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pleas help me

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    [1]Aug 28, 2009
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    my name is candace and id love to be on the swan id love the oppertunity to change things about me.

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    [2]Aug 30, 2009
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    My name is Mary. I live in Australia & have seen your show a number of times. The transformations are almost unbelievable. I know that you have to live in America to go on the swan & I think I would be too old anyway. I don't know why I am even writing this.

    I have been on my own for some time & this is entirely to do with me & what I have done to myself to look unattractive. To keep this brief I was born into a large and abusive family. I was sexually molested for years. So when I grew into adulthood naturally I had to pick a man that wasn't right for me. He wasn't physically abusive but incredibly self absorbed. My life was second fiddle always. After 13 years & two kids later I left him. I then found a boyfriend who also seemed to be selfish & self absorbed. This went on for about 2-3 years until I couldn't take it anymore. I floated through life & seemed to be fairly happy & met a man whom I thought was Mr. right. Wrong!!! Only this time he wasn't just self absorbed & selfish, he was physically abusive in all aspects. This relationship lasted for approx 2 years. After leaving him after the his last violent outbreak I had had enough of men, plus I had twins to raise on my own from the tender age of 8 months. So over the next two years I spent putting on weight, not looking after my teeth & skin. I also smoked. What a disaster waiting to happen, as well as ensuring no man would look at me twice.

    Well, helaluha, this year I saw the light & decided I wanted to change my life. My health had suffered, my body & my teeth. I had asthma as well, most likely due to smoking. In June I stopped smoking. Never again, never. I also started to lose weight. So far 15 kilos. My skin seems to be improving, but as I had a caesarean my body is a mess. I have that horrible hanging tyre you get sometimes after a caesar. My breast look like a cows udder. Yep I can still have a laugh. I try to keep positive & look forward to the future.

    I have done so much damage to myself. I know why, I was continuing the cycle of violence, except I was doing it to myself.

    I know you most likely can't help me. However, I can't afford to pay for a tummy tuck or to fix my breasts, as well as a face lift. Is it possible that you know of a surgeon here in australia that will do it for free or be prepared to accept an arrangement for a payment plan.

    Thanks for listening to my story at least.

    Thanks Mary

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