The Surreal Life

Sunday 9:00 PM on VH1 Premiered Jan 09, 2003 Between Seasons


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  • "The Surreal Life" is reality junk for those who love reality junk.

    I gotta admit this show is highly entertaining but in a car chase, car wreck know it's junk and probably shouldn't waste your time watching it but can't help but look, stare and laugh.

    The term "celebrity" is loosely defined here. I wouldnt' consider half the people on here to be celebrities as least not people like Ron Jeremy whose a loser, Tammy Faye Baker (who everybody remembers as the wife of that loser evangelist Jim Baker). Vanilla Ice, eh he's not really a celebrity much like Milli Vanilli, he was just one of those fads that teens worship like a day of from school.

    Then add to the fact that a lot of these "celebrities" come from other reality shows then you know how downgraded this show from being a real show.

    Well I watched episodes from Second Season and will give credit to where credit is due. Jeremy, that clown Erik Estrada (never a great actor to begin with), Faye Baker, and Vanilla Ice provided lots of laughs but it's one of those things where you are laughing at them not with them.

    In a way, this show is a classic setup of hasbeens, former celebrities, minor celebrities and freaks from the entertainment industry. A lot of them serve as jokes (regardless of whether they know they're doing it as now).

    It's a guilty pleasure show so I can't tear it down much but I also wouldn't elevate this show past that either.

    If you're in the mood for a quick laugh, then like other reality shows this show will give it and more.