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The Supernaturalist

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Dan White performs mind-blowing magic: manipulating physical objects, performing surprising card tricks and making items appear from seemingly thin air. All of this, he admits, is merely an illusion. White has a mission: to find REAL magic. In Discovery Channel's The Supernaturalist, White travels to a remote corner of the planet and finds himself in a place where magic isn't just tricks. It is believed to be very real... and even dangerous. Locals in the Himalayan country of Nepal believe there are monks within its borders who use their powers to harm anyone who crosses their path. White relies on his talents as an illusionist to open doors normally closed to outsiders in an attempt to find one of these feared monks and - hopefully - witness his true magic. White's mission will introduce him to many people, each getting him one step closer to the men in the mountains.
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  • Ummm Discovery stealing from Americas Got Talent?

    In case you missed it, a performer named Special Ed did all the magical monk tricks on AGT last season, with far more showmanship than this low rent version. I get that they had to go to a remote location to burn up the first 95% of the airing, but the payoff was right up there with Geraldo's bottles on Al Capones vault..
  • 100 Years too late?

    Soooo bad. Pretending magic is real is silly enough, but Discovery Channel, really? Also, the 'illusions' aren't even good. You clearly see the 'monk' attach a wire to his back before he I just discovered that I'll never watch the Discovery channel again. The Supernaturalist.... really?

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