The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!

Saturday 7:30 PM on NBC Premiered Sep 04, 1989 Returning October 11, 2017


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  • It's a TV show about Mario!

    So many people hate the show. Why? Yes, the show looks childish. But it had a lot more underneath that. It appears better than the other Mario cartoons (I haven't seen them much) and WAAAY better than any cartoon of the time.

    Personally, I'm not a fan of the live action segments even though their OK, so I'll review the cartoon

    Animation - Looks great. Mario and his buddies look perfect. Animation is very detailed and colorful.

    Consistency - Pretty good. Some may argue with me about this, like how Peach's hair is red and Mario's color scheme is inverted, but most of the character's had not been evolved into their final design because Super Mario 3 wasn't out yet, so at the time it had good consistency.

    The only problem is that Fire and Star Mario is called "Super" Mario. Mario actually becomes super after using a mushroom, becomes fire after using a flower, and invincible after using a starman.


    Story - The story is exceptional. The show helped develop the plot more than anything before it. Apparently set right after Super Mario 1, all the characters were given distinct personalities in the show, where previously they had none. It is explained how Mario got to the mushroom kingdom, and also shows what Mario and Luigi's life was like when they worked as plumbers in Brooklyn.

    The episodes, however, are a bit different. The episodes have varying storylines but some just completely ripoff classic stories, while others add twists that make it slightly better. Many have unoriginal settings, however, like the Wild West or Robot City.


    Dialogue - Dialogue is acceptable. Many jokes are unoriginal while some made me chuckle or even laugh. The dialogue is never unnecisary and usually adds something worthwhile.


    Music/Sound - The music and sound are great! I love how they use classic Mario sound effects from the games. Another thing I love is how they remix classic Mario tunes that we all love. Who doesn't love that catchy overworld tune?


    Characters - It wasn't always the storyline or dialogue that kept bringing me back, it was the characters. The main cast was so loveable and always made me smile. From pasta-loving Mario and his scaredy-cat brother Luigi, to fiery, hot-headed Toad to the sweet and stand-up Princess Toadstool (Peach), I couldn't get enough of them. Especially Luigi!