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  • Please help me. Im scared to come out of my home.

    I had a gastric bypass in 2005 and it depleted all my bodies nutrients. I started getting seizures and broke all my teeth and had to have most of them pulled because of paid. Im looking for help to be me again. I cant take living any more and to keep myself stuck to my home lonley. Im tired and done with this earth if i can have enough confidence to get out and enjoy it. Please, please someone help me.
  • Need a emergency makeover

    I'm 40 yrs. old and I wish the show was still on, because of my past abusive relationship I'm missing teeth and it is corrupting my life as far as jobs. Please come back and choose me
  • seeking help

    I loved the show swan since i was young & if u bring this show back i would love to be on the show i think i deserve a second chance at life & would love to tell my story !!
  • una mirada a Costa Rica

    Hola! en Costa Rica muchas mujeres necesitamos una ayuda como la que ustedes ofrecen, me gustaria que si voltean su mirada a un pais tan pequeo como el mio, me tomen en cuenta porque tengo 26 aos y no me siento bonita, mi autoestima esta baja y quiero sentirme deseada por mi esposo...

  • Hello, I would like a change for my mom who has struggled for 3 children on her own.

    Hi, I'd like a change for my mom since has struggled his whole life to take on her own 3 children with low wages and have not had time for her. We are to San Jose, Costa Rica, she is 41 years old and I'd like to return every year to fight for us with a change she craves.

    Hopefully we take into account and help me keep our promise that dream you always had.

    Thank you.
  • I'm a ugly duckling that desperately needs a make over.

    I will be 42 tomorrow (April 24th) and absolutely hate the way I look. I do not wear regular bras anymore and have resorted to sport bras. When The Swan first came out, I tried to apply for the show, but had no camcorder or web cam to do so. I am beautiful on the inside, but would love to be beautiful on the outside too. Would you please help me?
  • please consider

    Hi, I'm a 50 year old female retired from law enforcement as a Sergeant. I'm fun, and full of life. I want to turn back the clock some so that I can play my second half of life feeling like the me that has been buried underneath for too long. I'm so ready please have me on your show I'm soooooo past
  • Want to be a Swan

    I would also like to apply for your show! Please bring this show back!!!
  • Beautiful

    I want to be on your show how can I apply?

  • the swan

    i like to watch this show
  • It's interesting, stop being so emotional about it.

    I remember this show a while back and enjoyed watching it. Why? Not because it was inspiring (which it was) or because I wish I could have an extreme makeover (which I did), but because it was an interesting show. There's nothing people love more than makeover shows because we all want to see the huge different of the before & after. People need to stop thinking of the effect this show has on a woman's self esteem and just watch it like it's any other show.
  • This show has been an insperation in many lives. It is a shame that it is not on the air anymore.

    Please bring this show back. It would mean a lot to both me and my step mom!We would like to do a mother daughter segment. It is Amazing how you all work together and compleate what i like to call a puzzle. One that is in a person but is all scrambled up due to there appearence and how they feel in the inside. Of which gets put together by positive reenforcement which would be all of you. Please put the show back on Its a show i am sure we all miss very much! thank you so much!
  • Please bring this show back! Addressing the outside beauty can be done by anyone, but addressing outside and inside beauty was done so wonderfully by this show!

    This show is an inspiration. The women on this show were transformed on the outside, but more importantly they were transformed on the inside. The combination of these two transformations is what makes the results lasting. No other reality show on TV covers the inside as well as the outside. There is another weight loss reality TV program, but they focus on the outside, not on the internal reason for weight gain and low self esteem. I hope that the producers of this program are willing to take a 2nd look at bringing this program back, I am sure there is no shortage of ugly ducklings just waiting for their chance to be a Swan.... I am one of them.
  • I loved The Swan! Please please please please bring it back!

    I loved The Swan! Please please please please bring it back!
    It helped so many and inspired so many! I miss it soooo much!Not only were the people given a new body, face or whatever, but a new chance at life and a new start! What an amazing idea and an amazing show! The show touched me and made me wish I was a contestant! Also showing the process for what each contestant went through was very educational and interesting. Hopefully we can all get our petition granted and see "The Swan" back on air! It's been 4 years and still people are thinking about it!
  • Just a bit sick really

    I stumbled on this show by accident. And while yes I agree that some people need a little help to look how they want to I really don't think this is the right way to go.

    Like almost every woman on the planet I am not happy with how I look. I wasn't happy when I was skinny because I was more flat chested and now I'm not happy that I have breasts because I have gained weight all over. But I have never once thought that plastic surgery would be the answer.

