The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians

Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Oct 19, 1985 on ABC

Episode Recap

At a computer and robot exhibition, Ronnie Raymond marvels at the sights and watches Cyborg beat a robot at chess. Moments later, however, giant robots breaks into the hall causing damage and chaos everywhere. Cyborg moves to fight the robots with Ronnie changing into his alter ego Firestorm to join him. The robots are defeated but Cyborg experiences unexpected feedback when he tries to interface with one of the damaged robots. Observing secretly from his ship, Brainiac notes that all is going to plan.

Green Lantern and Superman advise Firestorm to bring Cyborg to the Hall of Justice to see if anything is wrong. However, Cyborg suddenly experiences his body being controlled by someone else and he walks out of the hall against his wishes. As a giant robot lands nearby, Cyborg repels Firestorm with a sonic blast before the robot deposits Cyborg inside it and flies away.

The robot flies inside Brainiac's ship and Cyborg is secured to a table. Brainiac explains to Cyborg that he will transfer his mind into a giant android programmed to serve Brainiac via a mind telepathic transporter. Brainiac activates the process and the android becomes active and awaits Brainiac's orders.

Brainiac observes Superman and Green Lantern flying towards his ship and erects a yellow force field that Green Lantern's ring is useless against. However, Green Lantern blasts a hole in the side of Brainiac's ship, to the villain's surprise, and the heroes fly inside.

Inside the ship, Green Lantern is revealed to be Firestorm as the heroes figured in advance Brainiac planned for Green Lantern. The heroes encounter the giant android Cyborg now exists as and the heroes have a tough time fighting him. The heroes spot Cyborg's body in a suspended animation state and Superman rationalizes that the only way to restore Cyborg and defeat the android is to appeal to the android's human side. Ordered to destroy the heroes, the android resists the command and topples to the ground with Cyborg's mind reverting to back to his body. Seeing defeat, Brainiac activates an opening that sucks the heroes towards open space. Superman saves Cyborg and Firestorm and the inert android floats out into space even as Brainiac vows to win in the next encounter.