The Surreal Life: Fame Games

Sunday 9:00 PM on VH1 Premiered Jan 07, 2007 Between Seasons


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  • Season 1
    • The Ice Ice Storm
      The Ice Ice Storm
      Episode 10
      The final 4 must make a commercial for The one who makes the best commercial is safe from eliminations and will move on to the final 2. The three losers must vote one person of the show. Then the two people must battle it out on "Back to Reality" to see who gets to go up against the winner of the commercial challenge. Kathy Griffin will decide who should be the winner of $100,000.moreless
    • Five Weasly Pieces
      The five Fame Gamers must spend All Day with there biggest fan. The catch is they have to have there hands tied together. The three people who let go first have to play Back to Reality where one cast member will be sent home.
    • Peeping Toms
      Peeping Toms
      Episode 8
      After being trapped in the house for so long, the celebrities are told they get a day to relax. Little do they know, hanging out at the pool wasn't just for was a challenge! The paparazzi were taking photos of them all day. The three with the worst photos will be sent to "Back to Reality" where the loser will leave forever.moreless
    • Dial M for Mommy
      Dial M for Mommy
      Episode 7
      Seven contestants are left in the competition! So now the A-List team and the B-List team are no more and it is every man for himself. Each "Fame Gamer" must call celebrities they know and try to get them to call them back. The person with the most calls from the most famous people, wins. The person who gets the least famous celebrities to call them back is sent home.moreless
    • Pretty Women
      Pretty Women
      Episode 6
      The two teams must compete in the "Hooker Challenge" where they must determine which are hookers and which aren't. The team that loses will again have to choose 3 people to battle it out in the "Back to Reality" game show.
    • V for Variety
      V for Variety
      Episode 5
      As the A-listers continue to get pampered and the B-listers get nothing, they all get a special visit from Adrianne Curry and Christopher Knight. There challenge this time is to put on a variety show at the V Theater. The losers of that challenge will have three players playing "Back to Reality" where one contestant will be eliminated.moreless
    • The Chyna Doll Syndrome
      The A-List team continues to get top drawer treatment as celebrity chef Todd English arrives at their doorstop to prepare an exquisite meal for them. Rob freaks out when he finds strippers all over the house. The next morning there is no time to dwell on the previous night's controversies, as the teams must face their next task, "Hotel Trash Challenge." Imitating the right of passage ritual of true rock star style, the teams are given identical hotel rooms and the mission of trashing them to see who can do the most damage. What's at stake? While the winning team will be safe, the losing team must send three of its players "Back to Reality." This time however, after the game, the loser will receive the dubious distinction of being the first celebrity eliminated from the Fame Games competition.moreless
    • Down and Out on the B-List
      As the dreaded B-List swells to four members, the chasm between the two teams widens as the A-List continues to receive preferential treatment. The A-listers have to shoot a very short film segment and the three losers must play back to reality.
    • Sex, Size, and Videotape
      The A-Listers have to make the best "scandalous video" and get help by the B-Listers.
    • Welcome to Celebrity Island
      Each season of "Surreal Life" crazy B-List celebrities are cast and do the most outrageous things! Now 10 of those crazy contestants are brought back to stay under one roof and compete in "The Surreal Life Fame Games".