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I wish I can change my image..

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    [1]Jun 28, 2006
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     Hi!! How you doing?

    My ambition in life is to be a singer and model someday. But how can I??? Is there any chance even though that am not beautiful???

    Since I was in elementary until now my friends doesn't like me so much because of my teeth, nose, and skin. I really want to wear shorts and mini skirt but because the scratches on my legs I can't wear those.  Sometimes my friends swimming at the swimming pool they force me to join them but I really can't. I used to cry always because of my legs and skin.

    I wish I can change this image but they told me that it is very expensive cost lots of money. Lost of hope because I am just poor my father is only photographer and my mom don't have job they are too old for them to work. I am a teacher but my student don't really like me cause of my face and skin. My eyes are too big and also my nose. I really love my student but my student don't love my because of my face. What shall I do??? Please help me....

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    [2]Aug 30, 2006
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    Hello dear I truly understand you I went through same thing when I was in school long time ago almost 28 years. I am now 42. I didn't have big nose but have ugly teeth my poor look the way I was dressing kept away everyone from me. I grow up in denial. My parent were old and poor I had to wear others clothing because we couldn't buy a new one. I live and learn to love myself the way I am because like you said can't afford all those plastic surgeries. God love us no matter who we are and how we look. I hope some day we can be "THE SWAN" SHOW guest. 3 most important month in our life can do magic for us. God Bless us and help us.
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    [3]Sep 13, 2006
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    yunabelle- sounds like you live around people who need to grow up (I'm not talking about the children). Listen, some people say that you need to love yourself despite what others say-and I agree , you should. The person you are inside is forever-learn that person and love than person, not who others see. But, if your looks really bother you, slowly try to change them. Nothing drastic, your skin can be improved by drinking more water and a better diet, teeth-if you have health insurance, get invisible braces. As for your nose, if you REALLY want to, get a nose job with a LICENSED plastic surgeon. I know you said you don't have much money, then I would save up for these 'improvements'. Some people might judge you for wanting to change the outside-but some people aren't you. Try to only be around people who LOVE U FOR YOU, and others, just ignore. Regardless, be proud of yourself whatever u look like. GB
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    [4]Feb 7, 2007
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    My name is Samantha, my Boyfriends mother is very important to me, she is sweet as pie! but she really dislikes herself..her looks.  She has been so great to me since i moved to CT to be with one of her sons. she has been there to help us when we need it and i just thought it would be nice to try and help her feel good about herself. Catharine, is her name,  watches this show i guess alot, and i have sat down to watch it a few times myself and wow! it would make her feel so good about herself if she could have a chance at it.  she is 47 years old, she doesnt like her teeth at all (they are pretty bad) she say's her body is  like a " bowling ball pin with legs" ...and men  arent very nice about these things when all the ones she meets want sex, but dont like the way she looks  except her beautiful eyes!

    ... now i dont know how to say this, but she really needs help and i'm asking because she just means so much to me, it breaks my heart to see her depressed all the time about how she looks, and guys don't want her and so on.  she doesnt know about me writing this, and i dont know how it will get to anyone important to get her on the show, but she is always telling me " it would be great if you could get  me there, they would make all the uglyness disappear!"   and it makes me feel like, i can still try! so if The Swan reads this, then help my boyfriends mother, she is a wonderful person, just know one likes to look past her looks...looks arent everything, but to her and to the MEN .. it is. i just hope this gets somwhere, she is worth the trouble.

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    [5]Mar 19, 2008
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    My name is Maria.I would like to be one of the Swan Girls.I work for a Aesthetic Place but I dont feel I match there. I work 2 jobsand when I get home I just want to go to bed,my body is big,(235 pounds)and I need some help to be in the size I used to be before having my daughter.Can you help me?

    Is hard for me to feel well with myself because all my friends and family are skinny, I need Help....

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