The Surreal Life: Fame Games

Sunday 9:00 PM on VH1 Premiered Jan 07, 2007 Between Seasons


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  • I feel so bad for the b-list actors on this 'show.' It is much like the story 'The Emperor's New Clothes" because they are sruggling to get or stay on the A-List when the audience, and everyone knows they are and will always be B or below List stars.

    It is so sad how hard they play this game to be the winner of 100,00.00 when 'real A-List' stars would not lower themselves for that amount. Especially when regular people think they already have that amount. They don't even know how to 'fake it until they make it.' B-Lister Bingham complains about not being use to the lesser treatment when you are on a show to win what a real A-List gives to charity or use to whip their butts. Talk about reality vs Surreal....what an irony! "Am I the only only that sees the Emperor is naked here?" I mean who is laughing at whom here? It is so sad....
  • You put celebritys together and get madness!

    I mst say that this show was a ok idea. The show seems a little to Real World/Road Rules Challenge rip-off, just Surreal Life itself is basically a Real World rip-off. Despite that, I still love both shows. This show features some pretty funny moments, like the Back to Reality game What's Charo saying? That game had me laughing for a while. The actors that they selected are a good group, but I would have like certain ones to be replaced by others, namly Verne, Manny, and Ron. Overall, the show is great and funny. However, despite that don't think it will last too long, but I hope it does.
  • Stupid, but better then the orignal Surreal Life!

    The Surreal Life: Fame Game has some of the best people from the oringal Surreal life to compete againist each other! It might sound interesting, but its actually crap! There are two teams, the A List Team, and the B List Team. Most of the people on the B list think that they are too good for the B list, eventhough they should be on the Z list! The people on the A List are actually more into the game then everyone. This show is good if you like has-beens, and the orginal Surreal Life.
  • They're back! The chosen few of the Surreal Life series have returned for another go round.

    So the best of the best from Surreal Life are back for a popularity contest among celebrities. Even though in my honest opinion, the very best aren't there due to more work and other appearences. They should have switched out Jordan Knight for Erik Estrada, but since he is doing Armed & Famous it's not like he could have done both shows. Of course Flavor Flav didn't do it because his career has exploded since Flavor of Love. But when you think about it, if they had the biggest stars then the others wouldn't really stand a chance on the show. Aside from the loss of the big stars it's still what I expected from Surreal Life. You get drama among celebrities, some strange and unexplained actions, and just all around whackiness.
  • it's ok.

    Fame Games is a better show then Surreal Life for sure. Surreal life had way too much drama like over the top and half of it was fake. But with Fame Games (SO FAR) has had a little less drama. I think the Celebs have to focus more energy on the games and challenges. They also are afraid of being sent to the dreaded B-List. The challenges that they have are pretty good. Like the scandalous video. But the Back to Reality game show is annoying. Especially the girl. If she could just keep her mouth shut it would be all good. Chyna Doll also needs to keep her mouth shut she called Vern a midget! That's just sad it looked like he was going to cry any second. It must be really hard not in the physical sense only. Emotional too. The show is good. But maybe if it has more it would be better. Like the B-List isn't really that big of a deal. They still get to go into the A-List room and the other Celebrities can go into the B-List room willingly also.If the B-List was isolated from the A-List the show would be really interesting.
  • Interesting show. Again mindless fun.

    I’m going to be honest, I’ve never watched a single season of the Surreal life, but seeing the previews for the show had me curious so I decided to give the show a chance. I will admit it’s interesting. Washed up celebrities, trying to cling on to their last few chances of fame. I did feel bad seeing Jordan Knight having to leave when he received news of a death in the family. I can’t help but wonder if he will maybe be allowed to return? Then again he did seem out of place with those folks. Okay what is up with Chyna? She looks horrible. She looks like she had one too many plastic surgeries. I could not get over how upset she was when she got no points during the first competition. So she is the first to be sent to B-List of rooms. I think Verne was with her, but I’m not 100% sure. I will keep watching the show. What I saw so far is kind of interesting.
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