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  • Pretty cool show

    I enjoyed this show,not bad.
  • odd superstars sweeeeeeet

    Once, they were superstars. Now, they are shoved back in the spotlight as they share a home and a series of outrageous and life-changing events for ten days and nights that can only be described as surreal. Providing a Hollywood twist to today's version of the "reality tv-show,"The Surreal Life follows six very different pop-culture figures as they move into a house and room and work together in Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley. The lives of these notorious pop culture icons and their random foils and follies are taped over a rather eventful two week period. The recipe for The Surreal Life is a simple one: take six bigger-than-life celebrities from every genre of the entertainment industry-rap music, heavy metal, feature films, sitcom, drama, and even reality television itself-and throw them together under pressure, stirring as needed. Trapped without transportation, cell phones or personal assistants, they must interact with each other, share bedrooms and bathrooms, do household chores, go grocery shopping and prepare meals together. The cameras never stop rolling, so the power struggles and personality clashes are all captured on film-along with the very real new friendships.

    The familiar faces for the show's fourth installment include:

    Adrianne Curry (winner of the first America's Next Top Model competition), Christopher Knight (of the ever-popular sitcom, The Brady Bunch), Go-Go's guitarist Jane Wiedlin, rap artist Da Brat, supermodel Marcus Schenkenberg, wrestling star Chyna Doll, and Verne Troyer, best known for his role as "Mini-Me" (Austin Powers). The Surreal Life is produced by Brass Ring Productions, Mindless Entertainment and Renegade Productions.

    Note #1- The house in which the celebrities reside while filming is the old Glen Campbell estate in the Hollywood Hills on Mullholland Drive. (Currenly on sale for $7.5 million)

    Note #2- The first 2 seasons the series aired on the WB and then moved to VH1 after low ratings and creative differences between WB network executives and show producers.

    I watched the show ever sence the start it is great.
  • "The Surreal Life" is reality junk for those who love reality junk.

    I gotta admit this show is highly entertaining but in a car chase, car wreck know it's junk and probably shouldn't waste your time watching it but can't help but look, stare and laugh.

    The term "celebrity" is loosely defined here. I wouldnt' consider half the people on here to be celebrities as least not people like Ron Jeremy whose a loser, Tammy Faye Baker (who everybody remembers as the wife of that loser evangelist Jim Baker). Vanilla Ice, eh he's not really a celebrity much like Milli Vanilli, he was just one of those fads that teens worship like a day of from school.

    Then add to the fact that a lot of these "celebrities" come from other reality shows then you know how downgraded this show from being a real show.

    Well I watched episodes from Second Season and will give credit to where credit is due. Jeremy, that clown Erik Estrada (never a great actor to begin with), Faye Baker, and Vanilla Ice provided lots of laughs but it's one of those things where you are laughing at them not with them.

    In a way, this show is a classic setup of hasbeens, former celebrities, minor celebrities and freaks from the entertainment industry. A lot of them serve as jokes (regardless of whether they know they're doing it as now).

    It's a guilty pleasure show so I can't tear it down much but I also wouldn't elevate this show past that either.

    If you're in the mood for a quick laugh, then like other reality shows this show will give it and more.
  • Everyone hates this show...but I love it.

    ALL the seasons have been terrific!
    #1 - wasn't *amazing* but at least Corey Feldman and Vince Neil were there. I loved "MannyMo" too. #2 - one of the best. It really influenced me. I love Tammy Faye.
    #3 - I absolutely hated this season. It was boring, and I couldn't bear to watch. Maybe it was Brigitte's LACK of clothes.
    #4 - This one was definitely amusing. and cute. I loved Jane but Verne was was Chyna.
    #5 - I was so amused with this one. It influenced me as well. Bronson and Janice's stories both took me by surprise, but on the other hand, Janice and Omarosa = couldn't stand to watch. Jose = pretty.
    #6 - I loved. CC DeVille = hot. Alexis = my hero. Tawny = I hate her forever. Steve Harwell = wicked. Sherman = awesome. Maven = obviously hot. Andrea = pretty damn cool too. AND FLO(super-cool)
  • definetly one crazy show.

    i dont know what these people were thinking when they came up with this show but they were definetly thinking seemed like this slowly attached to flavor flav first it was this for flav then strange love now the flavor of love(s) he definetly got somewhere i\'ll tell u that much people i loved the flavor of love and i love the surreal life and im just waiting at the tv for that great day to come and save my life it will be great i will be glued to the tv for countless hours watching this hilarious reality show.
  • The Surreal life is about a bunch of celebrities living together. It shows the rough times and the fun times they have in the Surreal Life house.

