The Surreal Life: Fame Games

Season 1 Episode 9

Five Weasly Pieces

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 18, 2007 on VH1

Episode Recap

At this point, Verne, Vanilla Ice(Rob), Ron Jeremy, Tracy Bingham, and Pepa are left and they're feeling the competition. The mayor of Las Vegas has requested he contestants @ city hall. Upon meeting the mayor, Verne has a problem with the mayor calling him Mini-Me, but the major gives them keys to the city and chips that only the major can give out. Rob and Traci have a little fun with Ron by opening the door while in the process of #2. ewww!!, but Ron's not laughing. On the team's next challenge, Robert Leach tells them "Some people who love them very much are going to show up", and that's all the information that they get, basically their biggest fans show up. Tracy gets a girl name Dede, Rob gets Julie, Pepa gets Yolanda, Ron gets a girl name Tawanda, and Verne gets a girl named Monique, who is to everybody's surprise "stacked". They are giving alarms in which the fan and the celebrity have to be attach together till the challenge ends. The first three out will possibly go back to reality. Rob, Traci, and Pepa, first strategy is to stay still. Verne takes his fan out for a ride, and Ron takes his fan on a tour of the house, and also gets the idea to tie a string around their fingers in order to stay attach which some other people believe is cheating. Verne loses 15 minutes after the game starts possibly due to the fact that they decided to connect in the wrong area. Pepa is the next person to go when she tries to use Ron's methods. Robert Leach comes in and takes the challenge to the next level. He has the three remaining stand in a line beside each other at which point the next person to go out is Tracy. Tracy, Pepa, and Verne have the possibility of going back to reality. The fans' leave after the buzzer's go off or when the challenge is done, whichever comes first. In the "Back to Reality" game, the contestants have to fill in the blank of the quote that Robert Leach gives to them. For every one they get right, they get one point. Whoever reaches 3 points first is safe. The first one everyone gets. The second one only Tracy gets. The third one Verne and Pepa gets correct. The fourth one Pepa gets correct, which puts her in the safe zone. The fifth one Tracy gets right, therefore, Verne goes home. Unfortunately, one of the people from production come in and say that there might have been some discrepancy going on during the game. Pepa gives her opinion that maybe Rob was making gestures during the game, and Rob feels offended at being pointed out. Both of them get into it. Turns out Pepa was right, but Rob was doing it subconsciously supposedly, and they let the game stay as it is. Pepa and Rob get into it over whether Pepa is calling Rob a cheater, and she tries to explain that she's not, but Rob isn't really getting it, and Pepa is getting more excited. In the end, Verne is glad he is leaving because there is too much drama going on, but Traci is sad that Verne has to leave in this type of situation. They all come back in the room to see Verne off.