic animation (although at times is very cheesy and has errors.) Some of the story lines can be good and others very bad. Bottom line, if your a Mario fan than how could you not love this show?
  • It's the Mario Brothers!

    One of the best shows of the end of the 80's, no doubt about it. Sometimes I wonder how did this series contributed for our view on the Super Mario world. Not only we had cartoon characters but we also had live-action characters, who interacted with some of the most incredible guest characters that appeared looking for Mario and Luigi. It was comedy time, whenever these two appeared. Another issue regarding the series, was the cartoon. The animation was good and the voice acting was also very good. No doubt that the voice actors were very well chosen. In a word, this show was superb!
  • Not great, but it's at least decent. Since I am Cartoon King I'm only reviewing the animated segments.

    "The Super Mario Bros. Super Show" is the first animated series to be based on Nintendo's popular "Mario" video game series. This one premiered in 1989, ran for 52 episodes, and ended later that year. It was in syndication since it's premiere and was produced by DiC Entertainment. This show was mostly based on "Super Mario Bros. 2". That's probably because it was the new game at the time. While it was mostly close to the games, there were some canonical errors as well:

    -Bowser's troops in this show were Wart's troops in "Super Mario Bros. 2".

    -In the games Koopa Troopas had yellow skin, and big Sonic the Hedgehog eyes. In this show they had green skin, and dotted eyes.

    -In the game Birdos were dinosaurs. in the show they were birds.

    -In the games Toad's mushroom cap was part of his head. In the show it was a hat.

    -Another one with Toad. In the games his mushroom cap was white with red spots. In The Super Show it was red with white spots. They fixed this later though.

    I geuss this show was pretty entertaining. Mario's pasta jokes got old fast, the idea of having a different "land" for everything (including Car Land) was really stupid. The animation also had a lot of errors, but the show was fun to watch. Personally, I perfer the live-action segments, but I'm not gonna talk much about them. Lou Albano and Danny Wells did a good job at Mario and Luigi's voices, and a geuss Bowser's voice was okay. There was something about this show that was fun to watch, but I hate most of the parody episodes. What I mean by that is episodes that are based on a story, a movie, a book etc. Some of those were alright, but the best ones were the ones that weren't based on any already existing story, except Super Mario Bros. Well... all of them had some sort of theme.

    Overall it's not one of my favorites, but it is fun to watch, and it's kinda close to the source material. But I don't mind when something strays a little bit from what it's based on. This cartoon was entertaining, and fun to watch when you're bored. But I think it could've been a little better.

    Rating: 63% "Decent"

    -Cartoon King
  • READ THE REVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    look, I know that all you Nintendo fans would love seeing your hero in a show. but what about the rest of us? The rest of us are stuck watching something not lame, and something a bit more original. I know what you're thinking. have I seen the show? The answer is sadly yes. I was surfing the channels and I hit HBO. On it was this show. I watched a marathon of it. (Maybe 9 episodes) All of them sucked. Peace out, and sorry to the Nintendo fans who will be offended by this. And peace to all ya'll.
  • That's Mama Luigi to you, Mario!

    Ehh.. I thought this show was ok but they got a lot of things wrong. Like the Princess's hair color. It's blonde, not red. They might have gotten a lot of things wrong, but at least it's good for Youtube Poop. In fact, that's how I was introduced to this cartoon. I like how they use the warp pipe sounds or when they use the '?' mark blocks. I kinda have nothing else to say for this show. By the way, why are they suddenly from Brooklyn?... Well, I've got nothing else to say about this show, so yeah.. -wolvesrule221
  • While this was the best of the 3 Mario shows, that's not saying a whole lot, since the others were not that good. This show could have been really good, had the writers been more original, instead of ripping off other people's solid work. UGH!

    This show had nearly everything you wanted in a top notch cartoon, good music, solid voice actors, and cool action.

    What's missing? How about a plot for crying out loud!

    Good Grief, I've never seen writers more lazy in my life than these who wrote the cartoon episodes.

    Was it too much to ask that the Mario genre had a good plot to back up its already dynamic elements?

    I mean, c'mon, how hard is it to show Mario fight Bowser in the Mushroom Kingdom?

    But no, its, Mario is in space. Now he's underwater. Oh wait, don't forget about him in Pasta Land.

    But that's not the worst part about it. How about all the lame titles Bowser gave himself in all these ridiculous worlds? I tell ya, the Mario Franchise deserved better than this baloney. Thanks DIC writers, you guys really know how to make interesting stories. NOT!
  • Watch the show online with updated links

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  • What a classc

    Welcome to The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! guide at Cartoon Summary The Mario Bros.; Mario and Luigi, were two plumbers from Brooklyn. On one of their plumbing jobs, they were in the middle of unclogging a bathtub drainpipe. Without any warning, the drain suddenly pulled the brothers in, and warped them to the Mushroom Kingdom. Upon their arrival, they rescued Princess Peach.

