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Am begging to help my mom become a Swan!!!!!

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    My name is Olivia and my Moms name is Kim. She's 44 years old. When she was 18 she dropped out of college and married her first husband. She had a daughter and was never able to get back in shape. Later he husband started having affaires and they soon divorced. When she was 26 she married my dad and later had me. I feel bad now because I used to call her stomach the melting cheese. She tries hard to change but all she could do was try to get breast implants (big chest ar'nt in the genes.) Any ways, I think going through the transformation into a Swan would be great for her, she gave up her education and body to her family and I think getting her on the show would be a great way to return the favor. Its not fare for someone who gave so much to be so embarressed about her self.

    So I really hope she can have the chance for this it would mean so much!


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