The Surreal Life

Season 5 Episode 1

No Way, It's Jose

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 10, 2005 on VH1

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  • This was a "very special episode" if you spell special "sthpecial".

    If you spell special with a "th". What in the world makes anyone, including herself, think Stinkaroso is a celebrity? Loud-mouth - yes, phoney - yes. But a celebrity? How do the most obnoxious people from reality shows become celebrities? Her 15 minutes were over a long time ago.

    And the rest of the crew? Only two of them (okay, maybe three) would be what I consider has-been real celebrities. I wouldn't think they'd run out of actual out-of-work actors so quickly. There are so many of them out there!

    Cast I'd like to see:

    Danny Bonaduce
    Tanya Harding
    Rodney Anonymous
    Mojo Nixon
    Tori Spelling
    The old MTV vj Kennedy

    Now, that would be a laugh riot!