    This a classic show that is why i like it. When I thought about i liked it. t is like the game. So in thisshow relly like it. So i wish thissow was back on air. t is so cool.
  • Why Mario, Why?

    Why Did You leave?We need you!The Super Mario Bros. Super Show Was A great Show To Watch,Even Though I Hardly Watch Any Episodes,I Knew It Was great!Mario And Luigi Were two plumbers in the Mushroom Kingdom,with there friend yoshi and toad on their sides.They tried to save Princess Toadstool(peach)From King Koopa(bowser).It Was comedy-Adventure Al The Way.But The evil Kemek Koopa Tried To Stop The From Saving The princess.But The show was cancelled i guess,and people stop talking how great it was.Expect Me because Im Reviewing it LOL!But Whatever But as I Get Older It is going to be in my Always,and We would Always the voice of Mario Woo-Hoo!
  • Hey Paisanos! It's the Super Mario Bros Super Show!

    I really really like this show along with the other two Super Mario shows. However, I didn't like the fact they had a lot of inconsistancies. Like for example, King Koopa looked like a crocodile, and most of the time, Mario and Co. would be afraid of EVERY single enemy, even Goombas. That didn't really stop me from watching the show, and I still watched it. I thought it was pretty great, and noticing that it was a show made a little before The Simpsons were born, I can say it was actually pretty good. Well, that's my review guys. See ya!
  • This cartoon is one of my personal favourites and has gave me lots of inspirations for other stuff like fanfictions and whatnot. It's a classic to watch. :D

    It's one of my personal favourite cartoons when I bought my first DVD of this. It's pretty rare to see any DVDs on the shelfs in some shops. I bought the first one in a shop called HMV and the second one from a shop in the Trafford Centre. I wasn't born when that aired on TV, so unfortunately I missed out on this one as well as the other Mario cartoons. It's a classic but I hate how the characters look like as well as the enemies. The live-action episodes kinda spoiled the cartoon. I'm just not used to watching live-action stuff, that's all. Anyhoo, I'm used to seeing the Mario Bros. wearing their trademark caps along with their blue overalls and red/green sweaters, not the wrong way round. The same goes for Peach, Toad and Bowser; I'm used to seeing her what they looks like now, not what they look like in the past. I like the action, as well as those puns Bowser and the rest of the characters uses like for example, "Pesky plumber". I even like the humor but I think this cartoon could have been better if there were any romance in it. I'm everyone would like a little romance in the cartoon. This gave me a lot of insperation for my fan fictions, just like the rest of the cartoons and other stuff I watch unlike the animes I hate, no offense to people who like anime. Actually to be honest, I only like about 2 really. Since I bought a few DVDs of the cartoon, I'll never regret about missing one of the awesome Mario cartoons. :)
  • One of the Greatest Video game Cartoons ever made.

    My 49th review after: "My life as a teenage Robot"

    This is an Amercian spin-off video game cartoon from Nintendo by Dic, based on the game: Super Mario bros. for the NES. Mario and Luigi were truly the stars of the cartoon because it was their game and now this is their show. It was Understandable to allow the Dic cartoon company to make this spin-off by asking nintendo's Premission to make the cartoon series. there are 3 seasons in the mario cartoon series are they are: Season 1- The super Mario bros. Super show!(Which I'm reviewing.) Season 2- The Adventures of Super Mario Bros 3. and Season 3- Super Mario World. The Grade I'm giving it is a A-. Here the Results:

    Voice-acting: C-- 5.0/10.0 Not quite what I expected. Mario sounds like Tigger's Voice from the The new adventures of Winnie the Pooh.

    Animation: C- 5.5/10.0 It's in so-so Quailty. But it's very colorful like an Art-house.

    Graphics: B+ 8.0/10.0 Great Graphics. It matches up to the video game series.

    Sound: A++ 10.0/10.0 Not only does it sound like the games, It plays Like the Games! They have great sound effects and diffrent remixies of the songs based on the Super Mario Bros. Game! Dialouge: B 7.0/10.0 I don't even have anything to say for this. It's good.

    Lasting Appeal: A+ 9.0/10.0 Lots of fun and has a Superb Lasting Appeal. You can spend hours watching epiosdes over and over and over and over Again! Overall: A- 8.2/10.0 Dic did a Great job making this spin-off of the Video game series. Not only that it was an Amercian spin-off of a Japanese Product, They even showed it in Japan in Japanese Lanuauge as well. They even had a Mario Anime Movie in Japan too. I Love Mario and I still play his games along with Zelda, Donkey kong, Sonic, Crash Bandicoot and Lots more.
  • This show is tight! BRING IT BACK FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!