    This show is sooo funny. The people in it are B list celebrities and my god the things they do in it. I haven't really seen any season but 6 and it is so funny. The people they get, the mom of the brady bunch with a playboy model. That is really crazy but that's what makes it funny. I saw when Janice Dickinson was crying about her father and Bronson was crying too. I was like "This is so funny> But why is it so funny?" This show should definatley do many more seasons because there are so many people they could use.
  • Celeb-reality. VH1 has an idea that sounds original and then drives it into the ground by overdoing it.

    On one hand, the concept of a celebrity-based reality show sounds like fun because it might give us normal people an idea of the lives that celebrities live.
    On the other hand, it takes something overplayed like reality TV and cheapens it by adding celebrities who live really luxurious lives.

    Surreal life is no exception to this. Not only is this show lame, it uses either has-beens, people past their prime desperate for one last bit of attention, or some c-list celebrity who half the viewers has to do research on in order to know who they are. The rip off \"The Real World\" and make it look like a sixth grade camp.

    Don\'t believe me? Watch an episode or two, you\'ll see what I\'m talking about.
  • As good as it gets

    This season is fun to watch and better than the previous season. Great cast and new extras like Maven and Florence Henderson are a plus. It continues to be a show I do not want to miss and I hope they do more to come. I like all the situations they put the cast into and I like the editting also. CC and Steve are good additions this year. Tawney is getting on my nerves. Great television
  • Kind of lame and boring!

    I admit it, I've watched one or two episodes, but it's boring! Think about it, you stop living your life to watch others make total fools of themselves! It doesn't makes sense, there's nothing to look forward to on the next episode, it's pointless, there's nothing that actually hooks you to it. I sometimes wonder if they get paid to act as themselves, or act as total imbecils. They always end up hating each other, well, sometimes. I've always wondered, what is the point of this show? Just another waste of time, like MTV's The Real World. Seriously, get a life!
  • i guess it was okay

    It was an okay episode not my most favorite but it works ........ so umm i dont know what else to realy say other than it was a normal episode but there definetly has been better. I wish they found better people or use the same ones over again. Oh well.....
  • they need to get back to interesting people

    the last one kind of sucked, I hate to even admit I watch this kind of crap, but hey I do, the last cast wasn't that exciting, with a few exceptions of near stabbings and people climbing out windows, maybe they should have themed shows like sports stars, or reality stars, or comedians, oh wait that was Last Comic Standing. The could just get the type of groups they had in season 2, 3, 4, and maybe in a little of season 1.
  • I love the Surreal life show. But I keep thinking of what if? What if they had some of my favorites.

    I love to see Aaron Buerge from the bachelor(2) on your show, he was the only bachelor to have top ratings for the bachelor. Also Kirsten Buschbacher from the bachelor(3), did the show made her look bad, let her have her say. Also someone like Ally Sheedy or even Andrew McCarthy or even Anthony Michael Hall, Cory Haim. Even mixed up some reality stars with real movie stars, such as Paradise Hotel\'s Zack or even Big Brother\'s King Kaysar Ridha or even from High School Renion\'s first show, Natasha.

    This would be one of the best Surreal life like Tammy Faye show was. Aaron Buerge, Kirsten Buschbacher, Kaysar Ridha, Zack, Natasha. Have a mix of reality t.v. stars, with a mix of real movie stars.

    Please think of this. This would be a great show to watch. Think of this!!! Half and Half.
  • It is surreal

    A reality show that exposes the life of some of the most famous stars of previous decades joined by one of the most remembered participants of other reality shows (per season). They receive each episode a newspaper with an outline of what they will be doing during the day (episode) and they develop the activity told. Vince Neil from Mötley Crüe, Verne Troyer from Austin Powers, Ron Jeremy, Flavor Flav of Public Enemy, American Idol's Ryan Starr, are some of the people that appeared on the Surreal Life
  • All a bunch of wash outs!

