The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure

CBS (ended 1967)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Teen Titans - Operation: Rescue
      Speedy and Aqualad, testing the new Titans Copter, are forced down in a remote outpost in northern Asia. At the same time, they have discovered a frightened boy named Terry Carter, the son of a missing explorer. Following the boy, the two Titans find that the boy's father has been captured by a tribe of throwbacks, and get captured as well. Worried about their teammates' disappearance, Wonder Girl and Kid Flash speed to the signaled area of the boys' last position, and Kid Flash is quickly able to restore Speedy's bow and quiver to him. Reunited, the Titans free everyone and make their escape with father and son, and they agree never to reveal the location of the tribemoreless
    • Justice League of America - Bad Day on Black Mountain
      An evil villain named Mastermind, challenges the Justice League by attacking Earth.
    • Hawkman - The Twenty Third Dimension
      Hawkman is transported to the 23rd dimension by two evil villains from the planet Jupiter.
    • Green Lantern - Sirena, Empress of Evil
      Green Lantern battles Sirena and her army of winged warriors.
    • The Atom - The House of Doom
      The Atom and his fellow scientists enter a house of doom!
    • The Flash - To Catch a Blue Bolt
      The Flash takes on his super speed nemesis known as Blue Bolt.
    • Teen Titans - The Space Beast Round-Up
      The Teen Titans are called to a small town that is being attacked by a hideous monster from another world. Two other creatures also menace the area. The Titans are able to subdue them but must deal with the space hunters who jettisoned these creatures to Earth in aid of saving their ship.moreless
    • Justice League of America - Target Earth
      Earth is going to be attacked, and so it's up to the JLA to save the day.
    • Hawkman - A Visit to Venus
      Hawkman travels to the planet Venus to battle the evil Venusians.
    • Green Lantern - The Vanishing World
      Space villains led by the evil Orc try to strand Kairo and Green Lantern on a world that consistently vanishes into another dimesion, similar to the way "Old Faithful" erupts every year.
    • The Atom - The Plant Master
      The Atom takes on the Plant Master.
    • The Flash - Take a Giant Step
      The Flash and Kid Flash battle the evil Professor Crash.
    • Teen Titans - The Monster Machine
      Aqualad, Wonder Girl, Kid Flash and Speedy are alerted to an invasion of a giant robot. The Titans attack the creature from the air, land and sea and find that it was unleashed from an invasion platform from an alien race. The Titans take on an army of robots and destroy the alien base.moreless
    • Justice League of America - Between Two Armies
      The Justice League stop two warring alien species from destroying one another.
    • Hawkman - Peril From Pluto
      Hawkman travels to the planet Pluto to prevent the evil Plutonians from destroying earth with their super powerful laser ray.
    • Green Lantern - Evil is As Evil Does
      Green Lantern must save Oa from the threat of the cosmic supervillain known as Evil Star.
    • The Atom - Invasion of the Beetle-Men
      The Atom faces off against alien creatures that resemble bugs, and can change their size at will.
    • The Flash - The Chemo-Creature
      The Flash battles a chemically altered giant ant!