The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians

Season 1 Episode 3

The Bizarro Super Powers Team

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Sep 21, 1985 on ABC

Episode Recap

On Bizarro world, Bizarro #1 holds a meeting of fellow Bizarro Supermen and announces the world needs protection from themselves and he is headed to Earth with a duplicator ray to make a Bizarro Super Powers team.

On Earth in Metropolis, Wonder Woman helps present citizen awards to Firestorm and Cyborg. Secretly watching nearby, Mr. Mxyzptlk prepares to create mischief but is surprised to see Bizarro literally crashing through the awards stage.

Bizarro emerges from the hole and trains the duplicator ray on the three heroes. In a flash, three Bizarro version appear on the stage next to the real heroes and Bizarro prepares to take them back to Bizarro world. At this moment, Mxyzptlk appears and offers to train the Bizarro heroes what to do in certain situations. The real heroes try to stop the mischievous imp but Mxyzptlk blows them off the stage with small cyclones that blow them into the top of a tree.

On a rooftop in Metropolis, the Bizarro look to do "good deeds" for Metropolis citizens. Bizarro Cyborg picks up a police officer directing traffic thinking he is trapped by cars and numerous car accidents results. Bizarro Firestorm sees a water fountain and uses his powers to seal it up, which causes it to rupture and spew water everywhere. Bizarro Wonder Woman sees smoke coming out of a coal power plant and pours a water tower's contents down the smokestacks to put the fire out and destroys the building in the process.

The real heroes arrive and try to fix things while Mxyzptlk takes his trainees to the deserted Hall of Justice. Once there, the bizarro heroes wreak havoc destroying much of the building. The real Super Powers team arrive just as a message comes across of a prison break. The bizarro heroes think the prisoners are unhappy and trying to leave and go to help them. Cyborg tries to intervene but Bizarro Wonder Woman tosses him aside. After the bizarro duplicates leave, Wonder Woman finds Bizarro's duplicator device and says she has a plan to deal with Mxyzptlk.

At the Metropolis prison, inmates are looking to escape through a hole in the prison walls led by the Grimm brothers. Bizarro Firestorm stops two guards in pursuit by transforming their clubs into a large number of balloons and the guards float helplessly upwards. Bizarro Wonder Woman looks to help the inmates leave faster by enlarging the hole in the wall with a toss of her tiara and succeeds.

The guards floating upwards are in danger of hitting high voltage power lines but are saved at the last second by Wonder Woman. Firestorm captures most of the escaped prisoners by transforming a cloud into a birdcage that traps the inmates inside. Cyborg captures the Grimm brothers by using a high powered sonic wave on them and Firestorm securing them moments later.

Before Mxyzptlk can cause any more mischief, Wonder Woman uses the duplicator ray and creates a Bizarro version of him named Kltpzxym who announces he's headed to Bizarro world to make things perfect. The Bizarro heroes hear this and head back to their world via a spaceship created by Firestorm and modified to imperfection by his Bizarro version. With Mxyzptlk saying his duplicate's name accidentally, the imp returns to his home dimension and the heroes bid them all good riddance.