    This show is just about celebrities who are just getting their 30 minutes a fame back. Most of these people are just to stuburn to admit that they are washed up! Nobody really does no them until they hit this show! And that's really sad! VH1 could do better, A LOT better!
  • One of the highlights of my week.

    Okay, it's pretty sad that watching TSL is one of the highlights of my week, but seeing as how I don't watch much TV, I think it's alright.
    Anyway, I became a Surreal Life addict upon watching Season 4. I had never watched any of the previous seasons, as I abhore reality TV, but my friend suggested I give it a shot, so I figured, "eh, what the heck," and watched it. I've been a closet fan ever since.
  • The Real World celebrity style.

    A bunch of celebrities stuck in a house together show what happens when different personalities are put together. Although they do have activities that they must participate in there is plenty of down time. During the down time we get to see how people behave when they drink too much. It's inevitable that certain people will just not get along. The drama keeps the show interesting. Although I watch I will not admit it.

    I always look forward to each new season.

  • Washout non-celebrities.

    This show is terrible. Other than giving us the chance to see what's in a deformed, old supermodel's underused brain I can't see any reason why anybody would watch this POS. I had to look up who 4 of these losers were when they were alive. Who the eff cares about these cockroaches?
  • To be honest the only reason I watch this wacky show is to see Carey Hart because he is the only sexy, hott, smart one there that doesnt talk about everyone and start fights he is an amazing person and I admire him alot. Girls all need to just box!

    To be honest the only reason I watch this wacky show is to see Carey Hart because he is the only sexy, hott, smart one there that doesnt talk about everyone and start fights he is an amazing person and I admire him alot. Girls all need to just box!
  • former tv ormovie or music stars go in to a house live in it for a week. Play funny games and has a decent humor.

    this show at first I thought would be a horrible load of bullocks but then I watched it and it was not bad. Unfortunately i have not watched it in a while because it is no longer on superstation anymore. But I still would say this show is pretty good for the reality tv genre.
  • Washed up celebrities + strange scenarios = fantastic television.

    "The Surreal Life" is getting better every season, no doubt about it. Each season, they pick incredibly washed-up celebrities to go on the wacky show and live with each other for a week. What makes the show work is the situations the producers or creators put the celebrities in. A strip show, exploring a haunted hospital, playing baseball with Las Vegas impersonators, a porno pool party, making a movie about about Ninga families, etc, etc, etc.! The list can go on and on with zany and wacky crap these celebrities agree to do. There are some truly memorable people, too. Not all of the seasons are the same, though. In seasons 1, 3, and 4, the cast formed a real family-like bond. Seasons 2 and 5 are a little less family-like and a little more i-really, really, really-wanna-kill-you like. It gets better every season, and it's amazingly entertaining.
  • Give the brain behind this show a raise!

    The Surreal Life is one of my favorite reality shows on right now. The ex-celebrities are so funny when they are put together the assortment of ex-celebrities that VH1 has assembled for each season are great. The season I liked the best was the one with Ron Jeremy and Tammy Faye Baker. My life was complete seeing a porn star and an evangelist living together. Mindless entertainment--the way TV should be
  • I actually look forward to it!

    Yes, as the summary says, I actually look forward to seeing this show. I certainly wouldn't have said that once upon a time, mostly due to my dislike of most "reality" shows. But for some reason, I gave it a chance and now it's a guilty pleasure.

    As anyone who has a passing familiarity with the series knows, it's about "washed up" celebrities (from a Hollywood perspective, not personal) living together in a house just to see what would happen. We see the good and bad in them all, but there's definitely more bad than good. I know that for some, they view it as finally getting a chance to be on TV again and are truly grateful. Others think it's stupid, but they obviously wanted the cash, and probably like the exposure, too, whether or not they want to admit it.

    All in all, an entertaining series, often for the wrong reasons. I wouldn't admit to too many people I know that I watch it (kinda like how many wouldn't admit that they're wrestling fans, I suppose), but it's ok if you guys know. ;)
  • Getting Lame !!!!

