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    my name is candace lucas im 19 years old i know that im young.i have a fiance hes 21 and i have a son thats 1 and 4 months . but this would be the chance of a life time to change some of the things i dont like about my body i look down on myself instead of having cofidents about the wave i look. i just wake up in the morning and go to work and aways cover my body because i feel ugly id really love the opertunity to change the way i look it would be the one thing i love to do for myself if givin the opertunity to do so please give me the chance to feel how all the other girls around me feel. i just dont want to be ugly anymore. please help me find the person i am. sincerly candace phone number is 1-540-922-8252 between 3in the evening to 11 at night and anytime of weekends thanks

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