    IMO, this show was so awesome! The theme tune is hilarious, especially the part with the guy dressed up as Mario. I love most of the characters and so what if this isn't exactly like the games? It was great! DIC did an excellent job of making this, as they did with the other two. The animation was good and the voice acting was great! This is a prime example of quality stuff from the late 80's.

    This show will forever hold a memory within me. They have to bring it back if they want people to actually LIKE television these days!
  • Anybody who loves Mario will love this show.

    About two weeks ago, my brother bought the DVD set for The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! I watched a few episodes and I really like it. There are two parts of each show, one is live action, the other is a cartoon. They are both very funny. During the live action parts, Mario and Luigi are in their Brooklyn Pluming Place (whatever you want to call it). The live action parts can be corny, but not stupid corny, funny corny. The cartoon has Mario and Luigi in the Mushroom Kingdom. They try to stop Koopa (Bowser, in current Mario games) from the evil things he does. The whole show uses sound effects from the game, which as a fan of Mario, I really like. The show has two (there are two theme songs in this show, one for the live acton parts one for the cartoon) of the best theme songs to get stuck in your head. If you love Mario, and don't own the DVD set, I suggest that you get it.

  • Classic show that was made after the classic game! This show is one of the best shows to be on TV. It had 3 series, Mario Super Show!, Adventures of Mario 3, and Mario World. I think they sould bring it back, even though the last episode was before 1993.

    The show was very well and well for kids. It was one of the biggest hits for a kids show! The show was so well, it had three series and a live action segment for the first. It also showed a little things about the game it was based on. But after the final series, Super Mario World, it was gone. No more series. Nobody knows why they stoped it, but they said once Toad left the series, the ratings were still good, but not as good as the other two. They should bring it back. Just one more series.
  • I used to watch this show.

    I used to watch this show when I was younger. I think I was 8 when I started watching it. It was first on NBS. I was not allowed to watch it when I acted up. At one of those times I watched one of the episodes that I taped when I wasn't supposed to and I didn't get in trouble. I was 11 at that time. The show was on the Family Channel. I used to watch it on USA Action Extreme Team when I was in 5th grade. The first time that I even did was when I got me some popcorn and soda and I watched it. Then the last time the Mario Bros were on was when I was in middle school. It was on Pax Tv. A few times I cheated on my punishment by watching it and one time I didn't get caught and two times I did. I was grounded for fighting students that were being nasty me and I got really sick of it. One of the things that they were doing was calling me Charlie Brown and I don't know why they were doing it.
  • Mario, Luigi, Princess, Toad, VS. Koopa, Troopa, Tryclide, and Mouser. MLPTKTTM.

    Let's see here, Tie up Princess, Mario, Luigi, and Toad become super. They run after Princess while she tries to untie herself. She is tied to a chair, being carried by two Troopas. She is now dangling from a tower. She unties herself, and grabs a fire flower. Now for part 2. Suddenly, Helga comes in and says football head and spams. Cool! This is a Hey Arnold! reference. AGHPRNSS. What about the ORTS? Rocket Power and Mike, Lu, and Og are cool. El Tigre! All of them shoot fireballs at Koopa, Troopa, Tryclide, and Mouser. They get away into a warp zone.
  • This show was definetly worth my time of day.

    I felt that this show was a timeless classic and wish it came on t.V. again. I never really saw the show so i had my brother get the dvd from the library those episodes were funny and featured many popular celebrities for it day. The show featured the real life part with the mario brothers dealing with real life plumber problems. After which they would broadcast the theme song. when completed they would often go to the cartoon version of the program. Where the princess was in need of rescuring. The thing is that the show had a different storyline not only was the princess in need of rescuing. I wish that this show will one day come on t.v. again. -NarutoShippuden.
  • One Of The Best Videogame Shows Ever!

    With its live action segments and animated shows, Super Mario Bros. Super Show! is one of my favorite shows ever. The show takes The Mario Bros. on adventures through the Mushroom Kingdom with Princess Toadstool and Toad as they try to defeat The Evil King Koopa and his nasty henchman. The Live Action Segments is what made the show shine. putting Captain Lou Albino as Mario, and Danny Wells as Luigi was pure genius. They would go threw all kinds of things in there Plumbing Shop, From making friends with a vampire, and creating a monster from their mothers basil bush. The Show to me was pure genius!
  • This show is classic!!!

    Mario has a bunch of games in his past and he has his own show from the 80s. I love this show and the charaters. The adventures are good but some plots are weird. Sometimes Mario and Bowser fight for stupid reasons. For example, Bowser had a resturant for money and Mario has to save the day from people getting fat. Some episodes can be weird but I think this show is superb. There is a big diffrence with Mario from 1989 and our Mario now. I wish they make a other show like this. I hope Mario lives on.
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