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I want to find myself

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    [1]Jun 17, 2007
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    I know we are all pretty inside out but lets face it we need more

    I'm 45 and I look 45 don't feel like it lol

    I would like to become a swan and hopefully then I will find the man of my


    I don't feel good about myself I get depressed and color my hair sometimes 3-4 times

    a week because I don't feel good about myself

    then what tops it off my teeth arent straight that doesn't help either

    and I even work for a dental lab in postfalls for 2 years I want to look

    good so I can represent the lab and myself better too

    I know there are a lot of people out there that need help that is the reason

    I'm writing because I'm one of those people

    before I die I want to look pretty and have straight teeth

    no I'm not sick just depressed about my looks

    can you help me

    single mom/grandma who doesnt want to look older than she is

    everyone is getting married arround here but me I want some of that too and live happy

    because if I love myself a mans love will follow



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    [2]Jul 17, 2007
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    Have you looked under the bed or in the broom closet? Ive found myself in those places a few times. No idea how I got there either. You might also check the attic or the basement - youd be suprised the things Ive found there. I once found an old Hamster cage with a skeleton inside.

    Once you face the fact that we are all bags of mostly waterhurtling towards oblivion - your fate will be all too clear.

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