The Surreal Life: Fame Games

Season 1 Episode 1

Welcome to Celebrity Island

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 07, 2007 on VH1

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  • Funny

    Great way to start off the show. The only bad part was Jordan Knight leaving from a death in the family. I think that Verne is a better celeb for the game though. The challenge was pretty funny. But seriously Chyna Doll. Give me a break! She was crying because only one person wanted her photo. Whatever. C.C. would have had none if he didn’t go talk to the women in the crowd. The back to reality game show challenge was clever. It was like they were slamming the celebrities! They were telling them what a grab bag was like they had never gotten one. Well most of them probably hadn’t. lol. But I bet Brigitte had or Vanilla or even Verne. So Chyna and Verne ended up going to the B-list. Oh well that’s where Chyna belongs.
  • The Surreal Life: Fame Games is like The Olymmpics is on steriods!!!

    I am a huge fan of The Surreal Life. The stars they pick are sooo cool. I'm surprised Danny Bonaduce never tried out for this show. I guess he didn't want to be known as a has been. When I saw The Surreal Life: Fame Games I was a little nervous but then I heard Robin Leech would be hosting. He is such a great host. The stars they picked are really down to earth too for the most part. I think my favorite star on here is CC Deville. He is a lot nicer now that he is sober. This competetion is like high school all over again. But it's more real so the drama is so much more intense. Every competition will get harder. I am sooo excited to see this exciting competition this season. Well for Robin Leech have Champaigne wishes and Caviar dreams!!!
  • Poor Chyna...

    Wow – it looks like VH1 is trying to follow in the grand tradition of MTV shows where there must be dunks, fights and lots of kissing (bonus points for girl/girl action). Previous sessions have had some of this, Mini-Me has been very drink and even peed in a corner, with him back this season it looks like it’s going to happen again. From the previews we already know that the man formerly knows as Vanilla Ice is going to trash the place. And Brigitte has already stated that she will go lesbian for Chyna and they spent their first night cuddles under the Las Vegas sign. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the season holds.
  • Celebreality

    I’m going to be honest, I’ve never watched a single season of the Surreal life, but seeing the previews for the show had me curious so I decided to give the show a chance. I will admit it’s interesting. Washed up celebrities, trying to cling on to their last few chances of fame. I did feel bad seeing Jordan Knight having to leave when he received news of a death in the family. I can’t help but wonder if he will maybe be allowed to return?

    Okay what is up with Chyna? She looks horrible. She looks like she had one too many plastic surgeries. I could not get over how upset she was when she got no points during the first competition. So she is the first to be sent to B-List of rooms. I think Verne was with her, but I’m not 100% sure. I will say this Pepa is looking nice. I was a huge Salt N Pepa fan, so she is the main reason I'm even watching the show. I will keep watching the show, but what I saw so far is kind of interesting.