    I Just Loved The First Season of The Surreal Life & was really looking forward to season 2 but was somewhat disapointed & have been more disapointed wit heacg season since . I'll admot it takes a little bit of searching to find on Canadian TV but i've recgonized only one or 2 cast memebers from season 2 onward !!!
  • How thought of this, I don't know and I dont care. Its pretty darn funny.

    How thought of this, I don't know and I dont care. Its pretty darn funny.

    Heres the deal 7 celebs. stuck in one house for some period of time. VH1 is preety good about choosing a cast with Omarosa, Janice Dickonson, and Jose Canseco. Its awesome.

    Sort of like the Real World on MTV but with a new challenge per show where you watch stuck up supermodels compane about a different allergy every week, first its fresh paint, saud, what next, oxygen?

    But anyway add Carey Har and Pepa and some weird Pinchot perv who wants to sleep with every girl he meets and u got a good TV show.
  • 8 celebritys that have to live in 1 house and to different task and stuff!

    I think this is a really great show my favortie season was the 4th season when Da Brat was on it! She was honest and funny at the same time.. She basically called china ugly and said that the girl from is it the go-gos? Was washed up lmao! Then said that Christopher night was washed up also! The was so FUNNY!
  • I think it's gets better every season.

    This show is truly getting better every season, and the viewers are noticing.The show is quite entertaining but as almost all other shows, it has its flaws. I like the show because the cast\'s personalities are very interesting and many of them are funny. To sum it up I have to say that the show is worth watching if you like reality shows or just want to laugh at people making fools of themselves.
  • This show is truly getting better every season, and the viewers are noticing.

    I thought the Surreal Life was really boring in the beginning because of a simple reason: I didn't know who any of the people who claimed they were once famous were. But starting from season 3, the faces became more familiar (Dave Coulier, Ryan Starr, Flava Flav), and the drama became more realistic.

    Season 4 has definetely got to be the best so far with Da Brat always "not in the mood", a happy-go--luck Jane, a wack-o WWE lady, the chemistry between Adrienne and Peter Brady, and the "always in the shadows" Marcus. And of course, how can we forget little mini-me Verne?

    Season 5 is getting really good too, with Omarosa and Janice's opposing magnets, Caprice and Pepa who both seems really nice, that sk8er dude who never talks, the over-confident Bronson who has no right to touch Janice's butt, and Jose Conseco, the so-called mean baseball player.

    The Surreal Life is actually one of my favorite shows now, and is quite the opposite of the Real World. The Surreal Life is getting better every season, the Real World the opposite, getting worse.
  • I heard a lot about this show before I finally watched it for the first time...

    As I mentioned in the summary, I had heard a lot about this show from various people, and my expectations was high as I tuned it in the first time. So far, I have watched the first two episodes of season five and I don't know anything about the previous seasons.

    The show is quite entertaining but as almost all other shows, it has its flaws. The biggest flaw, in my opinion, is one of the 'contestants'; Janice Dickinson. All she does is whining and complaining about everything and everyone. It was pretty amusing the first 10 minutes of the first episode of season five, but after that it just got annoying. Extremely annoying I might add.

    Other than that, I like the show because the cast's personalities are very interesting and many of them are funny. To sum it up I have to say that the show is worth watching if you like reality shows or just want to laugh at people making fools of themselves.
  • I want to see Janice kick Omarosa's ass! Janice is so funny, I love her.

    I love this show. It cracks me up to see these celebs in this house! But I must say Janice is the best. I love her on this and I love her on America's Next Top Model...move over this sassy lady will tell you something. I totally wish she was my mom or model coach! I cant wait to see if she is going to hook up with Jose or Pepa! I can not wait until Sundays every week to see the new episode. I wish I didnt have to see anymore of Omarosa...hell I'd love to kick her ass at some reality show....someone like Janice is the perfect person to put her in her place! =)
  • Season 4 was the best ever!! But with Mini-Me and Chyna Doll along for the ride, how could it not be?

    Season 4 of this show was a utter riot! With Mini-Me Verne Troyer fighting with Chyna Doll Joanie Laurer over a room, it was a laugh a episode. Adrienne falling for Christopher and trying to get him to know that she is for real. Jane and Da Brat fighting over what Da Brat said about Jane being a "has been". And of course, some serious eye candy in Marcus makes this the best season ever for this show.
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