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The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!

Season 1 Episode 1

The Bird! The Bird! / Neatness Counts

Aired Unknown Sep 04, 1989 on
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Episode Summary

The Bird! The Bird! While venturing in a snowy world, Toad is kidnapped by a near-sighted Birdo who is convinced that he is her missing baby. The Marios and Princess set out to find him before the Birdo drives him crazy. And if that wasn't enough, Koopa learns of their whereabouts, and sends his troops after them.

Neatness Counts When Nicole Eggert drops by to have her sink fixed, the Marios accidentally get her filthy.moreless

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  • Ver good plus very funny.

    I love this episode because it is funny. I have never saw Birdo on T.V before. Birdo takes Toad and says that he is her baby Cheepy. King Koopa is trying to stop Mario and Luigi. At the end Toad is saved and King Koopa is stoped. It is good in a funny way but as you might know I LOVE Super Mario. I hope that you all like this episode because it is good. Any one who likes Super Mario should Like this. The fire flower is in this one and i have never saw it in one before. It is very good.moreless
  • Good Introduction as first Episode.

    This Episode has a good storyline. It's the bigenning of the Mario Bros. In this Episode the narrator talks about the Mario Bros saving the princess and the princess talks to the Mario Bros about the different kind of power up's. Toad is kidnapped by this large bird and the bird thinks that toad is her baby. The big bird wants toad to learn to fly. when the bird finds her baby somewhere else she becomes good friends with the Mario Bros. The live action segment was also really good. This was one of the first and best Episode of The Super Mario Bros Super Show.moreless
  • This is one of the first episodes of "The Super Mario Bros. Super Show". It's really good.

    This episode is one of first episodes of a really great video-game based show: The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! It opens up with the live-action segment "Neatness Counts", which is about special guest Nicole Eggert visits Mario and Luigi and ends up getting messy before going to a party. Then, in between, we see the cartoon adventure "The Bird! The Bird!", is about a motherly (and somewhat clueless) Birdo that mistakes Toad for her long-lost baby, so it's up to Mario and the others to save him as well as defeat King Koopa and his henchmen. This a really great episode to watch, especially when we see Mario turn into Super Mario for the first of many times.moreless
Danny Wells

Danny Wells

Luigi (L/V)

Maurice LaMarche

Maurice LaMarche

Edison (L) (uncredited)

Rob Cowan

Rob Cowan

Misc (V)

Harvey Atkin

Harvey Atkin

King Koopa, Triclyde, Snifit, Mushroom Mayor (V)

Joyce Gordon

Joyce Gordon

Misc (V)

Greg Morton

Greg Morton

Misc (V)

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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    • (A Bob-omb lands right in front of Mario, Luigi, and Princess Toadstool)
      Luigi: Mario! It's a Bob-omb!
      Mario: And I was hoping for a nice salami sandwich...

    • Princess Toadstool: Oh, no! Poor Toad!
      Luigi: (sobs) He was the nicest fungus I've ever known!
      Mario: Luigi, don't back down! Remember the Plumbers' Motto!
      Luigi: Who could forget? "Don't take chances or you'll just go down the drain"!
      Mario: No. "When the pipe is plugged, keep plunging"!

    • Princess Toadstool: Please, Mario! Toad's rescued my life hundreds of times; we've got to rescue his!
      Mario: Don't worry, Princess. Me and Luigi will rescue Toad faster than you can say "spagetti and meatballs".
      Luigi: I can't! I'm allergic to mountains!
      Mario: Okay, wait here. And if you become lunch for a polar bear, don't blame us.
      Luigi: (nervously) P-polar bear?! Lunch?! (follows after Mario and the princess)

    • Mario: I'd pay two hundred dollars for a nice pepperoni cheesecake right now...
      Cheepy: Cheep. Cheep.
      Mario: Cheap?! Who called me 'cheap'? I'll pay THREE hundred dollars!

    • Cheepy: Little Cheepy want his mommy!
      Princess: Toad, do you know where his mommy is?
      Toad: Oh no! I'm not goin' back up there! Never!

    • Mario: I hate to run on an empty stomach!

    • Koopa: Well, at last, you powder-puffs did something useful!
      Flurry: Yes, Your Royal Koopaness...
      Koopa: Watch it, soldier! When I want my feet licked, I'll ask for it! (pauses) I want my feet licked.
      (The Flurries lick Koopa's feet.)
      Koopa: (pounding fist) This will be the last time those pedal-pushing plumbers throw a monkey-wrench into MY evil plans!

    • Luigi: In fact, what do we always say, Mario?
      Mario: "Hey, you slob, that's MY pizza!"
      Luigi: No! "Neatness counts."

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