Super Milk Chan

Cartoon Network (ended 2005)


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Super Milk Chan

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This show star Milk-chan, a selfish, drooling, potty-mouthed, 5 year old superhero without any superpowers. She lives alone with her robot nanny, (Tetsuko), that looks like a giant milk bottle and a slug, (Hanage), who drinks too much and her mechanical dog, (Robodog), that pees on everything. She spends her time dodging her landlord since she's six months behind on the rent. Every episode the President (of everything) calls her on the hot line, and there is some trouble at hand. Don't worry about her lack of abilities though, she doesn't really accomplish anything, just complains and swears a lot. The American version is outrageously funny! The humor in this show is definitely off beat and strange, just about as strange as a powerless 5 year old superhero who lives alone. In one show she convinces her landlord to leave by imitating Michael Jackson. "Michael" threatens to slaughter a bunch of cows and place a blood curse on the landlord if he doesn't leave. "There's a slot on my **** between Spielberg and Geffen." Michael Jackson (Milk) yells at the poor man. In the same episode the president discusses his sexual exploits with the tot and relates how Condoleezza Rice said that she wanted more of his 'executive branch.' The humor is definitely off kilter. One problem Milk faces is tracking down a counterfeiter who has replaced the picture of Mary-Kate Olsen on the new currency with that of Ashley Olsen. As the president states, there's no way that "Joe McBus-pass" will notice that difference. It's up to Super Milk-chan to find the creator of the bogus bills before the economy is ruined. This is The Super Milk-chan Show. Is it wholesome? Probably not. Good for you? Definitely.moreless

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