The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians

Season 1 Episode 4

The Darkseid Deception

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Sep 28, 1985 on ABC

Episode Recap

On an orbiting space station, Batman, Robin, Firestorm and Cyborg look forward to the gravitation system being installed so they no longer have to wear gravity belts. Wonder Woman awaits hearing from a dear friend and a few moments later, Captain Steve Trevor, Wonder Woman's love, comes into range of the station piloting a space shuttle. Steve tells Wonder Woman that he has loaded the TC7 satellite into the shuttle to take back to Earth for repairs and can't stay long.

Moments later, however, Steve encounters a portal opening up in front of the shuttle and he disappears from the heroes view. Steve's shuttle emerges from the portal and sees a huge ship orbiting above him. Robots emerge from the ship, latch onto the shuttle and pull it inside the ship.

Inside the ship, Darkseid muses that he finally gets to see Steve Trevor. Steve emerges and successfully takes on a pair of parademons and a robot before being knocked out by Darkseid's Omega beams. Darkseid orders Desaad to finish the duplication of the TC7 and tells Kalibak to activate the molecular reconfigurator.

Darkseid uses the reconfigurator to make himself look like Steve and boards the shuttle with the intent of rejoining Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman and the other heroes are in a shuttle looking for Steve and Superman pushes them out of the way just as Steve's shuttle appears in the area hurtling out of control. The heroes manage to stop Steve's shuttle from burning up in Earth's atmosphere and it lands safely. Steve says his shuttle hit an energy field and the next thing he knew, he was heading for Earth. Steve's haughty attitude leads to suspicions and Cyborg sees with his cybernetic eye that Steve has an odd red aura surrounding him.

Later on, Batman, Robin and Cyborg are in the Batmobile heading away from the airbase and Batman muses over what really happened to Steve. Batman decides to turn around and back to the airbase and states that Wonder Woman may be in serious trouble.

Back at the airbase, Darkseid/Steve learns the TC7 will be ready for launch the following afternoon. After he leaves, Diana, thinking there is something wrong with Steve, changes into Wonder Woman to investigate.

Darkseid is arranging for the TC7 to be swapped for the duplicate when Wonder Woman arrives and sees what is happening. Darkseid hits Wonder Woman with his Omega beams and the heroine slumps to the floor unconscious though she manages to activate the alarm in the process. Batman and the others arrive but can not stop Darkseid from abducting Wonder Woman and leaving through a stargate.

The TC7 is prepared for launch even as Batman muses what Darkseid's purpose on Earth could have been besides abducting Wonder Woman.

On Apokolips, Darkseid taunts his captives before using the reconfigurator to return to his true form. He explains that a more powerful reconfigurator is inside the duplicate TC7 that is about ready to launch and when it is in orbit, it will turn Earth's population into parademons. Darkseid turns Steve into a neanderthal man and when an enraged Wonder Woman breaks free of her bonds and goes to attack Darkseid, the reconfigurator turns Wonder Woman into a crystal statue.

The Super Powers team arrive covertly on Apokolips and enter via a waterway into a garbage disposal area. The heroes see a transformed Steve being put work and rescue him after defeating a number of attacking robots.

The heroes head along and see Kalibak leading a few parademons toting the statue of Wonder Woman. They defeat Kalibak and take his stargate generating device at the same time. The heroes generate a stargate and go to Desaad's lab where they use the reconfigurator to restore Wonder Woman and Steve to normal. Darkseid traps the heroes behind a red energy force field with seconds to go before the orbiting reconfigurator transforms Earth. However, a stargate appears next to the orbiting device and it is transported just above Apokolips where it crashes into Desaad's lab. Darkseid is enraged but his revenge has to wait as he sees they have transported home.

Back on Earth, the heroes find the gate transmitter has self destructed and prepare to go back to Apokolips to recover the real TC7.
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