The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!

NBC (ended 1989)


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  • This show could have been done so much better

    If you ask anyone what the first video game they ever played was, chances are that person will say Mario. The Mario Brothers are known world wide as one of the best games series ever made. So when I heard that back in the 80s there was a show based on it, I gave it a shot. Now as much as I love Mario and all the games, I have to admit after seeing a few episodes of the show, it could have been done so much better than this. The show begins with a live action segment of Mario and Luigi. Mario is played by former wrestler "Captain" Lou Albano and Luigi is played by Danny Wells. Both of them do a good job playing the parts and the humor is actually pretty good, it won't be laugh out loud funny, but it's good enough. The live action segments would also include a special guest appearance like Dracula, Elvis, Inspector Gadget, etc. and they weren't too bad either. Now after the live action segment, we cut to the animated version, and this is where the show ultimately falls apart. The story in the animated version is that Mario and Luigi are sucked down a pipe in Brooklyn, New York and they have to fight their way through the Mushroom Kingdom to find a new warp zone to get them home. The show has all your favorite characters from the games, Peach, Toad, Bowser, etc. The voice acting is pretty good for all the characters with the exception of Toad, he sounds like a nasally 5 year old with a very bad New York accent. Now I think they were going for how annoying Toad was in the games, so I will give credit for that, but they could have found another voice actor. For some reason in the show, Bowser is called King Koopa and is commanding forces from the SMB 2. First of all, why is Bowser now called King Koopa? Second, why are the bad guys under Bowser's control? Thirdly, where is Wart? He should have been in this show to. The animation is very poorly done. It looks very choppy, sometimes lips will move when they shouldn't, and the animation quality of the show looks very poor. The artwork is no better since there are some drawings that are never completed like one guy's face was never drawn at all. The humor is nowhere as good as the live action segments, its all pasta humor and it will make you groan. The stories themselves are parodies of franchises like Star Wars, Star Trek, James Bond, and so on. Now I love parodies and satires, but when they are written so poorly and the humor is just bad, it really ruins it. I was really disappointed in this show, it could have been done so much better than this. The artwork and animation is terrible, the parodies are weak, the humor is bad, it just wasn't that great. Sorry all of you fans of the show, I gave it a chance but it just falls short on almost all levels. Just watch the live action segments of the show only.
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