    I have a problem with this show for a few reasons. Firstly it is so infuriating to hear the "Experts" claim that a woman under 30 absolutly needs a face lift. She doesn't NEED it by any means. Most of the women who appear on this show would look good if they just threw on a bit of make up and got a hair cut. The fact that the choices made for how these women are going to turn out is taken completly out of their hands and put into the hands of some bloke who will then form them is just disgusting and sets women back decades.

    This brings me onto my other problem. I have always believed that what is beautiful in life is what makes us unique. Who wants to see a sea of barbie resembeling women and nothing else? Newsflash: even men don't neccesarily like that. By taking away unique features these people are taking away what is natural and beautiful about these girls. Instead turning them into mass produced looking attomotons. The thing I find sad about this show is that clearly some people do feel so low that they see this as the only way to go. An increase in self confidence would go far further then a boob job. I'm not saying im against surgery as a whole, but rather I believe if people want it it should be their own choice and they should bear in mind, is beauty really looking like every other celebrity out there?
  • Plz somebody help. Plz read

    Hello I need your help. I'm not sure where to turn to now since I found out the show doesn't exist any longer. I know this is a long shot but I'm just hoping the right person will read it. My name is Nikki and I am 24yrs old. I am some what of an attractive girl. I have lived a normal life. My best friend is an amazing person. She has an amazing heart and is the best person I know. I was hoping to find out how to right to the show. Everyone thinks my friend is a guy. Shes on the thicker side and has no boobs. None. She dresses in t-shirts and jeans because she thinks wouldnt look right in girlie clothes.She has never had a boyfriend.She played hockey her whole life as well as her brothers. Her dad stop going to her games cause he said she wasn't good enough.Her parents favor her bothers.They have never treated her as a girl.When we go out I get attention and she doesn't.One time we went salsa dancing(I drug her there:) it was ladies night (free cover) at the top of the stairs was a man who collected money from the guys. He didn't speak English and wouldn't let Kara go. I had to say shes a chica like 5 times. She recently poured her heart me and told me that ever since was a little kid girls at school used to tell her she was in the wrong bathroom. Shes never been happy and it's sooo sad. She deserves to live a normal life. So if anyone can help us please e-mail me
  • Of all shows to be rid of this wasn't the one! There are so many shows that are meaningless but this show has meaning and purpose other than just to entertain you. You have really got to be kidding me!

    I love this show,its very much needed and relevant to a cause. Especially for someone like myself who anticipated one day being on the show. a show like this is not only entertaining but vital to many women across america and possibly the world. For me it would mean you can dream the impossible dream and that sometimes they do come true. Yes beauty is skin deep, but truthfully noone can see your personality and wouldn't it be a lot better if your outer beauty equaled to your inner beauty? even if just to make one feel somewhat better about oneself.
  • What is wrong with whom ever is responsible for taking The Swan off the air? Just about everyone I know watched the series when it was on air. Was it a legal problem or is the person responsible for programing that STUPID!

    Please bring back the show as it really inspires and changes peoples lives for the better. It really was a beautiful thing. What ever the issue was or is for the show not continuing is a real shame. If FOX does not do more seasons I would not be supprised if another network picks up a program with a similar premise and runs with it. One networks loss will be another networks $$ and viewer gain! Hey all you program writers heres a great idea that Fox dropped the ball on when it was just getting going and would have been a huge success. Take it and do it1
  • please please please bring it back i need your help if you bring it back again remember me please choose me thanks so much.

    please please please bring it back i need your help if you bring it back again remember me please choose me evrey thing in me go worth i need to fix evrey thing so would you please help me if you bring it back again i know im from egypt put may be this will make somthing new to the show and i will pay for my ticket but again pleasw dont forget me so would you choose me i will be greatful i could then start my life again any way it was a great great great [ love it show thanks so much.
  • Bring it back!

    I've been wondering since the second season of the Swan ended, what Happened? Why haven't we seen it anymore. My mom and I both loved watching it. Even my dad started watching it. I liked seeing the transformation in these people. How the show changed thier lives. My mother and I were especially looking forward to another season of it. It's sad when a show is good and just because of ratings it gets pulled, it happens to some of the best shows I've seen. But this one being pulled was a big big disappointment. Please, Please bring back the show!!!!
  • help

    I would love it if you would bring the Swan back. It was great for women who needed it. I am a very insecure person and something like the swan makes people feel good about themselves again. I would love to do the show and even if I was'nt able to there are other women who want or need it. I have had four kids and I am extremely busy I cant seem to lose weight. I have big Moles on my face and one on my nose and i am so embarresed with it. Please Help Me!!! Thank You

    I give the show one million percent. I love that show. Please bring it back. I want to be on the show and i know alot of women that want to. Dont you see it has such an impack on people. Please bring it back. I think it should come back ful force. Come back on the air. Give people a chance to feel good about them self. I am one i hate how i look. I cant look in the mirror. I need to be on the show. women like me want to be pretty. You dont know how it feel to want to be noticed. I wish someone will bring it back. I will keep writting . I what this more than anything
  • This show is about women receiving plastic surgery and "counseling" to become new and fresh.

