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Two crys for help from far away

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    me and my freind are from Melton in Melbourne Vic we are both 20 yrs of age she has 1 child i have 2 and we both are single mothers and we both would love the chance to be the swan we aren't the ugly of all ugly but its the little things like the fact that i have small eyes and stretch marks nearly everywhere on my body I've gone from a size 7 to a size 14 i just look at myself and i hate wat i see and even though my body got bigger my brests got smaller and saggier its just not a good look now my friend now she has exess skin on her stomach that she hates its full of stretch mark her brests are so big they give her back pain and they don't sit as hi as they used to she is a verry short person and she went up to a size 16 and cant get rid off it at all ok well we don't know if you need money for this show we were just watching and decided it sounded so good expessally the pageant so that's all about us i suppose

    thank you for your time

    Stephanie and Deborah

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