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The Surreal Life
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AIRED ON 5/14/2006

Season 6 : Episode 9

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Once, they were superstars. Now, they are shoved back in the spotlight as they share a home and a series of outrageous and life-changing events for ten days and nights that can only be described as surreal. Providing a Hollywood twist to today's version of the "reality tv-show,"The Surreal Life follows six very different pop-culture figures as they move into a house and room and work together in Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley. The lives of these notorious pop culture icons and their random foils and follies are taped over a rather eventful two week period. The recipe for The Surreal Life is a simple one: take six bigger-than-life celebrities from every genre of the entertainment industry-rap music, heavy metal, feature films, sitcom, drama, and even reality television itself-and throw them together under pressure, stirring as needed. Trapped without transportation, cell phones or personal assistants, they must interact with each other, share bedrooms and bathrooms, do household chores, go grocery shopping and prepare meals together. The cameras never stop rolling, so the power struggles and personality clashes are all captured on film-along with the very real new friendships. The familiar faces for the show's fourth installment include: Adrianne Curry (winner of the first America's Next Top Model competition), Christopher Knight (of the ever-popular sitcom, The Brady Bunch), Go-Go's guitarist Jane Wiedlin, rap artist Da Brat, supermodel Marcus Schenkenberg, wrestling star Chyna Doll, and Verne Troyer, best known for his role as "Mini-Me" (Austin Powers). The Surreal Life is produced by Brass Ring Productions, Mindless Entertainment and Renegade Productions. Note #1- The house in which the celebrities reside while filming is the old Glen Campbell estate in the Hollywood Hills on Mullholland Drive. (Currenly on sale for $7.5 million) Note #2- The first 2 seasons the series aired on the WB and then moved to VH1 after low ratings and creative differences between WB network executives and show producers.moreless

    What's the Better Channel: VH1 or CMT?

    This week's battle will involve music and/or screaming!


    Celebrity Apprentice: Meet Your New Menagerie of Famous Crazy People!

    We've gone ahead and prepared a dossier of the new cast of Celebrity Apprentice in honor of its Sunday premiere.

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    Erik Estrada

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    Corey Feldman

    Himself (Season 1)

    Florence Henderson

    Florence Henderson

    Dr. Flo (Season 6)

    Ron Jeremy

    Ron Jeremy

    Himself (Season 2)

    Bronson Pinchot

    Bronson Pinchot

    Himself (Season 5)

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