The Sweeney

Season 3 Episode 4

Tomorrow Man

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 27, 1976 on ITV

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  • A great episode that works on many different levels.

    This episode is fascinating on many many levels. One, it features George Cole (pre-Minder) and John Hurt as superb guest stars. Two, the banter between Regan and Carter is just brilliant, especially when they are subtly fighting each other for the attentions of a young WPC computer expert, or facing out Haskins. Three, it is an intriguing glimpse of a culture where computers are just beginning to have an impact, but where no-one except a few geeks had one in the home; Regan and Carter, of course, declare themselves totally out of their depth.

    The plotting is tight but also very clever (the underlying assumption of the episode is that "computer people" are very bright). There is the usual Sweeney violence near the end, involving cars, vans, and hoods in stocking masks, but this seems almost incidental to the rest of the story in this particular case. My favourite moment? Where Regan brandishes a newspaper advert for a computer course, "Do You Want To Earn £5000 a Year?" !!! A really good episode.