The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!

Saturday 7:30 PM on NBC Premiered Sep 04, 1989 Between Seasons


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  • Not great, but it's at least decent. Since I am Cartoon King I'm only reviewing the animated segments.

    "The Super Mario Bros. Super Show" is the first animated series to be based on Nintendo's popular "Mario" video game series. This one premiered in 1989, ran for 52 episodes, and ended later that year. It was in syndication since it's premiere and was produced by DiC Entertainment. This show was mostly based on "Super Mario Bros. 2". That's probably because it was the new game at the time. While it was mostly close to the games, there were some canonical errors as well:

    -Bowser's troops in this show were Wart's troops in "Super Mario Bros. 2".

    -In the games Koopa Troopas had yellow skin, and big Sonic the Hedgehog eyes. In this show they had green skin, and dotted eyes.

    -In the game Birdos were dinosaurs. in the show they were birds.

    -In the games Toad's mushroom cap was part of his head. In the show it was a hat.

    -Another one with Toad. In the games his mushroom cap was white with red spots. In The Super Show it was red with white spots. They fixed this later though.

    I geuss this show was pretty entertaining. Mario's pasta jokes got old fast, the idea of having a different "land" for everything (including Car Land) was really stupid. The animation also had a lot of errors, but the show was fun to watch. Personally, I perfer the live-action segments, but I'm not gonna talk much about them. Lou Albano and Danny Wells did a good job at Mario and Luigi's voices, and a geuss Bowser's voice was okay. There was something about this show that was fun to watch, but I hate most of the parody episodes. What I mean by that is episodes that are based on a story, a movie, a book etc. Some of those were alright, but the best ones were the ones that weren't based on any already existing story, except Super Mario Bros. Well... all of them had some sort of theme.

    Overall it's not one of my favorites, but it is fun to watch, and it's kinda close to the source material. But I don't mind when something strays a little bit from what it's based on. This cartoon was entertaining, and fun to watch when you're bored. But I think it could've been a little better.

    Rating: 63% "Decent"

    -Cartoon King