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  • Somewhere in the bowels of Victorian London is the Club of the Damned, a most unusual and exclusive establishment. To become a member, one must give the committee a true account of one's personal supernatural experiences - or else die...

    There's actually no definite article in the title of this fondly-remembered BBC horror series - it's just called "Supernatural". Its eight segments were never repeated by the BBC, nor has the show ever been issued on video or DVD. Created, and almost entirely written, by Robert Muller, the well-known drama critic, it offers the classic scenarios of horror cinema - a vampire story, a werewolf story, a ghost story, a Jekyll-and-Hyde story, etc. - but with a most singular modern approach, placing each tale in a realistic historical context, and viewing the traditional elements of such stories in the light of modern psychology. As a result, most of the stories were erotic as well as scary, and the overall effect was extremely disturbing. Not all the storylines were up to Muller's best standards, but the majority of them have remained fresh in the memory after 30-plus years. It would be very nice to see them again.