    Ummm....yeah. I liked the show. I think mainly because my mom was on it and so was I. lol. It was great because of the surgery that they gave her that she had wanted. Good stuff. What I liked was the aspect of a pageant. It gave a chance for the girls to show off their new selves and feel incredible. The journey was long but well worth it. It's sad that it stopped because I'm sure that a lot of people would have still wanted to be a part, but yeah. Go mom! You really rock!
  • For some of us it gave hope putting myself in many of the ladies shoes on the show.Being a mom of 5 and married,it brings you down.There is no time for yourself anymore,things you once cared about seem to fade away and your left being the ugly duckling.

    I watched both seasons, It was awesome, encouraging and rnlighting Bring it back, and put me on the show. I was hoping it was coming back, I recently am separated, going thru a traumatic divorce with 5 kids and I really want my life back. Please FOX bring it back, it is so much more positive than survivor, and it is as meaningful as The Biggest Loser. I know many of my friends watched and now miss it. Please give hope back!!!!!
  • I am a 26 yr. old mom of 4 who really enjoyed the show and the thought that I may be able to be a contestant on the show really gave me hope. Need to bring it back

    I personally think that the show should come back on the air. I love that they gave the chance to women to make them feel beautiful inside and out. I would love to be a contestant on the show. Being a mother of four kids and a house wife I could use a good transformation if you know what I mean!!!
  • reasons to bring back the show that makes you feel like a sexy queen for a day and keep a lasting impression for a lifetime. 10

    I did not realize that the swan has has not been on for some time now. It really is a great reality show that gives hope to the women like myself who's a woman but does not look like one because of some phyical impairment.

    I myself would like to see the show air again and maybe would have a chance one day to not only be a woman but to be able to look and feel like one. I have the facial hair curse and it's really unattractive not just to a man but to me. There are times when I wish that i could just cut it away myself but of course that is not realistic. If your show does decide to return please consider me as one of your swans because right now i just feel like a hairy duckling.
  • Great show!

    Aw, this show is one of the best show on television, it is so cool because it finally gives "ugly" people the chance to be beautiful and it is just a great gift to give to others. Although this is a great thing that the show is doing, it is a little weird because I don't exactly like the whole idea with the plastic surgery because I believe that you are given a face and you should keep that face, But the show does make these people look so awesome it makes me be on the line about weather plastic surgery actually works, this is my moms favorite show and it is one of my favorites as well. I wish they would start a new season, and soon!
  • The swan was my personal favorite. Why? It made me feel like if I could ever be lucky enough to get on a show like that I would for once in my life be beautiful. You see I have been heavy all my life and now my teeth are rotten and I weigh at least 300lbs

    My childhood was ok I guess I grew up on a farm without mom or dad my grandma raised me and she made us eat to keep our energy up. I have had husbands and boyfriends but usually to get someone to like me I slept with them and come to find out that did not work either. I hope one day soon they bring this show back to life and really get people on there who actually need the help someone like me 300lbs rotten teeth not happy have been on the verge of suicide for awhile now. The only reason I have not done that yet is the thought of the people talking about me and how they would have to get a crane to lift me. I am so ashamed of myself. I have tried diets many many diets but nothing helps if any one knows who can help a poor woman with no insurance and no money please let me know. Thank you please please please bring back the show so that I and other women can have hope.
  • This was a complete waste of time, like watching Frankenstein create his monster in reverse . . .

    I admit, I did watch the Swan more than once, which means I'm guilty of being human. I've also rubber necked to look at a car crash, stared a little too long at people with certain disabilities and, in weak moments, I've also admittedly been drawn into watching Elimidate. But, I have no excuse or precedence as to why I, or anyone, would watch the hideousness that is the Swan. Except that this show, and all the other examples I've provided, only have one purpose-to satisfy our curiosity. You really have to be a strong person not to watch this show after they showed you the before picture looking like a woogie, and then tell you the person comes out the other end looking like Pam Anderson. Be that as it may, this show was too grotesque to sustain ratings and be explained away.
  • The pageant is the best thing that has come to t.v. in a long time. I try to watch it everyday. One thing that I would like to say is that there is not enough races involved. There are more people, as myself, that would love a chance to make over.

    This is the greatest show ever! Please continue to give girls the positive feedback that they need to carry on with their lives. Women get abused so much and they should have something to turn to. Don't stop giving women something to live for. One thing that I would like is to know how I would even attempt to get on the show. I am from Mississippi and I would love to get made over. One thing that I can say is that you all have truly made a significance in all of the women lives that you have touched. Continue to keep doing the great work.
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