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Cartoon Network (ended 2005)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Of Mice, Of Men and Milk
    • When Traveling Through Life, Watch Your Baggage
    • What the Duck?
      What the Duck?
      Episode 20
    • Sounds Like Your Problem To Me
    • You Play with Fire, You Get Burned
    • When Pigs Fly
      When Pigs Fly
      Episode 17
    • Farewell to Mankind
      Milk and Tetsuko are awaken from bizarre dreams by the President's call. A device known as Magic Shiitake 1 has been turned on. Magic Shiitake is a mushroom shaped device that warps time and space within a given radius so the user doesn't have to make an excuse to get out of whatever he doesn't want to do. Milk tries to stop this, but the time/space warps get in her way. Hanage, who turns into a catgirl reminiscent of Di Gi Charat, switches off the machine only to realize he was in a warped hallucination and Milk has captured some culprit. The show ends with a bang as a meteor crashes into earth while Milk talks on the phone to the President.moreless
    • Having A Thick Talk for Dinner
      The creator of Super Milk-Chan (don't mind his third eye) invites us to view the "N.G. Takes" of all the characters (except for the ants, sadly) of the show. Those are, for lack of a better word, the bloopers. Dr. Eyepatch hosts the show, as we watch what happens when cartoon characters flub their lines. Stick around for the bare policemen!moreless
    • Hou Hokekyo, Who's Going to Die
      Tetsuko gets the Y2K virus, this happens when a robot farts 2000. So Milk takes her to King's Idea Laboratory to see Dr. Eyepatch, but he doesn't know how to fix her. Mrs. Ant leaves Mr. Ant and the President goes on a rants about, what would happen if the wrong computer fart 2000 time. Milk has to stop a dangers, violent, Japanese black bear, name Leonardo from a rampage all over the planet. So, Dr. Eyepatch makes Bear Slaying Robo Willy.moreless
    • Financial Decay Peninsula
      The animation in this episode is full of (intentional) boo-boos, most likely the reason is "financial decay." The President gives Milk a new mission: investigating the theft of luggage from old people. Milk gets a robot from Eyepatch to help her, an old man robot that is fueled by ramen. Milk, Hanage, and Tetsuko take the robot out for ramen to charge it up, then leave the ramen shop. As they leave, Ooya walks in. He talks to the ramen cook and then notices his luggage (wallet/coin purse) is missing and thinks it must have been stolen. He yells frantically, which alerts Milk and makes her look inside the ramen shop. Ooya finds his purse on the floor and calms down. Milk sees that Ooya found his missing goods and declares the mission complete.moreless
    • Virtual Sound System
      The "virtual sound system" is two people doing sound effects with only their mouths throughout the episode. The day begins with a pop - Milk's chicken has laid an egg. (We will not ask where she got a chicken from). Milk uses Tetsuko to distract the violent chicken while she collects the egg for an omelet breakfast. She finds a large, colorful egg in the nest along with the normal egg, and takes the large egg. Tetsuko makes omelets for the Milk trio and they eat while watching the news. A report comes on stating that a T-Rex egg has gone missing - the exact egg they're eating. The President calls and asks Milk to investigate the missing egg. Milk, trying not to let anyone find out they ate it, notices the President sounds sad and asks why. The President explains that his cat, Kanchi, has gone missing. Milk kindly reasuures the President that she will find the cat and tells him to listen to some music and cheer up. The depressed President spends his day dancing/exercising in the nude on his desk all day while weeping over Kanchi. Milk goes to Dr. Eyepatch for a machine to help her, but gets Robodog again. They search various locations to no avail when Tetsuko researches and discovers Nyan-Nyan World, a place full of cats. They go there and find Kanchi, and Milk reads her a sorrowful letter from the President. Kanchi weeps and agrees to go back to him, and so the mission is complete.moreless
    • Ra-Ra-Racoon Dog, Heisei Pig Wars Oink Oink
      A pair of pigs fall in love at a pig-leg factory, just before they're due to die. But due to mistimed sexual harassment, they escape and are now trying to defect! It's Milk's mission to stop those pigs from defecting! Now, if she could only set down the snack food...
    • Towering Homeless
      The cardboard houses of the homeless in the city have burned down! The President sends Milk-Chan to build new homes for the homeless. But there's a catch... The episode repeats itself (with different variations) as its own sequel!
    • Rice Cakes Stretching and Shrinking
      Milk plays video games while demanding Tetsuko make her rice cakes. When Tetsuko brings them to her, Milk refuses to eat them because they aren't stretchy enough. She decides to go to Kings Lab and ask for a rice cake making machine. Dr. Eyepatch gives her a rice pounder that is toilet-like in shape. Milk makes Tetsuko stay outside all night and mix the rice as the machine pounds it while she feigns illness and goes to sleep. The next morning Tetsuko gives her the rice cake, which is tiny. Milk toasts it, and it expands like a hot-air balloon and floats away. Milk tosses Hanage at it but he gets stuck to it. The President calls and explains that a rice farmer's baby was taken by a large bird, and the reward is a large quantity of rice. As Milk searches, Hanage sees the bird and the baby. He launches himself at the bird, making it drop the baby, and slams into the ground himself. The baby gets hooked on a streetlight and they take it down. Hanage gets no credit (or rice) from Milk because she feels he didn't pull his weight.moreless
    • Return of the Young Master from the Planet
      The President gets abducted by pointy-headed aliens and asks Milk for help before he drops his phone and breaks it. The aliens want to clone a human, take the clone back to their starving home planet to be mass-cloned, and use it as a food source. Milk, Hanage, Tetsuko, and Robodog set off to find the aliens, but Tetsuko and Robodog end up in a fight again. By the time they go back to searching, the aliens have cloned the president and put him back in his office.moreless
    • Don't Give Up Sumi High Baseball Team!
      A ship carrying a large cargo of wine sinks and the wine pours into the ocean. The President calls Milk to help the fish in that part of the ocean so that they do not become intoxicated and harmed. Dr. Eyepatch gives Milk a submarine and she heads underwater. She gives each fish one-on-one therapy sessions, which doesn't work well. Another ship full of money crashes and sinks, so all the fish head for the money. And so the mission is complete!moreless
    • From Giba-chan to Dioxin
      The president, after dreaming, accidentally fires a missile at his country. He calls Milk but Milk keeps disrupting and sidetracking him. The people at command talk to Dr. Eye-patch who says that the missile, having no intended target, will choose a target at random and lock on to that. The president, still sidetracked by milk (who wants to hang up but won't), Finally remembers the Missile just as it crashes through the roof of his office.moreless
    • The Evil Spirits Go Marching In
      Milk is called by the President (of everything) to look for a counterfeiter. She, Tetsuko and Hanage meet Dr. Eyepatch, who gives them Robodog. Learning that the counterfeiter always stops at places with Belgian Waffles, Milk and Tetsuko open a Belgian Waffle stand.
    • Feature
      Meet Milk. She's a selfish, smarty pants superhero with no real superpowers. Her two assistants are an obsolete, abused robot, and a slug who drinks too much.
  • Specials