The Surreal Life - Season 3

Sunday 9:00 PM on VH1 Premiered Jan 09, 2003 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Lost Moments
    Episode 12
    Although regular episodes of The Surreal Life's historic third season are over, there are a few additional moments that deserve their own spotlight. Beginning with the sick puppy's snot-filled visit with the vet, the season's best, "Lost Moments" are highlighted, including Jordan's clumsy attempts at flirting with an uncooperative Ryan Starr. The cast continues a seasonal tradition and delivers brownies to neighbors as an apology for being noisy. They also take a wild trip to a Japanese supermarket and attempt to tame an out-of-control washing machine back at home. As the door closes and the lights go out at the Hollywood Hills mansion the night's air is pierced with a final shout, "Flavor Flav!"moreless
  • Best & Worst
    Best & Worst
    Episode 11
    The cast of the 3rd season of "The Surreal Life" talk about their best and worst moments on the show with their roommates and events that happened during the course of the show.
  • Last Supper and Goodbyes
    Hurt from Ryan's trash talking on in the last "Dirty Laundry" episode, Flavor Flav is not holding back when it comes to pushing her buttons. Charo pleads with Flav to make peace with Ryan, but he will not. At the last supper Flav is the last to show, but eventually makes a very loud entrance. When the goodbye cake comes out, Flav calms down and it's all love. Ryan starts a food fight, and the night ends with Flav and Brigitte taking one last dip in the hot tub. In the morning everyone says their goodbyes and goes their separate ways.moreless
  • Dirty Laundry
    Episode 9
    It's time for the cast to air out their "Dirty Laundry" and the return of Sally Jessie Raphael. First, it's family bonding time at the glamor shots studio. To please Brigitte, Flav takes off the clock and gold teeth and wears a suit for the pictures allowing his alter ego William Drayton to come out and play. Back at home, Sally Jessie Raphael is preparing her attack on the cast. When they arrive, they find that the house is set up as a talk show and they are the guests. Sally does not hold back, and the cast finds out the truth about each other.moreless
  • Haunted Hospital
    Episode 8
    Ghosts, Goblins and Charo, oh my! Halloween is approaching, and what better way to kick off the holiday than to send the Surreal Lifers on a ghost hunt? With the guidance of a paranormal specialist, the cast is sent in groups through an abandoned hospital to search for any signs of the super-natural. Charo prays for the Spanish Armada and Brigitte and Flav run for their lives. The cast still has goose bumps.moreless
  • Making the Single: Part Two
    It's not rock! It's not rock! It's not rock! Ryan is still having a meltdown about the pop song in the bathroom. Jordan's shades must still be on, because with the clock ticking, Jordan is blind to the fact that Dave's mouth trumpeting should not be a priority above laying in Ryan's lead vocals. Charo can't handle Jordan's iron fist and cracks. Still upset, Ryan finds a compassionate ear in Flav and convinces him that Brigitte should take over lead vocals. Unfortunately, Gitte is once again out cold, so with the clock winding down Ryan has no choice but to sing. With no time to spare, "Live My Life" is born.moreless
  • 10/10/04
    Rock and Roll (at least that's what Ryan hopes)! It's time to make a hit record. Jordan puts on his producer shades and the Surreal Lifers are ready to make some magic happen. Jordan quickly turns dictator and does not allow for creative input from Charo or Ryan, creating the ultimate pop song, or in Charo's words "a crazy salad". Ryan will not sell out and sing pop. She storms out of the studio leaving the rest of the cast in suspense about whether she will return to contribute her vocals to the record.moreless
  • Surf School
    Episode 5
    Surf's up! The Lifers are going to surf school. Who is going to drive? Flav or Dave? Dave or Flav? By default of a prison record, Dave is the winner and takes the wheel. Flav is ticked off, but, regardless, it's time to hit the beach. Under the supervision of Big Wave surfing champs the Willis Brothers, Dave, Brigitte and Ryan are ready to catch some waves. Charo's carpal tunnel and Jordan's lack of enthusiasm keep them on the beach, and Flav is still pouting about Brigitte's non-stop flirting and his inability to drive. In the end, big bro Willis convinces Flav to check his attitude on the sand and hit the waves.moreless
  • Highway to Hell
    Episode 4
    Pack your bags and start up the RV because the Surreal-ers are off to San Diego to see Charo live in concert. Flav tries to get behind the wheel but Dave takes charge and Flavor pouts. Gambling for rooms, the boys get a suite, Ryan cons her own, and Dave moves into another closet. Charo's performance wows the gang and one of her dancer's wows Brigitte, much to Flavor's consternation.moreless
  • Battle of the Bands
    The morning paper arrives and informs The Surreal Life residents that they'll be participating in a 'Battle of The Bands' with aspiring teen musicians a la School of Rock. Though the kids are scared by Brigitte's leopard-print bathing suit, they're all excited by the opportunity to rock with such seasoned vets. While Brigitte sleeps off yet another bout of "jetlag," Charo has a mini-melt down and Ryan has a fit. Barry Williams MC's the competition Battle and you'll never guess who's team wins and who takes credit for it.moreless
  • Strange Love
    Episode 2
    Love, or at the very least lust, is in the air at the Surreal Life house. Flav and Brigitte frolic in the pool when Ryan's girlfriends come over for a visit. Date night is announced and a wild night ensues. Jordan tries to flirt with Ryan and gets shot down. Dave tries to score while Charo's a snore. Ryan gets mad at Flavor for playing pool late at night and he's forced to console himself in the confines of Brigitte's bed.moreless
  • Six Degrees of Irritation
    See this year's cast arrive in their respective rides. You'll never believe who's on this year's show! Room politics get under way and Charo takes charge while Jordan bums out at the lack of privacy. The guests start to unwind with a quick swim and a stiff drink and before you know it Brigitte passes out from "jetlag." Young'un Ryan seems uncomfortable amongst the colorful characters and Dave is forced to move into the closet because of Flav's snoring. And this is only the beginning!moreless