The Surreal Life: Fame Games

Season 1 Episode 3

Down and Out on the B-List

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 21, 2007 on VH1

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  • Pass me my puke bag.

    Okay I'm still trying to understand how someone like Ron Jeremy used to be an adult star. I mean ick. Okay I digress.

    The A List get fly tennis gear, while the B List get cheesy outfits for table tennis. Tracy is not enjoying being on the B list, and sneaks A List champagne. The B List get a 70 year old table tennis instructor, and hot wings to eat on. It's really hilarious how different the B List is treated, while the A List is catered to.

    Bridgette throws a hissy fit and threatens to leave. Vanilla Ice wins the challenge and a guest starriing role in the new Resident Evil 3 film (will this be going straight to DVD.....yeah I know that's so wrong teee heeee).

    Emmanuel, CeCe and Ron battle to stay out of the B List and Emmanuel loses. I'm seeing the series through because I like to start what I watch, but the show is just okay to me.
  • tennis anyone??

    So for a moment there (well I few episodes) I was happy for Chyna Doll and Brigitte that they were so close. It was obvious that there was more than friendship there. Then this episode we see Brigitte kissing Ron Jeremy (collective ewww…) But then you see Brigette and Chyna Doll together after a heavy night of partying and Brigette blowing up at Ron Jeremy. What’s up. The camera’s also showed a few of the people trying to convince Brigitte not to leave, but we never see Chyna Doll say anything to her…Maybe they did it in private. I liked how Manny really wasn't upset that he was moved to the B-List. He seems to be the only one that gets it's a game.
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