The Surreal Life

Sunday 9:00 PM on VH1 Premiered Jan 09, 2003 Between Seasons


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  • Everyone hates this show...but I love it.

    ALL the seasons have been terrific!
    #1 - wasn't *amazing* but at least Corey Feldman and Vince Neil were there. I loved "MannyMo" too. #2 - one of the best. It really influenced me. I love Tammy Faye.
    #3 - I absolutely hated this season. It was boring, and I couldn't bear to watch. Maybe it was Brigitte's LACK of clothes.
    #4 - This one was definitely amusing. and cute. I loved Jane but Verne was was Chyna.
    #5 - I was so amused with this one. It influenced me as well. Bronson and Janice's stories both took me by surprise, but on the other hand, Janice and Omarosa = couldn't stand to watch. Jose = pretty.
    #6 - I loved. CC DeVille = hot. Alexis = my hero. Tawny = I hate her forever. Steve Harwell = wicked. Sherman = awesome. Maven = obviously hot. Andrea = pretty damn cool too. AND FLO(super-cool)